Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

by rowiac Dec 25, 2016
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Really love the model. Upon lookin through the files, are the forelegs same as the behind legs? or are those pieces missing?

All the parts are there. The pelvis includes the thigh bones and the left and right feet include the shin bones. You can look at the diagram to see how the parts are broken up.

Very nice. I printed it (at 50%) and put it together, and I just love it!
I'd recommend changing the orientation of all of the feet to vertical with toes at the bottom - much less supports that way and easier to clean without breaking anything

Can you tell me the aproximate printing time of your 3d printed model? Thank you.

At 75% scale and 0.15mm layer height, the total printing time is approximately 40 hours. Of course this can be significantly reduced if you go with a smaller scale, such as 50% as altvod did.

The base plate does not have holes corresponding to the pins on the feet. Also the rib cage pieces require an insane about of support. I'm afraid I won't be able to remove the supports without wrecking the bones. How did you handle it?

Updated base parts have been posted. Look for the "v3" in the file names.

I will post updated base plate parts with holes for the feet pins later today. Thanks for pointing that out.

For the rib cage, I tried several methods of breaking it into pieces for printing and this, although a compromise because it requires a lot of support, worked best for me. I would suggest using a thick wall section to make sure the ribs are pretty much solid and then you can carefully cut away the support without breaking the ribs. These are definitely the most difficult part of the whole model.

Very good work! Do not plan to adapt the triceratops skeleton?)

Thanks! Which triceratops skeleton are you referring to?

I unfortunately do not know where it came from on the Internet, but the model is very good. A little "finished" and will be an excellent complement collection Jurassic world) http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1483349780/dfaabfb4/15520151.jpg

I found a triceratops skeleton at Animal Simulation Lab, but the one you have is more detailed. Is there any way you could share the model with me?

Very cool, I look forward to printing this out.
One thing I noticed on the T-rex that Makerbot put out is that when scaled up the gap in the pins grew too much and cause loose and ill-fitting joints. Is there a possibility of posting a version with the pins separated so if needed, they can be scaled up a little extra.

Did you fit and boolean the pins by hand in something like Blender or did you combine them with OpenScad?

I booleaned (is that a word?) the pins and sockets in Meshmixer. I did it that way because I thought it would be fewer parts to print, but maybe that wasn't such a great idea. Meshmixer has a library of shapes and I used the pins and sockets from that. They appear to be the same as the ones in the Makerbot T-Rex.

I'll think about separating the pins, but I won't be able to do it right away.

Thank you for this !!!