Bird Nest Spy Cam

by Snille Jan 2, 2017
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I was considering this, but was trying to figure out how to power it when I plan to use this in a possum box 4 or 5 meters up a near to house tree, how are you feeding it power in those pictures above?

Trough a long cable using a USB-Power adapter on one end and then connecting power to the PI via pin 2 (+5v) and 9 (GND). That's it. You can use any of the +5 and GND pins on the GPIO. But remember it is not recommended to do it this way because there are no safety guards protecting the PI. :)

Hi what settings are you currently using for the camera stream on the pi zero? Frame rate similar to the live streams on your website? I'm just undecided if I should have another box below the bird nesting box in case of major problems and a pi stops working while birds nesting and if I should use a pi 3. Is there room for a camera ribbon cable to exit this case to a camera below?

Project looks amazing by the way.

I'm just using the "Zeros" as a "Simple MJPEG Camera" in MotionEyeOS.
Then I'm using a "Hub" MotionEye to collect all the streams.
You can see my settings on all my Zeros in the image attached. :)

Hi Thanks for the reply and the settings. Thought about it more and going to use zeros and follow your write up exactly. I'm currently printing this will be sure to let you know how it prints and any suggestions for improvements.

This is very good and an excellent write up, thank you for sharing. I came upon this after completing (almost) a similar project which also used a Pi ZeroW and Motioneyeos. As I had a number of IR LEDs in my tool box, I wired three of these in series to provide the illumination, connecting them to the 5V supply which means that they are always on.
Like you, I am also streaming my camera & will be able to watch from wherever I am. I’m also thinking of using the motion detect facility in Motioneyeos to capture some footage but will need to think about this - don’t want to fill my MicroSD card in a matter of hours

Hi! Great to hear! :) I'm actually turning the leds on and off with Cron so they are only lit between 16:00 - 08:00 (in my timezone) witch is basically when it's dark, that's why I used the "Bright PI" thing... But If I would want something more, is should have been a light sensor. I may add that later on.
Regarding motion sensing, I'm actually using that as well, I have a "Smart Mirror" that shows the camera picture when something is moving. :)
I'll add a picture. Also I'm using a "Hub" server with MotionEye to receive all the streams from all cameras to collect them all (check the "Scenarios" https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneyeos/wiki/Usage-Scenarios#multiple-devices-with-a-hub , I'm using the "Multiple devices with a Hub". Regarding the recording, I only save moves on motion and only for one day. If I want to save them longer I have to remember to download. :)

Great project. I'm currently printing one to go in a nestbox for a swift. I've got all the necessary electronics and I hope to have the thing up and running pretty soon. I'll keep you posted. I actually might need to adapt the box not to have a slope, but that's a bit out of my league at the moment.