DJi Mavic Pro Camera mount for GoPro, Gear 360, Ricoh Theta & LG 360 Cam

by jeanmariecannie, published

DJi Mavic Pro Camera mount for GoPro, Gear 360, Ricoh Theta & LG 360 Cam by jeanmariecannie Dec 26, 2016


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[ Disclaimer You have to turn off the downward sensors to use this mount. If you want to use the downward sensors (and Tripod mode) you can get the commercial version here : https://www.shapeways.com/product/7YSREJWVH ]

This is a basic mount to fit any camera with a screw hole at the bottom to the Mavic Pro.

I tried :

  • GoPro 5 Session & Hero
  • Samsung Gear 360 (model 2016 & 2017)
  • LG 360
  • Ricoh Theta S 360
  • LUME LED light
  • Samsung Gear S7 with FLiR One

You can use a 1/4" bolt or a camera screw to attach the cameras as shown in the video here below :


After turning off the bottom sensors it flies perfectly stable (if not it'll just keep gaining height).

Here's a quick test video :


You can find the Camera screw here :


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It should be a 1/4" (0.63mm) bolt but I'm using a European M6 (0.6mm) bolt which isn't 100% the same but works for me.

I tried to use longer bolts but they made the Mavic unstable and started shaking. The longest bolt cause a 'Magnetic Interference' error.

You can use this camera plate screw as well as shown in the video :


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There is a Puzzle Game at Banggood where you can win a DJI Mavic Pro right now:


Please Jean, which material did you use to 3d print that? ABS?


I only use PLA, prefering PolyMax PolyPlus.


Hello! Very excited about trying this mount with a Garmin Virb 360. Any idea if you think it will work?

Thanks for this great idea!



Really cool! What did you use to stitch it all?

I never managed to get a better result with autopano than what I got from the phone stitching.

Would you be willing to share the lens profile?


Anything with a camera screw hole will work.

Please note that this design blocks the downward sensors.

If you want to keep using them I have a (non-free) version at Shapeways :



Just received mine printed from Shapeways and it fits perfect. I just have to figure out a way to takeoff and land with the camera attached now.

J'ai un Phantom 2 advanced , pensez vous qu'un support de ce type existe? (Camera theta360)
Merci pour le boulots

I have à Phantom 2 advanced , do you Knowles il support like tais existe ? Associatif to theta S
Thanks and great job


I just finished this mount for my Phantom 3 :


It should fit all Phantoms from 3 up (although I have no confirmation about the 4 yet).

My Phantom 2 Vision & Vision+ seem to have a slightly wider base but it does fit.

Do you know how to alter the STL to make it a little less wide ?

Jean-Marie Cannie

DJi Phantom 3 GoPro or 360 camera mount (does not fit the Phantom 4) ...

Just built one. The bolt with the square base can be easily found on Amazon as well, search for: Hot Shoe Mount Flash 1/4". Nice design, thanks for sharing!

Clips on bottom are so weak, they broke off first INSTALL, could not even fly with it. Very not stoked on this design....

What printer, filament and settings did you use? I never had one break off here and printed dozens for all kinds of applications.

As you can see it's a remix of an existing design and the original author did multiple versions as well.

This said I did a new concept that clips to the front so you can keep the downward sensors activated :


I ordered it printed from 3Dhubs. Super bummed that not only one broke but two broke as I ordered and extra. Is there any way you can resend me an updated version?
Thank you.

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry to hear you are having these problems. I'm in no way related to 3D Hubs and I'll remove them from the page ASAP.

I can only suggest to get it printed by someone else or this one from Shapeways as this is the best quality :


It's even better than what I can print myself.


3D hubs will not refund me for this but they gave me a 20$ coupon to buy more poorly made products from them. Thank you for the link.

Looking for the Samsung Gear 360 undermount link

For now it's just here :


But if you own a 3D printer you can make a couple of connecting U-shapes with holes for bolts & nuts in 10 minutes.

where can I buy this from?


You can either download it here and have it printed at a printershop or check out one of the printing services here :


DJi Mavic Pro Camera mount for GoPro, Gear 360, Ricoh Theta & LG 360 Cam

I love the idea of this and ordered one, but my issue was the front tiny clip was broken in the package. I have written Thingiverse and hoping I can get another. I have a Fly360 4k and it appears it should be sturdy enough to fly.....wish there was longer leg extenders that would provide the clearance for this cam. Who should I contact about getting a replacement?

Damn that sucks. Although I considered making it separate and slide in I never saw one break off. Where are you from?

Im in Florida right now. Sucks because I have all the parts ready to go and would love to use this. But dont trust it without the front support.

Wish there was a better design to accomplish this. Any ideas.

Sucks indeed. I'll be in Florida between 1st till 10th of April normally so I could bring you one.

Where about in Florida, I am in south Naples

We're landing in Miami the 1st of April and fly to Costa Rica the day after and we'll be traveling from Miami to Port Canaveral the 8th till 9th. I can bring you a bunch of my prototypes.

That would be great. Although Naples is about 3 hours from Miami. Would you mind just mailing them? I would gladly pay.



I don't think I can mail it any cheaper than it costs from Thingiverse to resend. What did they respond btw ?

Let's take this further by email : Can you drop me a mail at jmc at image dash line dot com ?

Hello, what is the mount for the samsung gear 360 in the 16th picture, is it stable ? How to takeoff which such a mount ?

What's the 16th picture?

I usually start and land in my hand with the downward sensors off.

Hi, I did crop the picture, here's the gear 360 mount in the 16th picture : https://i.snag.gy/biGqzO.jpg
( how do you manage to take off with the camera mounted so ? )

Ah. That one. I still have to finish it & upload it. It's just 3 U shapes that connect.

Have you uploaded this yet?

For now it's just here :


But if you own a 3D printer you can make a couple of connecting U-shapes with holes for bolts & nuts in 10 minutes.

Not yet. I'll see if I can do it later.

the 6th picture in it shows a camera mount that deans cover the front vision sensor on the bottom of the mavic does anyone have this file?

What do you mean ? I can't quite follow.

This is a great design! I've connected a GoPro-tripod plate to it and am using if for a 360 camera. Thanks!

Any footage or pictures?

Could 3D print a bolt/threaded rod instead of using a metal bolt it you want to use a longer one. Or even just buy a Nylon bolt from the hardware store instead of metal.

This was just an early test. I have a more recent version that requires no bolts at all :


I did a holder as well but it's a bit fidly :


The problem is my printer is acting up a little, stalling he progress.

I printed one just not real clear on how you get the go pro mount ...mine has the slots...does the aftermarket mount come with the pcs needed...

You should print 3 pieces of the 'Clip' file as well. These slide in the 3 slots of the mount. I'll do a little video about it later.


Thanks, this looks awesome, what size doe the bolt need to be?


It should be a 1/4" (0.63mm) bolt but I'm using a European M6 (0.6mm) bolt which isn't 100% the same but works for me.

I'll do a version that'll use this as well (once I get it in the mail) :


Cool thanks, going to get one printed today. BTW - do you use velcro or the clips will hold it on?

Nothing extra required. As you can see in the pictures it perfectly clicks into the Mavic.

Thanks for this, will work with my Theta S too :)

It's just a bolt that goes into any screwmount (including the Theta). Please be aware that the Theta screw hole is very light material and wears out very easily.

Looks way better now :-)

It flies perfectly stable (after turning the downward sensors off).

I'll make your skids a little higher so it can lift off with the camera attached. Now it's kinda fiddly.