Flip Knife Business Card Kit! - The Original

by Y_Dascalu Jan 2, 2017
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I printed one out yesterday, great design! The only issue I had was that all the clips and pegs ("D&B" clips, "C" peg, and "A" piece) were too small and did not stay in place. I will be reverse engineering them to fit my size requirements and printing just the clips to hold better. If it helps any, I'm using a Stratasys Mojo printer. Other than that, awesome job! Very cool idea

Great design. Thanks for the upload.
A useful little tip I found is to melt the ends of the "C" & "E" clips after assembly. I used a cigarette lighter to do this. It permanently welds them to the frame, making the knife more solid

Can i print this laying flat?

Yes, it is meant to be printed lying flat. Just keep in mind that the right surface is touching the print board, the knife blade and the outskits of the card are hovering.

What is the purpose of the c block going through the blade?

Mostly to hold everything in place and still let the blade rotate. Just a simple anchor point.

If no video, a simple text step by step might help, if u can do that I can try to record myself assembling for you

Your Readme file was a little confusing, what infill did u print with

Also infill is pretty much irrelevant. But go ahead for 100%, it barely makes a difference.

Thank you for the feedback, I have uploaded a much better read me file. Thank you!

Where's the assembly video? when you have something with alot of different gadgets in it you need a assembly video how am I supposed to know how to put it together?

No offence, but my 7 year old nephew put this together in less than 5 mins. No instructions, no help.

Your nephew sounds like a dick

Jelly much? Let me guess, you're having trouble putting this together too? It's ok, apparently many states are getting more funding these days for special needs students, maybe they'll get you some lego's to practice with. ;)

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This whole fiasco was quite entertaining to stumble across, thank you for that

I understand. While I am currently unable to make a video I can put letters on the parts to see which fit which, would that be helpful in your opinion?

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