ANET A8 | Power Supply Cover - Power and LED Switch

by TNS Jan 3, 2017
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Is this working for s-250-12 PSU ?

Do you print this in PLA? Is it a problem with the temperature? Thanks

Printed it last night - stupid power surge aborted the print at about 80%. still kind of sort of fits with a 1/2" gap between the cover and frame, and only attached by one screw - i know, i know, i need to re-print it, but was too curious about installing a bunch of printed upgrades to wait another day...
i've got the s-240-12 and the width is right. after reading some other comments, i'll double check the depth before re-printing though...
the hole for the power switch was a bit small, not sure it was settings, wobble, or a slightly different switch, but a knife and nail file got that sorted pretty quickly.

Seemed to fit my Anet A8 fine, not sure which year mine is but I purchased it in May 2017 and it has the wire reinforced belts and x motor mount with 4 bolts on the front.

this doesnt fit my 2017 anet a8 with the s 240 12 psu, not wide enough or deep enough

Same to me. I bought mi A6 on December, 2017 and this does not fit.

Did you find another model that fits fine?


Too narrow for my Anet A8 purchased in march 2016.. it took quite a bit of time to print so I'll try and bodge it on...

It is also too narrow. For once I really thought I wouldn't have to design my own or modify a file.

I'd post a pic if I could but it will not fit an S-240-12 PSU.

The cover won't fit to the anet A8 2017 power supply, the edge on the top is like 6 mm to high.
Are you willing to put an ajustable file online?

Thank you in advance

Link to buy switch and plug?

Nice design, also have a LED strip on my unit and being to shut it off independently is great! Thanks for sharing!

How is the left side fastned to the PSU?

Just remove the screw of the PSU sitting right behind the hole on the top left (of the cover) and afterwards screw it down together with the PSU-cover.

Don't you need a longer screw then?

Actually, I don't remember... But I think, I used the stock one.

Which dimensions has the rocker switch for LED?

Hi DrMaRV,
I used a switch with the mounting dimensions 13x18.9mm.

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