Jyn Erso Blaster Pistol

by SwarleyAUS Dec 28, 2016
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I love that you modeled this in Tinkercad!

Literally a luger with an oversized sci-fi silencer.

Printed it, and I love it. Need to model the safety though. It has the places for safety lever, and retention indents! I'll give a shot at modeling it too.

Do the pieces have interlocking parts? If not how did you assemble it together. Also could you add parts for the rifle configuration of this gun that attach to the pistol like from the game Star Wars Battlefront? Thanks!

That would be great! Hope to see it sometime!

The two halves of the grip/receiver do not have keys, but every other part is recessed for rigidity. I will look at it, but it would take a while to model up I imagine.

There's a ton of internal structure in the handle of the receiver that's completely unnecessary. Is this some kind of maker's mark or...?

I'm all for hidden stuff and artistic license but it's using a lot more filament and time than is really needed for stuff that won't be seen unless I cut the shell open after a 15 hour print... What have you hidden in there?

Thanks for the free model at any rate!

Yeah @ryanthetuner mentioned that. It came from the original P08 model imported into TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD struggles with importing stuff sometimes. I tried to get rid of as much as I could from the multi-piece models. The 1 piece model I have not tried to fix.

Although I'm not going to print this model as I'm makeing a working gun with a kwc P08 Mauser airsoft gun as a base. I would like to know how much this is to get printed elsewhere. (I don't have a 3D printer)

Someone else asked me this and this is what I told them: With standard print settings it would take me 16 hours to print and 80m/250g of filament. This is about $15 in materials, time on printer charges will vary.

I thought you might like to see it so I hope this link works I finished 30 minutes ago. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2535223

A180 blaster (for p08 Airsoft gun)

Okay sounds good thank you

it seems as though this model has a lot of unnecessary internal structure that should be eliminated to make printing quicker. especially in the barrel. I am printing it as one piece on the creality cr-10 s4 (400x400 build plate). Should be sweet when it's done, but octoprint currently says 54 total hours.

Yes there is a lot of crap in the one-piece model which I tried to fix in the multi-piece parts. There shouldn't be any defects in the barrel assembly though as this was modelled in OnShape

Crap I screwed up using the one piece model then. I'm lazy about assembly lol. Well I'm 13 hrs in no turning back now!

made on robo3d r1+,on piece repositioned to fit my bed, used the one piece model

Do you know what the dimensions of the finished/assembled product are?

Approximately 320mm total length

The "receiver 1" has an issue with the screw/bolt on the bottom. I made a fix but maybe you can make it better.

Oh yes I see, TinkerCAD must have stuffed up an import during processing. Frustrating I missed it though. Fixed my files, thanks for the heads up.

With both the remix and your repaired version, I am still getting manifold errors with receiver_1. I am using Slic3r, but loading these models into Meshmixer also didn't improve anything.

Can I just cut the whole model (which loads fine) in half on my own, or is there more to it than that?

Damn, ok. Cura doesn't give me any issues printing the two halves fortunately!

Yep that's what I did, although I also tried to repair the two halves, having internal holes/manifolds/crap which are unnecessary and slow the print, in Meshlab. Depending on the software you use to cut the receiver, you may or may not find the cut pieces have holes inside too. This was a by-product of 'grouping' the pieces of Daniel's Luger model.