Ethernet Cable Clip Repair

by kohlmaker Jan 2, 2017
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Great idea.

Before I go print these, I wonder. Are you using standard PLA or Flexible PLA?

Sorry for the delayed response... standard PLA. You want it rigid so that it uses the stiffness of the material to keep it in place inside the port. The standard PLA has flexibility (its just not squishy) and that is what keeps it in place. If you used a Softer material, it likely wouldn't work because there is not enough pressure to hold its shape when its inserted in he port.

I printed the LONG PROPER_DIMENSIONS version and it works well.

Print settings: 2 bottom layers, 3 top layers, 10 % infill and using a 0.4 mm nozzle. Automatic layer height.

Thanks for your comment 7eggert! Glad to hear its working well for you!

This seems so sensible that I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it. :-) Way to go!! I've got a new test print item. These will be much more useful than all the Stanford bunnies I've been printing as a test.

Ha! Thank you so much for the comment! This was literally the first thing I designed once i had the Printer because I had a 100 broken Ethernet cables! Necessity is the mother of invention!

Is this normal?
Slicing in Matter Control.
The two parts appear to be disjointed.
Many thanks.

Sorry i have never seen that issue before... but I have never used matter control either. I can confirm Slic3r works and Cura for slicing and printing.


I printed the longer one, and sure enough it came in two parts when sliced in Matter Control.
But thankfully, MC 2 has built in tools to edit objects, so I just filled the gap, and it then printed fine.
Fantastic object!
It fixed an Ethernet cable clip the wife accidentally broke in my TV router turned hub.
A damn site better than Blu-tac.
This is why I'm so glad I got a 3D printer :)

So happy that you were able to make it work for you! I love it when I am able to print useful items that save me from having to throw something out! Fidget spinners are cool and all but they don’t really demonstrate how useful a 3d printer is! Thanks for the comments!

It may just be a visual artifact im MC.
I will print it and see what happens.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to print it and comment!

Awesome mate, i was looking for something like this since 2015!

ha! me too thats why i figured I'd try and design it once i had my 3d printer! Thanks for your support!

Great, little and fast. I had an issue with a cable and no easy way to exchange it. So I had the idea......but you were much faster.
Thank you

Comments deleted.

Thanks for taking the time to Print it Josch! Glad it worked for you!

Just printed this-- the short/proper dimension one. Still seemed a bit big so reprinted 92% and it fit better but then still allowed the cable to wiggle it's way loose.

Remix in Tinkercad to shorten it even more and applied the 92%, now fits perfect! I can post if someone wants it.

I would appreciate it if you posted it!

For those having issues with Simplify3D cutting off sections of the part, you can fix the stl file with Microsoft's 3D builder. Right click on the stl file, Open with 3D Builder. Import the model, select it and then on the Edit tab, click Merge. Save as stl. Now Simplify3D shouldn't have any issues.
Alternatively, you can try Microsoft's online service for fixing 3D models: https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/

I've done a rework of you great design in freeCAD. So you can modify without the need of privative software.

You can get it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839711

Ethernet Cable Clip Repair - Rework

Awesome! Thanks so much for making that available to everyone!

Thingiverse never stops surprising me. Amazing work! Too bad one can't print piece of a cable, to fix a cable my dog chew apart :D

Hah! Thanks for the comment! We can’t 3d print the cable but I am sure you can find a muzzle to print :).

These work so good Thanks

Thanks for the comment Maddozzy! Glad they work for you!

Wow, fantastic idea! We've just been having to just throw them away :-(

Ha! It never crossed my mind to throw them out... Before I made this clip, I just kept using broken cables and wondering why I suddenly didn't have internet!

Thank you very much, they work great! I'll finally be able to stop using hot silicone (haha). You are right about S3D but I uploaded the original file to tinkercad and downloaded it again and it printed it perfectly.

Glad it worked for you!! Thanks for posting your make!

This is just so clever ! Thanks for the idea, and for the model, that will be very usefull !

Thanks for the comment! Hope it works for you... Let me know if you have any issues, i have other versions but I have been to lazy to test and post :)

Great Idea!
But I think, it's a little bit too wide.
I found here a specification for the jack:


If this is correct, then the front part has to be 6.1mm wide (on your design 6.3.mm) and the narrow part 3.25mm (4.0mm).

Oliwee thanks so much for your post! I will admit I designed it using some crude measurements on real world cables and then used some trial and error to make the design work. I can assure you the plugs do work but I will go back and update the design to fit the specifications you posted. Look for a revised file in the next few days once I get a chance to update it!

Works like a charm. Just what I needed. Thanks Kohlmaker!

Glad it worked for you! Thanks for commenting!

Just uploaded a new file for the Long Clip - hopefully this one doesn't have any issues!

I have a problem with the models everything is normal and then when I click on Prepare to print! (Simplify3D) the lower part (where the cable suppose to fit) is missing !
Is there anyone with the same problem ?

there is a hole in the model - if you look at the 2nd picture on thingiverse - you will see that it is missing - I have never gone back to fix it because it always printed OK for me. I use cura and slic3r. I have never tried simplify 3d - I will see if I can repair the model. Perhaps meshmixer will fix it - I will post a corrected file if it works

I repaired the file and posted it - hopefully that fixes the issue. Sorry about that!

I will try it right now thanks !

Still doesnt work thats weird, did you update it yet?
And I find another "hole" under the little box in the middle

Stink... I did upload a new file titled - REPAIRED and it looked fixed to me. I am not sure how to fix the issue you have. I'm not that great with the 3d design software so it doesn't surprise me that the model has some issues. Try slicing in Cura - I am 100% sure it works with that. Or, there should be some repair model feature in simplify 3d that can close the holes and print a solid piece. Sorry for the trouble!

I already try the repair on Simplify3d and it doesnt work.
Anyway , Thank you very much for your help!

I made these models "Solid" to print with Simplify3D. They aren't pretty but it works. How would you like me to send them to you?

I dont know maybe you can post it on thingiverse :3
But I dont really need it anymore thanks !

Saved my cable! Thanks!

Glad to hear it worked for you!!

This was a little too wide to fit into the ethernet jack on my PC. Simply scaling the whole model to 92% width (other dimensions left as-is) made it work for me.

Thanks for the Feedback David... I tested on my router and pc but was worried that it may not exactly fit in all situations. I wonder if its a printer tolerance/accuracy or variation in Ethernet jacks.

I will print a scaled down model and assuming it still works for me, i'll re-upload the scaled down version to ensure it fits more situations. Thanks again!

Big thank you for this awesome idea!

Thank you these work great!!!

Great idea, thank you

Thanks so much!