MPCNC MK8Extruder Ringfan

by kleingeist Dec 30, 2016
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is there a 50 15 blower version i have been searching for somthing like this for my maker front for a while.

Hi, I´m afraid not. Just the 30 and 40 mm versions at the moment.

Are you using PLA or ABS?

I used PLA for testing. Abs or greentec would be better. As long as the fan is running it cools the walls of the ringfan as well together with the correct center placement around the nozzle it shouldn't melt.

Do you happen to have the sources for the inferior :-) 30mm fan version? I have never used freecad before in my life, what very little designing I have done has been in tinkercad and (lately) openSCAD. So while I could probably graft a different bracket onto the bubble, or at least onto the extant arm, changing the fan shroud from 40mm to 30m to fit the 24 volt fan I happen to have may well be completely beyond me. I will also see if freecad can import the stl file.

Uploaded Ringfan 30mm.stp :)

So, I have a mini-kossel type printer, with a metal effector, a ring collar, and all of that is metal. No place to mount anything. I built hooks, one type that fits into the gap, the other type hooks over the flat part, they take threaded inserts from the other side so that there is a mm of plastic under the inserts and they won't pull through. I am using a cooling shroud that attaches to these hooks as if they were a wade mount.

I really wish I could get one of these with the top bent over so I could use an extra long 3mm screw and hold it to the wade mount - or I have another piece that replicates the wade mount holes down a few mm. If I could get the source I could remix it. Any possibilities?

Sounds difficult, I uploaded you a STEP and a IGES file, hope that helps.

thanks. I will see if I can find them. Then I will try to figure out how to edit them, I printed the 30mm one and I could not make the single layer bridge across the top even with cooling from another ring that was just plain too big and had a hole burned into it at some point during this print.

It is screwed with a M4 screw to the transparent bracket you can see in the image.

What is the STL or link to that clear bracket that you m4 screwed it too? i have a folgertech 2020 prusa i3 and it doesn't come with that bracket, i assume it is another additive u have put on the printer and it looks like u have just clipped it to the stepper motor

It is designed for the MPCNC, where the transparent bracket holds the entire extruder.

ah my extruder is different, but looks like a great design

Hi. Thanks for work. I like this fan but i cannot understand where clip it.
Can you help me?

It is screwed to the extruder mount bracket on the MPCNC Mk8 holder. There are step files included so you may adapt it to your printer,