Simple Spannerhands Rocket (Vase Mode)

by SpannerHands Jan 1, 2017
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Cool Rocket,
I've been looking for a setting to print ticker in vase mode in Cura.
Does anybody know how?


printed in tpu god for distracting yourself from work

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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what printer do you guys use? that looks plain perfect, can't see the layers or any defect! also the colors look really good

Increase perimeters/walls when printing 0% infill so the top doesnt blow out

Did somebody have the same problem on the top?

I tried, lower speed, lowering temperatur and lowering layer hight result stay the same.

The reason is at the top, the nozzle stays in a very tiny area for a rather long time, thus causing high temperature in this tiny area.
So you need to speed up other than slow down.... (but may cause other issue)

Try any means that you can to cool it down, blowing it with a magazine by hand worked for me in similar cases, it is just a couple of second

Do cut the model and keep only the top to experiment, will save you a lot of time.

Thank you very much :-)
With the last done print, I tried something, linke slowing down and reduce temperature at the nozzle.
Worked better.
The main issue with solving this problem is that Simplify 3D does not have the function at the minimal layer time to wait for cooling.

If you set the minimum layer time so 15s that means every layer that is fast finished as 15s the printer should wait at a position that is not directly over the printed object until the 15s are reached.

Sli3er has this function with minimal layertime and waiting including slower down befor a defined layertime. Simplify 3D has a setting that is only creating a slow down with defined layer time, but no waiting function.

The tipp with cutting the model is very good, thank you very much. :-)

I've been having the same experience when using the sprialize option on Cura. If anyone has a fix let me know.

Outstanding combination of i3 MK2, Simplify3D, Fillamentum and skilled @SpannerHands hands. B-)
(Have to test it across several 3D printers now.) EDIT: And it ends as other vase mode rocket model: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2009691

Tom's Simple Chunky Rocket (for vase/spiralized mode) V1+V2