Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Compact CNC PCB Drilling and more

by Golkun Dec 30, 2016
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hello the my_cnc file is not completed.
do you have the rest of the parts like in the first photo?

Looking forward for the next steps to be done, has been a while since I wanted to build a CNC with aluminum profiles.
Wouldn't it be nice to add 2 linear bars (I don't remember the proper name in english, sorry) at the Y axis? 8mm should do the trick.


Hi, sure would be an option. But I don't have some and don't want to buy them currently, but could be an alternative option later.


Thanks for this work. Is it complete?

Unfortunately not, as I've currently no spare time to pursue.
I'm hoping to proceed later this year.

What drilling/cutting tool do you plan to mount to the X-Z plate?

Planned is a Dremel 4000.

can i get the x plate

What do you mean by x plate? The white, black or green part?

the motor mount plate for the x axis. x -z axis thabks

It's now uploaded. It's called X-Achse Befestigung var2 v3.stl

can i also get the z plate

Z-plate is still work in progress and doesn't work well at the moment. Will upload once I have a final version, but will take some time as I've currently not enough time to proceed.

Hell yes that's a proper-looking CNC machine... I think I'll have to give this one a go! <3

Thx, but it's still in construction phase and not all needed parts are uploaded. I've currently not the time to proceed further.

I definitely understand that feeling.. ^^; To be honest, I haven't even printed something in months.. So busy with work I'm lucky I have the time to bathe! lol

Well, I checked the "watch" box, so take your time. :) I'll keep an eye out..

Doing a great job here looks real nice cant wait till you finish the other parts then i will give it a go.
thanks for your hard work, all the best

Thanks, Jace.