Anet A8 Spool Holder

by jorgepi Dec 27, 2016
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muy bueno pero la misma historia archivos stl con errores al guardar en gcode no se encuentra el archivo ,no se si lo hacéis queriendo o es el cambio de impresora ,piensa mal y acertaras.

needed to widen the hole a bit but it worked perfectly ...

fantastic! Thank you so much for these they work perfectly!

Cool idea! However, one problem that I had is that this fixes the rotation of the spool with that of the threaded shaft, when previously the spool rotated with respect to the threaded shaft. As such, the threaded rod must rotate with respect to the anchor points on either side, which grab the threads and pull the threaded rod-spool system to the side and out of the anchor points as the spool rotates. Tightening the nuts to prevent this requires greater torque to rotate the spool, which defeats the purpose of the spool holder anyways. I could lock-tite the nuts onto the threaded rod such that they would force the threaded rod to skip threads and not move sideways while remaining relatively low-friction, but this would make changing spools difficult. I could also position the spool on the threaded rod so that it acts as a constraining bearing, but then it would not be centered, which looks a little strange. I might also just file the thread off the ends near the anchor points.
I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue but I thought it worth mentioning.
Edit: I just used the nuts as washers to keep it centered. Thanks for the design!

Yeah, I have the same issue and it likes to just unscrew the nuts holding it on.I ended up gluing the nuts on one side in place and that keeps the rod from falling completely off, but that's definitely not the best solution.

Chuteroo, thank you very much for your comments, and I perfectly understand what you say. My solution was to put 2 M8 nuts at one end of the rod, this prevents the rod to "slip" off the support. I added a photo with this.
Thank you !!!

Awesome design. I customized it to fit a skateboard bearing at each side to access this problem. Works like a charm!

A good design however it didn't work for my spools of MG Chemicals and AMZ3D PLA as they had a inside spool diameter of approx. 30-31mm and these are too big.

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