Heavy Flak Pack

by TigerAce1945 Dec 15, 2016
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Very good job !
To complete this pack, it would be interesting to have projectors and the generator. What do you think ?

hmm its a good idea, but I'm in the middle of 2 big projects right now so I cant look into this until those are done.

Love your work Tiger! These files (all the various ones) are great.

Hey, do you think you could make separate limbers for the german 88mm too? I'm test printing the carriage and gun without limbers but would love to add them later on. Hope to have a print ready tomorrow!

Thanks a lot!will try to do a print later this week! I was amazed by how well the gun itself printed! I absolutely love your designs. Somehow they seem to print the best i've tried tousing far.

Just printed the model with carraige, turns out to be WONDERFUL!
Thanks a lot!

TigerAce do you reckon I could get a model with out the gun shield on and with the base with out the wheels?

??? they are in the zip file : )

Do you think these will work prinyed at 1:56 scale?

I can't see why they wouldnt. They printed fine at 1/100 for me. Larger scale should be easier to print. The detail may be a bit low for 1/56 but should still be acceptible. Let me know how they come out

how do you usually print these? barrels pointing up, or laying horizontal?

i discussed this print with the guys in my local fablab, but we're affraid the vertex simply won't be able to pull it off, too bad, as i liked the designs! thanks for all your help though!

Looking good, Zach, you're in the right path!

Thank you! I really appreciate it when people enjoy my work.