Carla and LEO's Sheep

by leothemakerprince Dec 7, 2013
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cute sheep i wish the fluff was real

Any chance you could reupload the legs? I think if they were placed on the flat end (the 'hoof') they would print great and with no support. The nose/mouth might print nicely standing up on the flat end as well. Ears too.

OK! There's a new file called "sheep_blackParts_upright.stl" that was just uploaded. I'll be printing it and testing on my end. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to give them a try now.

Thanks for the suggestion. This sounds like a good idea. I can definitely upload a new file.

Is there something I'm missing here with how to remove supports? I'm using MakerWare and when using supports (for ANY print, not just this one) it is pretty much impossible to remove them... or is it that I'm just supposed to use an x-acto knife and pry away at it and then sand it to make it look nice?

Hi pcenginefx! The process of removing supports is still a bit of an annoying reality as printers for home use are in a pioneering stage. Unfortunately it takes a bit of work with snips and an X-acto (and sometimes sanding) to get things looking really good. With high-end printers the supports can sometimes be made of a different material so that it dissolves away and leaves the good part behind, but with a low-end printer it takes elbow grease. Certain simple models that have a thick base come out well without supports, but anything a little complex will need them, as well as a raft, to get a good print.

So finally came back to this thing and figured out a way to print the sheep. I cut the sheep body in half using netfabb and printed both sides flat - pretty much solved my problem...now I have a perfect sheep!

you should post a variation with it cut..just sayn

Oh I'm so glad to hear this worked out! Thanks for sharing your solution. I'm sure it will be helpful for other people, too. My sheep seem to print well on MakerBot Replicators and Afinia, but the split solution will help for those people who are having the same trouble as you. I sometimes print with less support and the inside cavities for the legs form pretty well. What kind of printer were you using?

I'm using the FlashForge Creator and pretty much have to do this with any model that has parts that print in the air. The hard thing after you print the model is super-gluing it together perfectly - you only get one shot!

Hey pcenginefx, You should check out Meshmixer. I only use it now to cut large models in half and the supports in meshmixer are absolutely amazing! You can literally break them off with your fingers. I never use supports generated by MakerWare anymore for those very reasons. This is an explainer video for generating supports using meshmixer. Enjoy!

HI ThomF! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and I'm really excited to hear that the LEO project will be traveling all the way to Singapore! All the objects from the book except the Hamster House are online here on Thingiverse at http://www.thingiverse.com/leothemakerprincehttp://www.thingiverse.com/leo... (The Hamster House files are on their way, too.)

This is awesome! I just received your book - enjoyed it immensely. I intend to print the sheep and then send it, along with a copy of the book, to my grandson in Singapore. I think he is really going to enjoy both!

Do you have any plans for making the other figures available on thingiverse?

Hi ThomF! Thanks so much for the kind words! How exciting that the LEO project will travel to Singapore! All the objects from the book are going to be made available here at http://www.thingiverse.com/leothemakerprincehttp://www.thingiverse.com/leo... - They are all up there now except for the Hamster House, which is undergoing a little minor surgery and will be posted shortly. Feel free to send me a note at http://www.leothemakerprince.com/contact-us/http://www.leothemakerprince.c... and let me know how your grandson likes it!

Your book came today from Make, and it is gorgeous! I love the Little Printz. Will be making the cute sheep soon too. Thanks for this gem

Thanks so much for the kind words! I holt you enjoy the sheep, and am always open to suggestions about how to make things even better.