Fully 3D Printable Fidget Cube

by 3D_Creations_Lab Dec 20, 2016
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I am not able to load "Fidget_Frame" into Cura, it just crashes. Anyone else have this issue? I even tried importing into solidworks to export it back out, but not even solidworks will load it. Any ideas?

Nice design!
Will everything work if i print it a 50 %scale. Because 50mm x 50 mm i find to big.

It should work as long as the parts are printed accurately enough and aren't too small,
Best of luck!

Its just printing now !!!! Cant wait for it to be finished !!!!!

Awesome to hear! Could you post a make when it's done?

Would it be alright if I made the joystick shorter so it dosen't protrude when inside a pocket? I am wondering if this modification could inhibit ability of movement.
This is very well done and I am excited to make it.

Hey DMC3D, if your remix works can you please post it as I am having the same problem.


Hello, Shortening the joystick wouldn't affect movement unless you modified the ball of the joystick. If you have any other questions feel free to post them or post ideas for new features that should be designed and released.

This remix looks fantastic! Only issue I have is it is a little bigger than I would like. If I were to scale this down to around 50% do you think the tolerances would be too low or would it still work? Have you tried this?

It might work, I haven't tried it myself. I do agree that the cube is a little too big and I'll fix that in my next version. If 50% doesn't work go to 60%. Keep me updated!

Does it print as one solid piece?

Hi PinkALink,
To answer your question, no it does not print as one piece. You will need to print the pieces separately and assemble them. Make sure to look in the description and find out the quantity of each part you need. For assembly, follow this guide:
Hope that helps! Happy printing!