Camera bed mount - Logitech C910 on Wanhao Duplicator 6 or Monoprice Maker Ultimate

by cmh Dec 23, 2016
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Question: mounting the cam and the holder-arm to the printerbed adds a lot more weight to the moving masses. Wouldn’t that payload have impact on printing quality, eg corners? Compensation may work with slower print speed. And might this extra payload have negative impact on the steppers and the toothed belt?

I wouldn't say it's a large amount of weight. I don't have the printer anymore so can't check, but Cura estimates 23g of filament for the print, and I'm guessing the camera body itself is only 2-3 ounces. (50-75g, just as a guess) Considering the only movement that the camera would see is a Z increase (build platform moving down) and each movement is only one layer height, likely in the range of 0.1 - 0.2mm, I doubt that the small amount of weight compared to the build platform would make any difference at all. If it did, then the quality of particularly large (and thus heavy) prints would have a bigger effect on print quality.

The camera's weight could cause an issue if it were mounted on the print head, as movements are much larger in the X/Y axes, speeds are much higher, and the camera would be a much more significant portion of the overall weight of the print head - but I think that'd be the only location that would really throw off the print quality.

Ah, ok, if its on the Z axis, than should be really fine :) I was not able see this properly in the pictures, and most of these webcam holders are mounted to the bed, which moves quickly in Y directions - and there the additional masses count up.

How do I get into the command line to input the code? I'm having trouble finding the instructions.

sudo apt install uvcdynctrl
add the following lines to your /etc/rc.local before the exit 0 at the bottom:
uvcdynctrl -s "Focus, Auto" 0
uvcdynctrl -s 'Focus (absolute)' 122
Yes, I know /etc/rc.local is old school and sloppy, but it works.

I'm assuming you're connecting the camera to a raspberry pi running octoprint, in which case you will need to ssh into it. How you do that is dependent on the laptop or desktop system you're using. For Windows, PuTTY is usually the best approach, and for Mac, you can open the Terminal app and connect that way.

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How can I mix it with a phone holder, so I can mount an Android phone as webcam?

There's a bunch of mounts that I've seen for each phone I've owned. Find one of those, and you might be able to use something like meshmixer or any other number of tools to combine them in some way that might be useful. Who knows, there might even be a mount out there already, I haven't looked.

Wow. This is exactly what I needed. Same printer and camera. Thanks so much, I can't wait to print this. I (or someone) might have to tweak it a bit to see if it can fit with the acrylic panels attached. For now it will work great.

Awesome, glad to hear it! Thought it would be a bit too unique with both that camera and printer, but glad to hear it'll work for you.

Definitely would interfere with the acrylic doors, don't know if there's enough room to clear the panels and not be in the way of the head. With my printer I don't have the panels, so it works okay.

Looks like I have a C920 though, so close but very different. Already have a quick fix or possibly a remix in my brain. Deciding whether or not to do a new design or try to "fix" yours. It is a beautiful starting point though. thanks for that.

I did print it, but there is a bit of "slop" on the clip design. The clip extends about 2mm to far to there is a bit of play. Not complaining just thought you might like to know.

From what I'm seeing, the C920 has a much better original mount - you could do something simple that uses a 1/4-20" bolt that goes into the tripod mount on the bottom of the 920. The original mount on the C910 makes no sense at all, so I was happy to tear that off. I was really lucky that I'm a bit of a pack rat and had an M4 screw exactly the size I needed on hand.

The slop in the clip works to my advantage since I angle the mount - the front bed levelling screw and spring are in the center, so prevents me from mounting the camera directly in the center. Having the slop allows me to angle it, but it's not a firm mount, so I threw on a little gaffer's tape to hold it in place. The clip was the first thing I came up with, and I think the idea is okay but not as good as it could be. If I reprint, I'm definitely going with the set screw as that would allow me to set the angle however I want.

My design isn't perfect, but if it inspires some better ideas, all the better! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!