Amiga 600 Gotek USB disk drive emulator base

by _CrazyBob_ Dec 27, 2016
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Printed in ABS on my Makerbot Replicator 2X, very good fit and well thought out but I found the hole for the LCD was not wide enough, so had to trim out quite a bit with a scalpel

Thanks, correct; the width of the LCD area most of the times needs to be filed/trimmed off.
I've done this because if it's too loose the LCD needs to be glued back in.
Also I've had mixed results with different filaments and printers, therefore there is 'safety' margin on the width/height of the LCD area.

Great to see other Amiga enthusiasts are building these items, the A500 version has just been uploaded.
Enjoy it and please share the results! :-)

Tried it and it works perfectly! Looking forward for the A500 version

Had one printed and it works well in the Amiga 1200 as well. The only issue is that the original lower floppy bracket won't latch in on the 1200, but it is secure enough.


Thank you for testing this, great to hear people are actually trying these out :-)
I'm working on A500 and A1200 versions and will be releasing them here on Thingiverse somewhere Q1 2017.

Nice :-)

I was going to get this made (and try it in my A1200) , but if its not 100%, and you have a 1200 version planned then I'll just wait for that one!

How would/where would we see that you'd finished it and it was uploaded ?


I'm planning to finish both the A500/A1200 designs asap and I will upload them here to Thingiverse.
I believe there is an option to follow Thingiverse creators so you will be informed when they have uploaded new items.

Yes I would love an A500 version as well.. the A600 one "almost" fits // but not quite in an A500 .. looking forward to your A500 specific design.

Would love to print the A500 design once you have it finished.

Thank you so much for your work :)