Romer-G Keycaps // Perfect fit // For logitech keyboards

by Tolu2002 Jan 1, 2017
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Any chance you could make left CTRL out of this. I lack the skill to make the model wider.

Did work for me, tanks!
0.06mm Layerhight and supports on.
Took me about 45 min.

Great work, good to know i have a backup if i need it.

This is awesome! I was hoping to make a custom Escape key using this model but it seems the top keys are just a little longer in length than the regular ones. Any chance you have another model for those?

I didn't notice, that they were a bit longer. I also posted the Fusion360 file. If you want, you can edit it.

Great work! Can you provide a model for the spacebar key? That would be fantastic!

Comments deleted.

Thank you for making this model file!

May I ask what material did you use to create the keycap in your pictures?

I used Flashforge's translucent green PLA. I LOVE it, because it Kind of glows in the dark, too!

Thanks I will look into getting some when I finally get the 3D printer this summer.

Btw, I shared your models on Reddit. It's a hit :)


Thanks for Sharing. I think, I redesign this model, to make it more Comfortable to use. I originally designed this, to replace my broken "esc-Key".

Please keep working on this. If you ever start a kickstarter, link it to me at PaisWillie@gmail.com and I'll donate a lot.

Thanks for your kind words. I stopped working on this, because my printer broke and the parts take forever to ship from China.

Don't let that stop you! My friend fixed a FFCP after he bought it from someone for $150. He replaced tons of cables, and eventually got it working.