Spool drawer organizer

by Tanatof Jan 2, 2017
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Nice idea. Would it work with hatchbox spools?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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this is a brilliant idea and thinking outside the box, great job!

is there a 180° Version of those ?

Just mirror it in Cura

Not possible, there will be 2 holes.

Can someone remix specifically for Amolen 250 gram spool please? I have several.

I'm using a couple M3 brass thread inserts and short pan head screws to mount this to the spool. Use a soldering iron to set the inserts.
I had one print crash just after the base was printed. This actually makes a good cover for the bin.

I had the same thing happen. The HatchBox spools are a little tall for the stock drawer. I mirror the drawer in stopped the print after the base was printed.
I aslo used the M3 brass inserts (McMaster #94180A333). Another tip is to use LocTite on the threads and you can leave them a little loose to allow the drawer to rotate freely.

How is possible this is not featured??
I were using the empty spools to roll all the cables i have around ... but this idea is mind blowing!
Thanks for share

I just changed the Z height to 52mm for Solutech spools and used an M4x60 bolt to attach it to the spool. This is a great thing.

It works with coils of what diameter?
Thank you for your work.

Inner circle : 90mm.
outer circle:200mm.
Hight : 56.5mm


Oh wow! That is awesome!

Is there a center connector to help hold them together?

This is pure Genius!! I printed up four of these and they fit my old Inland PLA spools perfectly without any modification! How do I drill the screw holes with any accuracy though? A drill guide that fits around the outside of the spool would be GREAT!

I used brass thread inserts (McMaster 94180A333) so you only need a short M3 screw. The HatchBox spools have 4 recesses on each side to hold the filament. These are just right for M3x10mm (91239A224) button head screws and lets the finished unit lay flat.

For a simple drill guide, check out my design at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103466. Enjoy!

Spool Storage Boxes

Damn, crashes my slic3r every time. Looks great though!

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Just a quick note about my customized version. I had an error in there that was using the diameter as radius, so making it way too big. All fixed now! Thanks again for the original. :)

this is Genius. Now I have something to do with all my used up filament spools

someone remixed it to customize it !!!!

Such a clever idea to reuse spent filament reels!

Definitely needs to be remixed or made into a customizer!

Brilliant upcycling of an item usually discarded!

is this set up to run through the thingiverse customizer?

Such a clever idea! Thanks!
I put my first spool in our bin the other day and thought that it was such a waste to just throw them out, might have to make a few of these with empty spools!

Such a clever idea! Thanks!
I put my first spool in our bin the other day and thought that it was such a waste to just throw them out, might have to make a few of these with empty spools!

How big is the hole through the drawer? I'm wondering if there's a way to use raw filament as the axle for the swivel over using (buying) a long screw. Run the raw filament through the holes, then melt each end a bit and push it flat to create a plug to hold the filament in place. I'll need to print one of these out when I get home and test it out!

Hey Optical, I had the same thought! XD

I was going to get a brass rod from Lowes...gonna need something about 1/8" diameter and maybe 60mm long to hold the wings in...or maybe a small screw on each side

Either way, finally have something I can use all these empty filament spools for! Awesomeness!

What a great upcycling idea! Good job!

Excellent idea! Now add a rotating foot to it.

Now see, I had more this as an idea ^_- 100% printable, rotating, and I can stack them :D http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:995368

Delta Printer Filament holder Mk3 99.5% poly, Adaptable Spigot


With a large foot designed to go into the bearing, and viola

Parametric universal spool holder
by rowokii

that's a good idea !

hello, very good idea!! can you share your CAD file? i ve a lot of different spool!! thx by advance!!

Hi! thanks for your comment. Ive designed it in Solidworks, so I only have a SLD file (or can export it to other format) , will it help?

Hi, great design! I think if you could export and upload it in STEP format it would be great for editing/remixing.

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I use solidworks too !! Its perfect !! Thx a lot

Ok i'll upload it later today. cheers!

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