Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Top Spool Holder

by jadames Jan 2, 2017
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It works fine but I needed to buy a longer threaded rod to properly fit it and make sure it doesn't fall of mid-print. The threads make the rod slide sideways so you need to fit double nuts on the outside.

Also, it's not a good thing to have free rotation. You NEED to have a friction brake, otherwise the filament will start spiraling and falling off during printing. You need some tension on the filament. I resolved it by using nyloc nuts and put them close to one of the braces, causing friction and preventing free rotation.

I have a narrower version of this spool holder.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2818006 (narrow version)

I also have a quick change filament sprocket which should be used with this. It prevents the filament spool from swaying and unwinding too much. It can be used with metal bearings or without (for more resistance).
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2850749 (revised quick change)

If you look at my profile, you will see all of my different creations. I have many different spool sprockets and spool holders to meet your needs.

Adjusted Anet A6 Top Spool Holder (Smaller width)
by jadames
Revised Filament Spool Sprocket (Quick Change)
by jadames

Thanks for the first link, that's the one to go for with the shorter rods.

When using the mentioned sprocket, I assume you have to fix the rod so that it doesn't rotate? Cause currently it's the rod that rotates over the holder.

With 608zz bearings (one on each side), the sprocket spins without securing the rod. I'm not sure what happens without bearings. I use two nuts locked together on each side (for a total of 4). This seems to keep the rod from moving as they are fastened up against the spool holder. In my case, the nuts are on the inside because I use the wider spool holder. If you use the narrow spool holder, you may have to place your locked nut pairs on the outside. See my picture(s) above.

For the A6, i printed Top_Spool_Holder_Cross_Beam2.stl My_Spool_Holder_Split1.stl My_Spool_Holder_Split2.stl as told to in the comments, but the rod is a little smaller than the entire width of this part. My spool fell out mid print and i found it behind my printer (luckily it still finished the print) but that 1kg fall was probably hard. any tips how to get this to actually stay on??

Sorry, But i don't understand what files i need to print for anet a8...

Do you know if this will fit a CTC wooden framed Prusa i3

I can give you some of the critical dimensions and you can tell me the dimensions you need.

7.9mm Maximum frame width (designed for acrylic) If you need wider, drop me a note.
39.5mm Height, or sits into frame this deep
132.9mm Wide between posts for the fixed frame, Version 2.1 (The other versions are user adjustable of course.)

I'm a little lost with so many pieces, what pieces i need to mount it in an Anet A6?
Top Spool V1 or V2, Cross beam and the rest? i need the clip?

I'm sorry by i'm new in this things and i don't understand very well how to mount differents printed pieces.

Version 2.1 is what you want. It is the most stable/rigid. You should print files:

  1. Top_Spool_Holder_Cross_Beam2.stl
  2. My_Spool_Holder_Split1.stl
  3. My_Spool_Holder_Split2.stl

I already printed it and it's perfect!
The clips are really necesary? or do you recommend another piece to hold the filament in the rod?


Clips aren't necessary especially if you use: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2067525

Filament Spool Sprocket (Quick Change)
by jadames

Thanks a lot!


i can't get the V2 to fit on built plate in Cura can you break up the parts?

Done! It is now split into 3 parts.

I like your designs a lot. I have ub0baa's version on my A6 right now, but I find it inconvenient swapping spools so your design is very appealing. Your notes about how the A6 should have the spool leaning back got me thinking that my current spool holder may be the cause of some waving I am getting on vertical surfaces when I print so I want to print your v2.1. Are you sure it will not put too much stress on the acrylic around the LCD?

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I made it with only a slight incline, 15 degrees. I've been using it and can't say that I have seen any issues, not yet. Time will tell. I have seen other designs with greater inclines. As I suggested, place your filament roll in the lowest rung possible for stability sake.

Thank you for the reply. Could you please add a picture showing the inclined version. The 3 images shown are front facing and it is difficult to tell if one of them is inclined.

I just uploaded a picture taken from the side.

Thank you. I will print them as soon as I finish dialing in the settings for my new firmware.

I'd like to try the v2. Would be able to publish a version of the STL with the inserts laying down, to remove the overhangs?

Dazman074, you're 100% correct. I should have flipped the inserts. I feel like a moron. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Hope this helps you and others! A revised version is now uploaded. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks, it came out great. It still has a fair bit of sideways instability. Looking at it, I think it would be better if the 2 inserts were a single cross brace. They are a tight enough friction fit that it should give it the stability it needs against the top of the frame.

I resolved the instability by having nuts on both sides of each top brace if you look at the picture, 2 nuts on each side, see my new picture. I'm more than willing to create a single cross brace but then, what length? Based on the iron rod provided by Anet for my printer's spool holder, I estimate a distance of 133mm (5.25 inches) between the inside walls. Would that work for you?

Herm, can you confirm that this design works with the iron rod provided with my Anet A8 spooler holder ? It's around 154mm long but I'm not entirely sure it will fit above the A8 LCD since the spacing seems to be about 165/170mm up there.

Also should I stick to V1 for the A8 !

Thanks for your design ! I'm already using the spool sprocket and even though I broke it detaching it from the bed, after some plastic soldering it works perfectly !

I saw you had the nuts and have added those, but it could use a little more stability, especially when you go to change spools.

133mm is close enough. The limiting factor on the A6 is the LCD circuit board which is 132mm, so the brace needs to be 133+ 2xinserts into the holders

Appreciate you making the changes.

Dazman074, I just made some minor tweaks to the 2 new beams and the spool holder Version 2. I updated/uploaded all the pertinent files. It's semantics more than anything else. The left side cross beam didn't meat up with the spool holder. If you downloaded my new file, you may want to re-download them now. I posted the new changes at 11:00 EST. I will print out this new version out to test for stability and make tweaks as necessary. Your feedback is appreciated.

I printed the brace today and it has completely resolved the instability. Thanks for your work.