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Word Clock

by MrOwnership Dec 16, 2016
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can you post the ardunio code?

Did you find the code? I found one on github named WordClock_color_edit. It needs a little mode but can work as is too.

It's been awhile since anything was posted about this. Are there any new write ups? The one thing I am curious about is how you got the inside of letters like A,D, O, to stay in place while putting the epoxy on.

It was taped on outside then pieces added then one layer of epoxy add from inside then once set (still tacky) added outside layer.
My version of the Full Face I added the Holding bars to letters needing it. Its on ino is on robmink reply.

Started this with a reduction to 85% the original size to fit a Printrbot Simple build plate. I'll post the remix files when complete.

I'd love to see the rest of the process you used to make yours. The gloss finish is really great.

If anyone is getting Neopixels for this project, this uses the 30/m one. If you have 60/m you could scale it down 50% and have it work wonderfully. Will add a "Made" once I get further in the project. All parts printed great at both 100% and 50% in ABS however. Nice model!

I did one Full face remix adding letter bars so no loose parts. One version fits 220x220 base using 60/m NEOPix Leds and found a ino file that works. see other replies.

Very nice! Any chance of a bit better write up of process / materials needed to replicate this?

That was the original plan, didn't have time yesterday to do a full write up. Ill update the details either today or tomorrow.