Peltier Heater and Cooler Case

by RCLifeOn Dec 15, 2016
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Hi my friend .. how can you run this project without heatsink or any fan ???? No need to cold the hot side of peltierz???
Plz answer plzzzz i need it

Simply put, this thing cannot function properly as long as the laws of thermodynamics hold true.

I would like to purchase this box in multiples. Also the inner workings. What specs of heat sinks and peltier modules do I need? As far as the box, I want to order them from you. I do not know where else to get them. Please respond.

@michael43bruce The one that is most common is TEC1-12706. They can be found on Amazon in the droves by just searching "Peltier". They make a wide selection outside of those, but then the height will become an issue and the box will need to be modified to accommodate.


I think the exact one he used in this video he found on eBay that is contained in his YouTube video.



Hi! just a question, it is possible to run this project without a fan and a heatsink in the hot side? because as far as I know, the peltier modules burn out if you dont cool the hot side, I will wait your asnwer, thanks in advance!

What fan did you use? I can't find it.


I was able to find something similar on Amazon that I am going to give a go. I searched "Blower Fan DC 12V 50x50x15mm" and found ALOT of different models.

Hope that helps.