PanelDue 4.3 Enclosure

by Guyaros Dec 17, 2016
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Hi there,

This is a great piece of work man. Looks realy good and I realy can use it. Only problem s that I have a 7" version. So my question is if you can upload a version that I can scale. Is this possible?

Thanks for the feedback.
The 7" PanelDue is slightly different, so scaling it up won't work.
I started to design an enclosure for it, but turns out that the enclosure was too big for my printer build plate, so I abended that design.
I am willing to send you the design files so you can continue the development.

That would be verry kind of you. Because my printer can print 300x300, so I can print it. My mail adres should be in my account.
Thanks in advance.

Should the front be printed with the front facing up using suport or should it be facing down?

it could be printed either way.
I printed this model several times, so I used both ways.

Printing with the front facing up would take longer to print due to the supports, but the face would look slighly better if you use 4-5 top solid layers.

Printing with the face down, would be quicker (due to the lack of support), and overall it looks good enogh, so I guess this is the way to go.

Thank you for your response! I actually printed it facing down and it turned out good. The only challenge is to get the edges near the panel good. Printing it with the front facing up would probably give a better over all look.
Great design, thank you so much!!

I am aware to the fact that the edged of the LCD are little bit problematic to print.

I've just now uploaded a new version of that model, with slight improvements.
Filename: "PanelDue4.3Enclosure-Front-Ver3.STL"
the edges in this version should be better, plus additional changes (Described in Thing Details-->Summary)

Next time, try to print the new model, and please let me know if any changes are needed.