Blade Inductrix VM275T crazepony FPV Camera Mount - Tiny Whoop

by robomaniac Dec 16, 2016
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Will these fit on the Eachine E010?

Hey Rob, what program do you use to make these designs? I wanted to further tweak this design.
Thank you so much

I use solidworks

I recomment you try fusion360, it's very similar but it's free and made by Autodesk. There is plenty of great tutorial online.

Hey Rob, it still feels a little snug. I had it made with petg and had to really get in there with exacto nife and file to clean it up enough to get it in. Another .1 on either side would probably help. 15.3 x 8.3. I'm not sure you knew that it prints with a gap in the back. It works ok for me because my wires are on that side. I will post pic when I can.

Hi robomaniac, i hava a camera that is slightly larger.
15.1mm x 8.1mm.
Is that something you could whip up easily or should I find a 3d print hub that modify your file? I'm looking at looking at light and protect. Great work.

lol I hope no one notice I do custom STL file...

Download the "custom_ToddDoiron.STL" :)

it's 15.2x8.2mm, I added 0.1 to make sure it will fit. Also print slow, the wall are slim. Let me know what camera you have. Please post a "make" when you finish, thanks!

I love you man!!!! Funny thing is I already added the .1 on both length and width but I'll take the .1 that you added. The camera is
Airblade f2 vm275.
What do you recommend for material? Everybody says tpu which I don't have access to. Abs, petg or ninjaflex?


you can always scale the model to make it fit. Double side tape at the bottom and thin layer of tape can make everything tight.

I print everything in PLA! All my drones stuff are in PLA. I just got some Armadillo filament.

Print with what you have, ABS, PETG, etc are all good options.
Ninjaflex is sort of a TPU. It's excellent too.

robomaniac - you are super awesome for providing the community with this! Do you think that you can make the custom-todd version available in the other choices? e.g. lightweight, normal, 10deg, 20deg? If you have a fusion file and can share it, I would be happy to help you!! :)

BTW - TPU is awesome. I have had a few PLA prints and are not as durable.

How much from the frame is visible by using this mounts? 10 degree and 20 degree? Could you show some footage, please?

you see a lot of frame. It's the trademark of the tinywhoop. Go on youtube and look for tinywhoop video. We all have the same mount. We all see the frame in the video. Some guys glue the cam under the ducts. I never saw some footage of that.

Can you please increase the cam tilt to 20 deg? and maybe a 10 deg version as well?

added the 20deg: NORMAL_tinywhoop_vm275t_20_deg_cam.STL

Fits well, can you also provide the lighter version please?

thank you for writing a comment to let me know about the part. Please have a look at the file call "LIGHT_WEIGHT_tinywhoop_vm275t_10_deg_cam.STL" that one weight ~0,44g!

Now that you told me that the fit is good, I will desolder the camera and make a mullet mount. The VTX will be flat on the back. Stay tune or follow me! Thanks again Sursha!

any update on the mullet mount? would love to have one!

what would you want? A place to clip camera and a place to clip VTX flat at the back?
I did not do a full mullet mount, I did this instead with mine, https://www.instagram.com/p/BOad331g2y4/?taken-by=robo_maniac