Optimized Nonlethal Door Stop Multitool

by ChrisMUC Dec 11, 2013
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Oh wow! Your description made my day!! XD

What about printing it out of carbon Fibre enforced filament and use it as a wood splitter with your standard zombie defending axe... Synergy effects everywhere!

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This is wonderful thank you!

Printing time is accurate having taken about four hours. As such I would recommend people printing before needing to use in an emergency.

I will be printing one in tactical grey and tactical glow in the dark for both stealth and overt door jamming operations in both light and low light conditions. I did consider the addition of a tactical rail but lacked a reason to do so.

A note on it's lethality, whilst I doubt is can be used to directly cause death, it can indirectly cause harm someone by forcing or blocking certain paths of attack/escape. Do note, given sufficient velocity, anything can become a deadly projectile (especially in a vacuum). As soon as I'm aware that someone has developed a High Velocity Optimized Nonleathal Door Stop Multitool Launcher I'll let you know.

That's awesome description!

Thank you for this potentially life-saving device!

I'm printing with in glow-in-the-dark filament so I can find it at night, coz... that's when zombies attack, right?

Zombies tend to shuffle their feet, so your trap idea with the tripwire could be very good. Zombies can be herded into different rooms by deploying bait (annoying neighbors, inlaws, and such) and arranging the doorstop in such a way that the zombies shut themselves in the room. A delay on the self-closing door would be ideal, so maybe combine this with a motion sensor -- it can't close in the normal no-motion state because of the stopper, but once the zombies trigger the doorstop and fully enter the room (however many there are), the motion sensor ceases to detect motion at the door and closes them into the room. Nice way to sort zombies, I think.

Excellent part! I thought it was going to be a little wide, but it works great and turned out even better in TPU!

in TPU where is the zombie self defence


I suspect this could be quite lethal in the hands of a properly trained lunatic. I feel loony enough! I would like to challenge you to a doorstop duel... to the death.. or to the tired. whichever comes first ;)

Snarkyness aside, I absolutely loved your description and the title caught my attention enough to go read it ;)


About to print it, but I first must let you know how much I appreciated your thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable description of the various uses for this doorstopper.

Will post up the finished product.

I don't know what happens to my formatting all the time.
I do proper formatting and some weeks later the text is still there but the formatting is not displayed anymore as intended.
Then I try to repair it and it doesn't work. Some time later I try to repair the formatting and from one monent to the other everything is formatted correctly again.
At the monent the formatting seems to work correctly again.

Does anyone have the same problem with the formatting?

How do you type like that?

So that's what my descriptions look like before editing...

I love your description, but please add some paragraphs. It's extremely difficult to read.

This is the best door stop I have ever printed! It works exceptionally well on all kinds of doors and is not like the typical rubber doorstop you would buy from a hardware store - it's much better than that. Great job ChrisMUC!!

Bribed my college English professor with it (was always complaining he wished he had a "good" doorstop). Thanks again for the grade boost and preventing the door from hitting my ass on the way out.

Thank you very much for your comment. You made my day!

For the formatting of the text you could start with this:

  • When writing the description you get a dash when you put a dash (ok, that's easy)
    but you get a bullet when the preceeding line is left empty by just using the return character and writing nothing else in this line. (a big difference for literally 'nothing' in the line...)
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  • dash with preceeding empty line (just for the show. ;-) )

Happy constructing and printing!

P.S. The comment-window doesn't use markdown, so it should be possible to copy-paste the example in the edit-thing-text-box to see the results. :-)

Lmao. I found a remix of this and was perplexed by the "non-lethal" aspect of it and then I realized I should be annoying you instead of the guy who remixed it. Your description is HILLARIOUS. Totally get what you mean by making it more "tactical pen-like" than that other karambit looking door stop. This gave me a good laugh today. I like to make my descriptions funny, but this is much better. I need to learn how to put bullets and bold fonts etc. in my description. Is it just HTML or something?

I might just end up printing this, I like the endless uses. Looks like a pretty sexy doorstop too, not really much of anything I'd change.

Thank you for your comments!
Yes, you are right, Steve. I missed that point. Perhaps it's not completeley nonlethal, if you can bore someone to death with it. ;-)
I will add that point to the description.

Phew, none lethal? death by extended yawn ;-)

This is the most exhaustive description I have ever seen!