by muzz64 Jan 6, 2017
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They are on my printer now. I think they are great to print it with the leftover of the filament spools.

seems I've found the settings to print them correctly after all ! In cura :

  • print walls from outer to inner
  • infill : DONT print before walls
  • horizontal expansion : for me 0.05mm (and 0.06 for 1st layer)

Thanks so much for these. Perfect 1st time! Petg fan off 0.2.

Tried one, then made several in s3d.
Look great in clear petg

printed 4 of them. Sadly, 4 of them where strongly fusionned, impossible to handle. too bad those nice things don't have enough tolerance

Sorry to hear you're having issues with this print. That is a slicing app and/or machine accuracy / precision problem. As the photos show these print and work well when printed on a well set up machine. .. no issues.

In your case try scaling them up uniformly by 10%. That will increase the internal clearances so less likely to fuse. Please also note you need efficient filament cooling (fan and slicer settings ) for prints like this.

I hope this helps.

Hi - I'm new to printer. Would you be able to let me know what would be considered efficient cooling settings? I have a New Matter Mod-T and use Cura. Thanks!

Hi... I wish there was an easy answer I could provide for that however it's not that simple. I run MakerBot's and in the older ones (Replicator 2) they filament cooling was set at 50% by default in all areas but the newer 5th Gen and + series have different cooling rates set for different parts of each layer (i.e. outlines / infill / raft / bridges etc.) You could set the older models in each area as well if you wanted to experiment with them. The bottom line is you will need to experiment yourself or get some guidance from someone else using Cura and the same machine as you... but you could start at 50% in all areas as above.

The next thing to consider is that the fans efficiency will also be determined by it's location relative to the nozzle and how direct the flow of air is onto the nozzle. With my MakerBot's they have a shroud that ducts the air directly onto the nozzle and the outlet is very close, much closer and more direct than with many other makes/models. That means better cooling with less fan %. Worth considering...

Hopefully this is of use. All the best.

Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe my cooling is too low. Maybe also slicers other than cura could be more precise.

These things are pretty dang cool. How would I make it to where I could print more than one at once? I'm new to 3D Printing, and want to know if there's a way I can do so.

Most slicing apps let you copy/paste additional prints onto the virtual build plate before slicing. You can arrange them on the build plate then slice it... alternatively just import the same file several times and lay them out with a couple of mm in between each one.

I hope this helps...

LOL, my Prusa sounds like an old shoot-em-up arcade game while it's printing this

Right? My MP Maker Select V2 is the same! I've noticed it whenever there's tiny prints. The last tiny thing I printed sounded like a dial up modem

Lovely little fellas.
Thank you again for your inspiring designs.
One question - as it seems thru your latest designs, you always use raft. On my UM2 PLA prints greatly on hotbed. Do you have this option on your printer?

Thanks for your positive comments... always appreciated!

I have a 'fleet' of MakerBot's and none have a heated bed.... but recommending to use a Raft is mainly to help ensure people printing my designs have good adhesion while printing and can get them off their build plate in one piece and functional as they expect. Unfortunately not everyone's machine is set up as well as others so some people still seem to have adhesion issues, which can easily affect the outcome of a print, and others have the opposite so trouble with getting prints off unheated build plates. Raft helps with that on both counts... and making my prints as easy / reliable as possible to print reduces the amount of messages I get asking for help / advice.

So in closing, if you're happy with how your machine works then stick with that.... there are a lot of new people on here so I try and ensure my designs work well for them as well.

NB: I appreciate a heated bed makes the print easy to remove when it cools. Without a heated bed lifting the edge of the raft allows you to get in under the print easily so it pops off with minimal effort.

Thanks... they are infectious little things. Sounds like you've caught the 3D printing bug.....