E3D V6 Fan Shroud

by carlol Dec 16, 2016
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why not?
instead of 2X30mm fans, just make 3X40mm fans
most of people use those

Any chance of an all 30mm fan version of this with all fans aligned to the top as in this model. Beautiful design but to use my ir probe 30mm hotend fan is needed for mounting. Using 24v fans and getting good airflow from them. Can't get my head around using free cad (yet). Thanks

Would be nice if instead of 2 30mm fans, this could take 3 40mm fans. Those are more common.
How hard would it be to tweak the design?

Very nice model. Fascinating!

Unfortunately, the 40mm main fan version of this does not deliver (at least with the 4.9cfm fans I have) enough air to the bottom of the heatsink; I think it has to do with the airflow and the centering of the fan.. I ran into repeatable jam situations whenever there were many short retractions in a quick period of time (any retraction test model will cause the problem).

If the 40mm center fan was centered higher (which would require support to print properly, I think it would work; another 40mm fan arrangement I have with the same make/model fan that centers the 40mm higher does not exhibit the same jamming problem.

it seems a bit loose on the china clone e3d v6 heatsinks.

would it be possible to tighten up the heatsink 'ring' sizes? or better yet, maybe allow 2 holes so that a plastic wire tie could be looped around the heatsink and hold the fan shroud tighter in-place?

I tried using this with just 1 fan on the side and it seemed to work ok. it might be nice to have a variation with just one fan on the side. the other side can have the cables running upward (the fan on the left side blocks my cables).


Did you try scaling it to something like 99.5% of the original in your slicer, sometimes that will make a difference just enough to make something work. carlol did upload the source if you wanted to modify it yourself.

Hi friend, thanks for the project. Can you make a full fan 40mm version?

did you get the 40mm full version I am looking for it as well thanks

Great work.
Can you add the FreeCAD file for those of us that may need to modify the shroud?

Thanks, sure I've just uploaded the file. I'm new to CAD... but hope it can help.

Perfect thanks