Wing Nut bed level screw knob for Anet A8 (and possibly other printers)

by ozfunghi Dec 27, 2016
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These knobs are way easier to adjust than the factory provided wingnuts alone. The fit was very tight, but did work. Thanks Ozfunghi!

Definitely recommend these. They make fine tuning the bed level worlds easier. Mine were a little tight but it was nothing a little post-processing couldn't fix

I just made a set of these for my recently purchased Anet A8. They worked perfectly and did not require up-scaling or any assembly tools. Thanks!

hey ozfunghi thanks a lot for this wingnut knob it works great for an anet a2 wingnut. as you said in the read me file i did have to use pliers to get them in but they work great thanks...

Nice Design :D

Printed at 100% scale and used a plier to force the wingnut in :P

Yes, this is exactly how i did it myself.

Works great at 104% on my A8

Excellent. Thank you. I quit using my Prusa for a while because of my hatred of those screws & wing nuts. Started using it again, but still hate them.

As soon as i get my printer up and running again this will be the first thing i print

Great idea, nice construction, but the hole for the screw is a little to small. For a M3 screw the diameter should be 3.2 - 3.4mm :)

I printed and fitted these myself without any problems. After roughly 14000 downloads, you are the first to bring this up, so i don't think this is an issue. I would rather have them too tight than too loose. But you can always run a drillbit or a screw through it to widen the hole if it's a problem for you. Good luck, with a little wiggling, it shouldn't pose a problem to fit these.

It just doesn't make sense. That plastic shouldn't fulfill the job of the wing nut itself, but currently it does.

It doesn't fulfill the job of the wingnut. It's just a bit tight, that's all. Take away the wingnut and you will see how well the plastic replaces the wingnut. It doesn't.

These thumb screws are absolutely perfect and only needed a little bit of manipulation to get screw through and wing nut on. I would say this makes leveling your bed 110% easier and a must print. I also recommend that you bore out the holes on the heat bed or just buy a new heat bed carriage (this is the one I bought and it is perfect, well worth the money: https://www.amazon.com/RepRap-Champion-Carriage-Anodized-Aluminum/dp/B071HTGVZG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516577872&sr=8-2&keywords=anet+a8+carriage+plate) Leveling the bed has never been easier with these and I say better than putting on an auto leveling sensor. Thank you!

I just made these today and installed them. Can't thank you enough!! They fit perfectly.

Great! Thanks & enjoy!

Great looking knobs. I had to print mine at 105%. not sure why, these are the second ones I have had to do that with. First ones from another designer were a bit bigger all around so when I printed at 105% they didn't fit passed the frame. I got my anet in December, I guess they changed the wingnuts that come with it maybe?

Edit: I printed at 105% because the wing nuts themselves didn't fit in the knob. I tried to heat them with a soldering iron at 100% and press them in, which worked but they didn't seat square to the base of the knob.

Well... as you can read in the comments below, this issue has been raised, and the same question has been asked. People reporting they fit perfectly at 100%, and some people have difficulty fitting them at 104%. Others have raised the same question, whether Anet changed the wingnuts some time ago. It's not unlikely.

Yup I printed the one by itself first just to double check the fit. It's a great design.

I originally designed these, because i was out of spare m3 nuts, which were used in all the other designs, lol. So the text in the description isn't that far off, haha.

I made this and so far this is the best upgrade I have made to my printer. Thanks for designing it.

hehe; thanks man. Glad you like it.

Awesome mod! Thanks so much.

Printed at 100% scale, 20% in-fill, no supports, all four at once, skirt adhesion
Fitted right onto the wingnuts without any problems; snug fit.
I drilled out the h-frame, then re-installed the wingnuts. Worked perfectly and an incredible time-saver when making small level adjustments.

Unlike previous comments, this build did not collide with my default Anet A8 frame. There is a very comfortable 2mm (+/-) gap on both sides.

Great, thanks. The Anet frame seems to differ somewhat from printer to printer. Also, for my A8 not all knobs had the same margin on both sides in all corners, even after "squaring" my printer. Which does indicate that the frame is not always 100% symmetrical.

I love the comfort of these, and want to fix my issue with them, but mine keep cracking in half. Has anyone else had this issue? Debating the 104% scale that someone else mentioned, because I think pinching the nuts in is causing the stress on the top center plastic =/

That's strange, haven't had or heard of this issue yet. What infill did you use? You could try to scale them up a bit. You could try 102 or 104%. Hope you get them to work.

Are this best printed solid, or with a smaller infill?

To be honest, it's such a small print, it will not make much of a difference in print time or plastic if you use a low infill. I think i originally printed them with a 20 or 50% infill. Can't remember though.

Awesome! Mine fitted perfectly at a 100% scale on my A8.

It does seem to print a few circular outlines in the center in the air though (see photo).
I suppose this is just a slicer artifact but maybe you can adjust to design to prevent this issue?
Didn't seem to cause any problems without supports though.

Huh! That 's the first time i've seen this issue. I'll check in my slicer. (I have a very special slicer, Cura, lol).

Nope, this issue doesn't occur in Cura, not even if i put layer height at 0.04mm. But if you print without supports (like i did) the bottom layer bridge will obviously not be perfect, but that's not really an issue for its function.

Fits mine perfectly. Thanks!

Great. Did you scale it any?

No, scaled at 100% and they all fit perfectly. :)

Printed 4 for my Geeeeetech :-) I3X. The "not for A8" file, scaled 104%. Perfect fit. Thanks!

Great! Good to know and cool that it works for other printers. Thanks for the feedback.

Has anyone had any issues with the right rear screw bumping into the rear frame? I'm pretty sure I have my bed squared up properly but the rear right rubs the frame. Even without this screw knob, the wingnut hits the frame if it isn't oriented correctly.

The knob doesn't hit my frame, but when the wingnut is 100% straight, the wingnut does. This is actually the reason why i designed the knobs to be less wide than the wingnut, and has the wingnut sticking out of the knob. Maybe you can sand or cut a bit off the frame indent so the problem doesn't persist.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking I had somehow built the frame incorrectly causing the wingnut to bump the frame. Glad to hear it's not just me.. I'll just sand down the frame to add additional clearance for the thumbscrew/wingnut.

I had the same issue, very close to the wing nuts even without the printed knob. Ended up printing nut holders about 5mm thick that clear the top of the frames.

My screws still turn pretty freely unless I hold the top with a screwdriver. I'm thinking of using some kind of adhesive. Anyone do this?

ive been thinking of maybe adding some solder or something. cause if it doesn't work solder can be removed easily

Thanks these helped a great deal. I took the advice about the rescaling of 104%.

I also had to increase scale to 104%. Bought my anet about a month ago.

Not to criticize - love the design!

No problem. Did you try to pinch them in at first? They're supposed to be a tight fit so that they don't come loose easily. I think originally i used pliers to get them to snap inside. I think if you turn them on the bed screws, by tightening them, they might pull the wingnut inside the knob. I added the info to the page.

I printed them for my A8.
I had to scale the Knob to 104%. Without this, the wing nut wont fit in the knob.
But after this they are really good! Nice Job

Well, glad you got them working, but you're the first one that mentioned having to increase the the scale in order to fit. Did you calibrate your printer, or check the measurements of your prints to your 3D files? It's possible those are off a bit. But anyway, good you got them working, i hope you will enjoy them.

Now they´re working perfectly!
And yes my printer is calibrated well. Maybe on the latest rev. of the printer the wingnuts are a little bigger.... or its spread for standard factory models.

That's very interesting. If this turns out to be the case, i hope others will raise the issue, so that i can add this info to the description. Thanks.

I drilled out the H frame and stuck these on the wing nuts. Leveling the base is now 2x easy. Thanks!

Great. Thanks. Glad you like 'm.

You may have to remix it in tinkercad to get them to work. I have seen others online saying that different anet manufacturer's have slightly changed items like wing nuts and screw placement. Some are even being sold with wooden press board frames or have been tronxy printers badged as an anet.

He used the large ones. The small ones should fit his A6.

did you drill out your H frame so you could level without a screwdriver?

Most people do, i believe. I did not, since i have a sensor. I did compress my springs all the way though.

These work perfect !! My fingers are actually saying thank you to you as well :) Everyone, if you have an Anet A8 or an A6 with wing nuts / butterfly nuts - this is a must print! This works out of the gate and should be print number two in my book after buying an Anet a8 :) I did all four once via duplicate in cura with no issues, took 54 min and 5 min for the install. Thanks for sharing ozfunghi, your work is excellent. The rest of us can now enjoy shiny nice looking bed leveling knobs :) GOOD WORK!

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I've seen many people use these for an A6 without any issues. The small version of the knob is less wide than the actual wing nut (hence the wing nut sticking out on the sides) so i don't know how this could be done any better. Which version did you print? You'll probably need to print the same version as the A8.

yes sorry of course i printed bigger one :) i noticed jutst before minute.. thx for your reply

No problem (i also designed the bigger one first... also noticed after i printed it, that it was too big for the back side of the A8) ;)

lol, thanks, glad you like it.

very clever and useful. Thank you!

Happy to help! Thanks for the compliments.

Wonderful design!
Now I can spend my money on other useless things :D

Mission accomplished :)

love it!
Bed leveling is so much faster and precise now!!!

As advertized! lol

my bolts that go through the bed arent long enough to go through this knob and into the wing nut while still keeping the bed at the height that I need...

is there a way to lower the home height of the nozzle so I can lower the bed and get the bolts to go through the knob and wing nut?

You're using an A8? Sure, you can adjust the Z stop so the extruder homes closer to the bed.

Ah! I see now! Thank you. So obvious