by msc82 Dec 17, 2016
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i decided to try this because i wanted a better way to wash my dishes and a spread out mist would do just that.

i printed this in black ABS with a .02 layer height. with a print surface of ABS slurry. so i had to do some sandign to get the slurry off.
for refrence i tried this in both, my kitchen and bathroom

here's the issues i saw with this
if you faucet is angled expect to get soaked.
it does not provide enough water to effectively get soap off anything (hand or dishes)
it is too tall for either of the washers in the faucets (had to use a o-ring i had on hand from an assortment of rings/washers)
had to replace the aerator in both faucets to get it to fit, so sand clogging this would be an issue.

my recommendations for this
is to make one with either a bigger hole or multiple holes in multiple angles.
make the bottom layer a thinner (like 1mm thick, in my print it came out at 1.82mm thick)

why does this have a #RemixChallenge tag?

This is the Best!

because it's not even a remix

I think it's a fantastic idea! If it works, it'll be a very (actual) practical use of 3D printed objects :) Can you put up some pictures/videos of an actual faucet tap before & after installation? Also, I don't think it's necessary to go all the way to 90% because "pure mist" and zero pressure water stream tends to annoy other family members (in faucet tap as well as in shower heads) and has a very low WAF score. Maybe one with 50~70% savings for now? Better to have lots of users with a lower water saving% than fewer users with high water saving% etc.. Just my two cents because I'm working on something similar as well!

thank you for your comment , i will post soon what you ask for .

I believe cloudtardis is right! would be great to have versions with less than 90% to find the best compromise. And Great Idea msc82! I hope more 3D Models come out with ecology in mind :)

Thank you eshwald for your comment , im working on it to bee perfect keep update and follow me :)