Different Power Armor from Fallout 4 Loading Screens

by coldercoffeecup Dec 20, 2016
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What is the height of this?

Erm, sorry haven't checked the site in a while and completely forgot to respond! I would say it's about 12-14". I'll make an edit and update when I get home.

Apologies for the delay, it's 9" tall.

nearly done printing this, couple of hours left on the torso then many many hours working on support! the support on this is a nightmare to remove, broken off loads of bits i'll need to glue on before painting. Hopefully it'll look epic when all is done ,glued, smoothed and painted.

Printing it full size, will uploads pics

It’s gonna look awesome! Agreed that this model is basically support hell, but it’s my favorite fallout model to date and in my opinion well worth the trouble!

All printed, just smoothing out and filling before painting

How long did the torso take to print? I've loaded it into matter control and I'm getting an estimated 64hrs at 30mm/s at 0.16 layer height

hmm... it was a pretty long print, I do remember that, but I don't remember exactly the print time. I sliced in S3D @ 0.1mm height, probably between 30-40mm/s. It was definitely ~2 day print.

did you use supports for the minigun barrel if so were they on the build plate or everywhere

I believe the mini gun barrel is the only thing I didn’t use supports to print

thank you also was it printed at the orientation its was shown at on this website ?

It’s been a really long time since I printed it, but I believe everything uploaded was the final orientation

thank you for the info so far ive got the mini gun barrel an the arms printed

Awesome! The minigun body was really tricky to remove supports from. Don't forget to post your finished make!

just wanted to say thank you for all your help the make turned out great

No problem! I love the way your paint job came out, it really looks fantastic. I'm going to have to check out the ammo addition you printed.

I can't figure out how to print this the size you have it in your picture without losing a bunch of small parts in the slicing process. Any suggestions?

In simplify 3d there is a setting called horizontal size compensation. That helps ensure the smallest parts get appropriately sized without getting dropped. I think I had that set to 1mm and I didn’t lose anything.

I'm slicing with Cura now as the supports look WAY better than slic3r is generating. I'm printing it at 50% scale with .12mm layers, 3 wall and 25% infill with a .4mm nozzle. If this turns out, I'm super excited to get painting! Thanks for slicing this up so nice for printing.

Awesome! Make sure to add your project as a make so we can see your work!

Added my make. The torso was a HUGE pain to print. It didn't turn out that great, but i'm ok with it. I wish the torso wasn't hollow, and was split into multiple pieces to glue on. :)

Haha yeah.. there is definitely room for improvement, but there is no way I'm messing with this one again :) Nice job!

what nozzle width & layer height did you print it with?

0.4 nozzle, 0.1 z height

what orientation did you print the torso in?

Exactly as it is shown. Lots of supports. Without chopping it in half again, I couldn't find a more optimal solution.

Thanks! Wasn't sure haha. Might give it a shot tonight.

How did you get the "weathered: look? I figure paint but what was your process?

Trying to do the same with other metallic prints.

After filler primer/sanding I applied a thick coat of glossy black spray paint. On top of that, with a brush, I sparsely used some metallic/silver paint in a single coat. In the first coat, the metallic paint didn't really want to apply uniformly onto black since it was glossy, which ended up producing the weathered/beaten up look. I had an entirely different process in mind initially, but the result of these steps produced what I was looking for. I actually even skipped the black wash.

Hope that helps!

You managed to get that look WITHOUT a black wash? Wow. That is kind of fantastic.

Also awesome model/print. :)

Haha thanks... I think it was because the paints themselves weren't well suited for each other. Since the spray paint was such a high gloss, the citadel couldn't thoroughly coat it. Guess it was a "happy accident" :)

No problem! Don't forget the horizontal compensation or else you'll have holes in a few places because the shell is so thin :)

Oh well i had'em holes... still nice, tho

Came out pretty nice still, nice print!