RooBee One SLA/DLP 3D printer

by aldricnegrier Dec 28, 2016
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Is there any LCD upgrade?

Thanks for great idea!
but the file RooBee One.skp downloaded from instructables,com is broken. Have another link?

Hey buddy! Great project, i'm planning to change the projector for a LCD, looks easy and cheaper, anyone planning to do the same?

Yes. I want to use a LCD Panel to print. Im not sure to take UV back-light or not.

ij88 why not design one for it. I am currently building this but fdm printing the 20mmx20mm and all the fitings and such out of Pet-g and PLA. I was also thinking of adding a heater for optimal temp at all times. I dont thnk it would be very hard to add a z-axis for a swiper if you want the tray move also add that as the y axis.

Thanks for sharing. Does RooBee has a tilt/peel option?

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Hello, did anyone succeded in building one? (except for Aldric, obviously)


would up be up to selling the all the parts except the 3d printed parts and electronics

I asked this on instruct ables with no response so I'll ask here...... is the red acrylic functional for blocking light or just asthetic?
Also, how do I know what "minimum resin" is..... in other words how much do I need to buy to get started? And what keeps resivoir level and printer calibration together?
Pretty much done collecting and printing parts.

Everything I've read indicates that the Orange or Red acrylic on these type of printers are functional/necessary for light blocking.

This is my attempt on making a BOM... others please help out whereever you can
My goal is to turn this in to a googlesheet with link to where you can buy it

first i want sources inside the EU, then sellers inside US... Sellers in china no thanks :-D

Step 3: Frame

4 pcs 851mm long ----> for the 4 coners
6 pcs 340mm long ----> for the front and back
8 pcs 200mm long ----> for the sides and under projector
Nuts: 32 M5 Square
Bolts: 32 M5 10mm

Step 8: The Z Axis Transmission System

4 pcs M3x20mm screws ----> to hold the stepper to printed part
Aluminum Motor coupling 5 to 8 mm
NEMA 17 stepper motor (1.2A 4000gr/cm is more than enough)

The following are not mentioned in any steps but it seems logical that they are used here

4 for the brackets that hold the smooth rods
8 nuts and bolts for the smooth rods clamps
2 pcs 12mm Smooth Rod 356m Long
30cm M8 lead screw and nut

Step 9: The Z Axis Arm

2 LMK12LUU bearings
8 pcs M4x40mm screws ----> for the 2 bearings
8 pcs M4 nuts
4 pcs M3x30mm screws ----> for the trapez nut
4 pcs M3 nuts
2 wood screw to fix pan/tilt to arm??

Step 11: Adjustable Pan and Tilt System

3 pcs M5 Hex Head Screws and nuts ----> for the 3 knobs

---->Need to figure lenght on screws

6 pcs M5 wing nuts ----> for the pan/tilt on step 11
3 pcs M5 threaded rod ----> for the pan/tilt on step 11

---->Need to figure rods lenght

Step 13: The Projector Fixation System:

Nuts: 20 M5 Square
Bolts: 20 M5 10mm

Step 21: Aluminum Print Bed:

M3 20mm screws
4 springs
M3 Lock nuts
150x105x5mm Alu sheet

3 rods and 6 nuts + washers shown on pics but not mentioed anywhere

Step 24: Wiring the eletronics:

Arduino MEGA 2560
RAMPS 1.4 shield

Step 26: Z min Mechanical Axis End-stop:

2 M3x20 screws and nuts
2 M3x12mm screws and nuts

"The end-stop is locked in place using 2 M3x12mm screws and nuts."

I count 3 screws

Step 28: Repetier Firmware:

we need the complete configuration.h file

if the org configuration.h file is made from their online configurator it can be reused over and over again, even if they update repetier to a new version


240x850x3mm -----> for the 2 sides
380x850x3mm -----> for the back
380x240x3mm -----> for the top and bottom
380x517x3mm -----> for the front

SVG files for the Plexiglas and VAT holder:

VAT Holder: http://svgur.com/s/Uu
Front: http://svgur.com/s/V4
Top and Bottom: http://svgur.com/s/Uv
Back: http://svgur.com/s/Ug
Sides: http://svgur.com/s/Uh

Plexi sheets missing mount holes but allready adding them now.

odd things not explained:

M8 screws and nuts
M5 nuts
M5 12mm screws

these are mentioned but not for what and not mentioned under any of the steps

Great idea! I'll help where I can.

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what model projector do you use?

BenQ W5000 ? name is in the sketchup file but you do say its an acer

Hi boelle,

I used a acer x113p


Hi boelle,

I used a acer x113p


Hi boelle,

I used a acer x113p


about BOM... maybe create a google sheet that people can copy to their own G accounts or download

and for the acrylic sheets you might want to add the CNC files

using https://my.sketchup.com/app i'm starting to figure things out...

Q... would it be any trouble going to 200*300?

have you been able to figure out the dimensions of the aluminum or plexi parts? I have no idea how to find that info using sketchup.

i just made a post about it.

nice one, i have been looking a lot for a complete build


most of the items are not speced.. ie not how much alu extrusion nor how much plexi glass- will this be added? ie how much of each