Monoprice Select Mini spool holder

by Toys Dec 31, 2016
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You should be able to. On the original version I had to tell CURA the print bed was larger than it actually was in order to get it to fit. But the print head had plenty of travel to print the arms.

thank you

am i able to print this on my monoprice select mini v2 and what type of filament should i use??

Hey how many of each piece do I need to print?

It is designed to account for shrinkage on the filament I am using. If you are having fitment Issues with the pin try to print the pin at 90% scale. I left the pin long enough, also you may want to print it just a bit too big and sand it down, a snug fit is best I have found to prevent wobbling.

the spool pin is too thick and causes a fracture when trying to insert it, even with lubrication and 60% infill. You may want to decrease its thickness in the design

I printed one of these when I got my first printer, a Mini V1. I've been using ever since, until today. I just did the relocated control panel mod and I'm sad to say this spool holder is incompatible due to the design. Thank you for making such a great design.

so i have the mpsmv2 the spindle is a little to long for my print bed. if i were to down size it to 119mm since the mini is 120 by 120 by 120. will it still fit alright if i have it as 119mm so i can actually get it to print or will it squeeze the spool a bit and cause it not to spin?

I adjust my settings in CURA and set bed dimensions to 125x125. Do not actually print a 125mm item but it will allow a full 120mm item to be printed. The MPSM can handle it. I print the spindle at a 45 angle on plate too.

Do you need 2 of the hatch box spool holders or just one?

Does this also fit the new monoprice pro?? Have mine coming in the morning.

Likely though I have not measured it. It would be simple to adjust the arms to fit any up rite printer like the MP mini however.

This gets held on with glue? Or you guys bolting it on ?

no need of glue once assembled holds itself one nicely, although I do use a strong magnet to adjust height.

ok thank you

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Snapped while using it. Other than that it was pretty cool. Have to make a new one I suppose. Printed it on the MPmini, not sure that's the best plan. It has to be turned a way that I think makes the print weak to weight when used.

Will this works on the V2 of the select mini ?


It should, I am fairly certain the frame of the V2 is the same just some of the hardware is newer.

Thanks Toys for your reply.

I found that printing the spool center pieces at 107% scale will perfectly fit my 1.2kg Mars PLA spools and a print at 95% scale will perfectly fit my 0.5kg AIO Robotics spools.

Love this spool holder, but has anyone had issues with this and a z-spacer for glass bed. Just hooked my spool holder on, it looks very close, even possibly touching the z-spacer.

Does it work with the Z-spacer? Does anyone know?

Using the provided settings I can't get the files to fit in Cura and turn yellow in order to download to the sd card. I had to change the scale from 1.0 to 0.9 to make a print. But then the holes in the left and right parts wouldn't line up. Who knows what I'm doing wrong and what is the fix? New Mini V2.

This is my second print and my first post here so this is a complete noob talking here.
I'm starting with the spindle and had the same problem. Turning the piece diagonally on it's X and Y axis (axi? axises??) seemed to get it to fit on the build plate (piece turned yellow). Going to print it now and see what happens.

Your on the right track. Put the long arm flat down and rotated 45 degrees corner to corner. Do not use brim or raft and it should fit. Have fun!

You can't print a brim or anything with the arms. It will not fit. Check the Cura settings and make sure it is set to none under "build plate adhesion type"

It works. Thank you for your help.

Printed, came out perfect. The only thing a recommend is to size down the pin, if you don't feel like sanding. I went with 96% scale in cura, but I did leave the length at 100% scale. The pin fits great at that scale, you could possibly scale it completely to 96%. Because the pin is longer than it needs to be.

Thanks for posting the larger spool holder! Had to sand down the pin a little to fit but I think that was more my supports and some sagging in the holes than the pin design itself. tapped it in and everything holds!

This is a great print. I was not happy with the spool holder that comes with the mini, just seemed wrong it being sideways.

I kept the hatchbox the size you have it and used plumbers tape on it (makes a nice snug fit). I also used SteveKrikler spacer to raise it up a bit. Very happy with this project/addon for my printer.

Printed this last week and it works really well, but I did not like the loose fit of the Hatchbox center piece or the need to use tape, so I scaled the part in Cura from 59.997mm in X and Y to 60.4mm in X and Y, and now it fits perfectly with just a slight bit of friction and does not come out while printing, and no tape! Only tried this with one the Hatchbox spool I have, so YMMV.

Thanks for the comment! just printed mine out at 60.4mm x and y and it fits absolutely perfectly. will not fall out on its own but i can pull it out of the spool without any issues

My software complains that the larger brackets are not water tight and the printer stops printing about 1/5 up the vertical part

I know the original STL is manifold, maybe a error in crossing over platforms? what slicer are you using? I use Cura for the MPSM

I've had poor results with cura (albeit I'm just a beginner) so I've been using repetier host.

That address now goes to one of the best 404 errors I've seen in a while. Neat.

I printed this off and it works well.

I printed the two side pieces that fit into the centre of the filament spool, which lifts it just enough for it not to make contact with the holder. There is a suggestion to use double sided tape, but I made a small bolt which passes through the smaller holes and is held by a nut. Both ends use a 'cog wheel' to make it easier to finger tighten. I left a little clearance between the male and female threads, but you may need to clean them up to make it turn easily.

I wanted the spool to sit a little higher, so I made a 2.5 cm spacer (that's about an inch, for any Americans reading this) which slots into the original holding lugs on the printer, and lets the central locking pin drop into a hole to stabilise it.

I tried to take a couple of photos, but since I printed in black filament, and my printer is black, it may not show too well.

Thanks for the bolt and nut. I tried the double sided tape and also electrical tape but both failed after 1 or 2 prints. Unfortunately your bolt is too short for a 1kg spool of Hatchbox. I modified it and it's printing right now.

Would you mind sharing that modified bolt? Or you could just tell me how long you've extended it? Thanks :)

Glad it worked.

I have been thinking of a different approach, making larger diameter spacers to sit between the side arms and the spool, so keeping it centred and keeping the sides in the spool.

It did not work. I couldn't screw the nut on the bolt.
What I did is something suggested by someone else = use teflon tape.

I just added a new Thing that works with this. It’s a universal spindle adapter to make larger spools hang a bit better on this. Have at it!

Monoprice Select Mini spindle adapter

I've tried printing this a couple of times, and each time the smaller part that clips onto the back has snapped off when the weight of spool has been added.

I'm not sure if it's a print orientation thing but my layers line up so that basically there is a seem where it would get all the pressure from the spool.

I'm using cura and am wondering what orientation and settings others are using to forgo this issue and getting good strong prints. Still super new to this, but am enjoying the ride!

Had a similar experience so I finally gave up on it. :-/

Last night I tried out some some Plastic Cement on the joint to try and reattach it, this morning it felt like it was holding well but I won't know for sure until I put some weight on it. I'll report back when I'm able to hook it back up later.

Edit: I used some plastic cement on the joint and let it sit overnight, and so far so good. Holds weight well and works fantastic!

I had one break on me as well. That was due to a poorly wound spool. The Filament got caught on itself and the extruder pretty much ripped it off the side. It didn't help that I had not dialed in the temp and flow rate for the PLA I was using leaving me with weaker layer adhesion that it could have been, Things you learn :)

Just make sure to sand a little bit the pin spool and test it before mounting the holder, since depending on your settings, it might run very tight.

how have you all printed this. i set the bed limits in cura to 120mm cube and when i import the files it says the file is too large at 100% is there an orientation that works with this of do i need to scale it ?

You have to rotate the parts so they print in diagonal.

Set your X with to 130. Cura runs a ring around your part before printing. This will trick the printer into printing a real 120 size part. I'm sure there are other better ways of doing this with other slicers or firmware updates, but this is a quick and dirty fix that works. Just remember to set it back to 120 when you are done.

Printed this and I like it. I did have to scale the pin down a bit, and file out the holes to get a good fit. Original pin stuck so bad I had to use a punch to get it out.

Hatchbox spool center may be a loose fit on the Hatchbox spools but is a tight fit on spools from Orb Polymer. Rather than bring the part into TinkerCad or Fusion 360 and remix it to reduce the size slightly, I just cut a pair of V-Notches into the rim that fits inside the spool. This lets the part compress enough to be a press fit into Orb's spools.

Printed this up, looks great, hangs nicely. Only issue is the edges of the filament spool contact the back of bracket, creating a fair amount of drag. Looks like the arms would have to be longer to push the spool out further, away from the side of the mini.

I noticed that too with the larger spools, still a lot less friction than the factory holder. I think I need to remix the spindle to have a larger diameter and be on bearings. That should give the clearance needed and still roll nice.

Well if you get around to doing that, I'll be happy to try it out! Thanks and good luck.

I have added a spool center for the Hatchbox spools. This shifts the center back far enough not to drag on the front. I undersized it a bit to allow a strip of double-sided tape to stick the spool to the center. This makes it impossible to pop out but removable when spool is empty. It can be easily resized to fit any spool I would expect.

Would this fit Inland spools? I had a similar issue: the spool was dragging so bad it was making the extruder skip.

I recently got this printer, and I noticed the thing above your spool, does that help at all? If so what exactly does it help with, and also where is the print file for it?

You probably mean the filament cleaner. Dust and other foreign particles can hitch a ride on the filament and get clogged in your nozzle.

There are many versions of filament cleaners here. The cleaner will have a bit of foam inside to wipe the filament. If you add a drip of olive oil it will help season the nozzle and lube the Bowden tube.

The one shown is from supinemonkey: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1460566

Filament Oiler/Cleaner with Print-in Hinge, now with rollout alarm!