Large Razor Scraper Handle

by walter Dec 27, 2016
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Hey, any chance you still have the CAD files for this and would be willing to share?

I have made two of these, and have had several people who do windows ask me for a couple. Thanks. Love this

I've been using this model for over a year now to remove stubborn parts from my printer, as well as using it to clean my stove. Loooove this model.

This is by far the best blade holder / scraper I've ever used!!! Thank you so much!!!

I made this one at 100% infill, it came out awesome

I highly recommend one of these though:

Also this is not for double sided blades but for single sided blades you get for scrapers from big box store

Razor Blade Cover

Look carefully at the pictures before attempting to print, it doesn't work with double edge razor blades, I wasted lots of ABS and cut my fingers before figuring it out, don't be stupid like me if you only have standard double edge razor blades, or at least modify the design before.

Other than that, feels really good in the hand, very pleasant aesthetically, too bad I have to throw it away...

This is probably the best razor blade scraper I have printed. The design is elegant and simple plus it prints wonderfully. My only wish was that it came with some kind of cap to cover the blade for safety. I am not very good at CAD but I am hoping someone has found on here that works well.

how wide are these blades? 40mm? I would like to use this kind of scraper for my aquarium. But the handle would have to be much longer. Maybe about 250mm long

I would highly advise against it. I've got a reef tank and to extend the handle more would put more strain on your arm muscles, because it would require more force to keep against the surface plane. It's literally easier to get a water glove and use these. The tradeoff is just not worth it.

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That is a beautiful solution to a common problem. I've bought several, and this is the best looking one I've seen.

Great job Walter, this thing works great! I've posted a video of my experience with this item at https://youtu.be/T07auRUTfTI

Wow, that was fast! Awesome video, thanks for sharing the link!

Sometimes something comes along just when you need it :) I was dreading the cleaning of the glue because my tool was inadequate.... Your tool is superior :) Thank you so much for the compliment on my video. I kinda boned the intro this time around but such is life... ;)

Be well Walter! I look forward to future useful things from you.