Tougher Blinking Iris Goggles

by liusega Dec 16, 2016
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what infill setting did you use? what pattern too?

My infill setting is
infill: 15%
pattern: rectilinear
But it dosen't matter, because most wall thickness are 0.8,1.6,2.4 mm
and most of the nozzles are 0.4 mm
If single perimeter is 0.4 mm, vertical shell is 3,
then 0.8 mm takes 2 shells. 1.6 mm takes 4 shells. 2.4 mm takes 6 shells.
There will be almost no infill just shells.

ok.... I printed at 25% infill...ABS .1 layer height..... it snapped off where the bridge piece connects the 2 halfs. acetoned them back together with a generous glob of ABS sludge..... waiting for that to dry right now.... but so far so good! tried PLA for the actual eyes....not so good. always fused.

I printed the goggle with PLA, with temperature 200c
with no support at all.