Labyrinth Gift Box

by sneakypoo Dec 11, 2013
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Great idea and design for the Labyrinth Gift Box! I think a program that could randomly generate different mazes for the center piece would be helpful for when people memorize other mazes. My second suggestion is that you design a scaled down size with the proper tolerances for that scale. Any way, thanks for making the Labyrinth Gift Box!

Excelente esta muy bueno!, Ender 3 0.4 mm, 0.20 mm, PLA Grilon 3, 200°C.

Excelente esta muy bueno!, Ender 3 0.4 mm, 0.20 mm, PLA Grilon 3, 200°C.

Thank you, very much appreciated :)

I will try to print the outer lid with Slicing Tolerance = Exclusive (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52672-experimental).

of course it did not help.

Printed lid in 0.2mm and 0% infill (except at the bottom) and the maze part in 0.15mm. Perfect. Thanks

Print comes out Perfect! Thanks for such an awesome Container!

Printed on 100% infill with 0.1 layer height on anycubic i3 mega. Had to sand lightly to get things moving. Otherwise totaly happy.

For everyone increasing the scale of the lid. DON'T. The knob that slides in the grooves is also part of the lid so its size will be increased also. Printed mine at 100% for both and it slides perfectly.

Intriguing design!! I used Fusion 360 to draw it (laid pipe around a cylinder in the sculpt environment) and made it a wee bit more complicated :)

Great model! I hope my friend has fun with this...

Very nice model. I hope my collegue will have fun with it at the office :-)

Works great. Thanks.

Just got my first printer and this is one of the first things I’ve printed. Works great, but my setup has the interior of the puzzle piece a bit stringy. Do you know if this could this be printed in vase/spiral format? Thank you so much for uploading this design!

Thank you for making this design!
Printed three over the weekend, handed one over to the kids of a surprise visitor, hid a 50 euro bill inside one and gave it to my goddaughter and kept one for my family to play with.

Printed 100% correctly on Anycubic I3 Mega in PLA.

It's christmas eve and my wife is fumbeling around with her gift box for three hours.
She hates me.
I have a lot of fun.

Say hi from me and tell her I'm sorry (I'm not) ;)

Hello, great model!!
Can somone tell the dimension of the inside cilinder? (the actual space for the gift)
I need to print it for a big object so i would like to know how much i have to scale it
Thank you!

23mm diameter, 81.5mm deep

Thank you very much!!

Comments deleted.

Here's a map I made of the maze.
(disclaimer: not drawn to scale)

Printed both at 75 % 0,2 mm and it turned out decent. It works, but it's not butter smooth

try with 0,1 mm and slower speeds, worked flawless on 0.1mm :D

Wow! This looks really cool! I'm really looking forward to giving this to my best friend on Christmas! Thanks for all the hard work!!!
Merry Christmas!

Here's a 2-D map of the labyrinth for those of you who can't figure it out. Hope this helps!

Umm... are you sure, the map doesn't look like the box.
Or am I reading it wrong?

So the way I did it was by 3D printing a physical model, then using a marker to color the “walls”, and then using some tape to transfer the ink to a sheet of paper. From there, I traced and drew it out. In this way, I could make the map scale to the actual labyrinth. So, the image I posted should have the path of the ball in white, and the walls in black. The start for the ball is on the middle right side, and the exit is on the middle left side. To match the correct orientation, the map should have been turned 90 degrees clockwise. I apologize for any previous confusion.

Awesome Puzzle container. Prints works flawless. Thanks!!!

Awesome model, printed both sides at 100% came out great Thanks!! your hard work is appreciated, just in time for Christmas :D

I printed the lid on a ctc wood frame i3 clone and the maze part on a anet acrylic frame clone and the lid was too small..just. I'll try scaling down but make the lid slightly larger than the bottom.

Nice design! I'm using mine as a carrying case for my emergency EpiPen, keeps it nice and secure!

Hope your not in a rush!

I work best under pressure!

Prints beautifully at 100% on Creality Ender 3. Very clean bevels and rounds. Thank you.

Comments deleted.

A fantastic model, thank you! I printed the inside at 150% and the lid at 150.5%, after reading some of the comments. I could easily have gone with exactly the same scale for both, especially given that up-scaling tends to loosen tolerances anyway.

Thank you!

I printed at 100%. I put a bit of epoxy resin in the notch inside the outer tube to stop it wearing down and to prevent kids from just pulling it out when they get to the top.

Comments deleted.

Thanks! Printed like a dream on the mega with different pla types. The kids love them!

It´s great. My personal record is 4.5 secods.

I printed this at full scale and it turned out great, what percentage should I scale it down to so it snugly fits a rolled up bill? When I printed it looked HUGE, might have been an error on my part.

I did a test print at 75% to keep the time down to about 4 hours. it worked PERFECT! A couple little minor issues that are user error or my printer related but I am pleased.
example: I set in fil at 5% since my layer walls were thick enough, but I wasnt accounting for the base needing to be filled so that it made it a little weak. I was in a hurry but fixing that right now for test #2.

I could probably slow down a little and adjust retraction, but it still worked great.

This is awesome, I am using as a gift boxes for Xmas for my little cousins. I may even have them geolocate or track the box with a tile tracker. Make the little brats work for they money!

Creality cr10s
Layer height .2
Inland solid white PLA
212 degrees
cura 3.3.1

Question, If I wanted to increase the overall "thickness" without increasing the dimensions what would be the best way? I dont want them to be able to pry or force it apart.
I think thicker walls and a bigger guide dot would prevent that.

Love it! Printed a few, and they work great! :) Thank you!

My record for this puzzle is 6.5 seconds

Im thinking of printing this but i have one question. once you print the 2 separate pieces do they just slide into each other or do you have to solve the maze backwards?

You have to solve it both to open it and to close it. I suppose, depending on the material you used, you might be able to smash it shut, but I doubt it.

Loved this. I made this to give cash to my nephew for graduation. Thank you so much.

is it okay if i sell this to kids a school?

Gave them to kids at my school. Ended up paying me. Thank you, creator.

Aaand that's what open source is all about

Thank you for the great project

Merci !
Un peu dur au début, mais ça coulisse bien après quelques minutes de manipulation.
Top !

Hey thanks for this! Here are the pictures of the finished product. All printed in white abs. I then primed and airbrushed the final finish. One of my first 3d prints and first airbrushing job too.

Like @willmore said, can you make a version where the grooves are on the lid so you don't see the maze as you sove it, and maybe put a dummy maze on the bottom to trick people. :)

To be fair, the idea of a labyrinth puzzle box isn't new.. It'd be hard to prove it's an actual theft of design unless you physically bought one.

Glistco I know for sure has permission. A bit unsure about the others. In a way I've kind of given up, once it's out there people don't care as long as they can make a buck. The least they could do is use the "tip jar" here on Thingiverse first... If nothing else, at least they have succeeded in making sure I don't post any of my stuff any more, so good job on that.

Well, it's not like they're making a million on them. Look on the bright side: they are spreading the word about 3D printers and legitimizing your design :)
Sorry to hear your design is being pirated :(

I'm so sorry to read that. You have done great work, not just in supporting the Commons, but in your designs.

Printed and looks great. Easy to move around but tricky to solve. Love the little bump at the bottom to lock the cover in place when closed!

do you have a generator?

Comments deleted.

Awesome design. Printed one off for the God-Kids , kept them quiet for hours

I just printed this at full size and it worked wonderfully--maybe a little too much play even. Printed at 0.2mm on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 with Micro Swiss all metal hotend with eSun PLA+ in purple.

I'm printing a half scale version and the tolerances are too tight, so I'm repriting the outer part at 102% in YX. That should be enough, I hope. Takes just under 1 hour to print the single part at half size. The full size version took just under 7 hours.

Might I make a suggestion to make this harder? The classic version of this toy had the maze on the inside of the outer part and the inner part had the peg. That way, you can never see the maze while you're solving it. As it is, you can see the maze and use that to solve it faster.

I love it, though. I'm going to print them for my kids. Looks like it took my 10 year old 3 minutes to solve. Let's see if it takes the 8 year old longer. :)

Thank you!

i have the exact same printer as you with the micro swiss hot end installed recently ,and it took me about 4 hours to print each part at full size. What speeds is your printer set at because i can tell you what mine is if you'd like?

Perimeters: 45, Small perimeters: 15, External Perimeters: 30, Infill:45, Solid:45, Solid Top: 15, Gaps: 10, Bridges: 45
Widths are: Default: 0.5, First Layer: 0.6, Perimeters: 0.6, External: 0.4, Infill: 0.3, Solid: 0.4, Solid Top: 0.3

Didn't take anything really special to print. I could probably do a lot more tuning if I was making more of them.

I've since printed several more of them. I did one in clear PETG, but it didn't look very clear--turned out pretty cloudy. It's the one with the best fit, though.

hey how did the 102% scale outside piece come along? did it turn out okay and is there a bit of play inbetween the 2 parts?

I just did the same - 102% outer part. The original was too tight to be able to work the model. This is likely due to shrinkage. It does make the inner part top a little small but not a big deal.

awesome! what software did you use to design / model?

Printed it with ABS couple of hours ago. It's totally amazing! To the guys complaining of scaling plus/minus 1% - take your time and tune your printers. It works like a charm when your printer is well tuned, no need to scale this model.

I I printed one of these a while ago and when looking for more puzzles I came across this. I figured you might want to know.


Suggestion for a variation. put a loop at the end so it can serve as key chain .

How did you design this file? I want to make a similar project but can't figure out how to engrave the maze. Did you use a special program?

I made this on mod-t, PLA, high quality settings? It's too tight a fit. Will the plastic relax in a few days? I even put it in the freezer for an hour. Should I reprint the cover at 101% or something?

yes! if it doesent fit try printing either the lid 1% larger or the bottom 1% smaller. I have the same problem and this worked perfect!

Printed this using wood filament and they turned out really nice. I had to scale the lid's X and Y to 103% because once stained the inside swelled.

If I'm not mistaken the license is non commercial...
If so here's a license violation:
as well as

Not even an attribution to sneakypoo

hmm...thats a problem but Thingiverse can't do anything. Go yell at the guy who made it on 3dmonkey. besides you can probably find hundreds more of these elsewhere as it's so popular.

I know thingiverse can't do anything and complaining to "dmonkey is not my business either, I won't buy as I can print my own (not for resale), just sad to see (as you say hundreds more) people are not conforming to the rules, because of this attitude some people will stop sharing their designs and that's a petty because we love the shared designs...

You see this more and more.. People think they should get everything for free but have the right to sell this to others even when it is licensed as non commercial. You will see more people stop sharing their work (it takes effort to create something).

I mainly post remixes and make models printable to share but my frustration is also when I see my models for sale without credit or even a thank you. It takes little effort to thank the creator and post pictures of makes.. And I do put a lot of time in Thingiverse and like to share but sometimes I think why bother.

It shouldn't have - might be a printer problem. how did it fail?

mine came in a mess of stuff . the maze part failed but it works as a can.

Comments deleted.

Thanks it worked first try

I keep printing these and the wife keeps giving them away as gifts! I think I've made 5 so far. They get easier to solve the more they're played with. Huge hit at a couple xmas parties where they were included in Yankee swap type gift exchanges.

Comments deleted.

I printed two of these, one at 100% to go inside another at 200%, for my 6 year old nephew for Christmas this year and on his behalf I wanted to thank you for the design. He couldn't stop playing with it... even more so after solving it as he greatly enjoyed showing off how fast he could open it (about 30 seconds last I timed him).

This is great! I received this for Christmas this year, and I loved it. It made me work for what was inside. I am very good at these types of puzzles, but this one proved a challenge. This is a great design. :)

I made a little picture as an orientation help :D

Great build, printed super easily. My only complaint is that the base of the core could be a little shorter. Otherwise, I love this project.

I printed one & it was impressive but the top came right off very easy. I wanted it to be hard to open as a fun gift.

Considering printing several of these at decreasing scale so that one fits inside the next. The final one contains a tootsie roll! Cool design, thanks!

Printed the outer piece at 101% size. Turned out wonderful. Easy print, needs no supports!

I scaled this up in the x/y in order to fit standard sized gift cards in the cylinder. As it developed, it's become somewhat large but still works great. I prefer ABS and picked up a bit of warping on the base, which makes the last level of the maze a bit sticky, but that's okay too. It takes just a tiny bit of extra force to get it moving or to close it completely. I'll pop a couple photos in the I Made One area, with a gift card in the photo for scale.

Comments deleted.

awesome print you have gotta scale either the lid up to 101% or the base down to 99% for it to work correctly. It will fit without scaling but its insanely tight and hard to move.

You don't have to scale it, this all depends on your printer. There's 0.3mm of clearance which is plenty on a good printer.

yeah but I don't have a good printer lol

What he said⬆

Yup that's what I do too.

Dude, this was Awesome.

Needed to fine tune it a little, but so cool. Thanks!!!

Took me 6 attemps to succeed in printing it, but what a great gift box ! My friends loved it !

What is the internal diameter of the maze?

Great design! I've gotten about 5 family members hooked on it. It's just hard enough - probably 15min to solve it the first time then it gets much easier, but it's too difficult to ever become a breeze.

I tried to completely solve it and then put something in but i cant even close it> does any one else have this problem? Also nice design its really tricky

Thanks a lot for this model.. I used to make mazes when I was a kid. This worked really well. Prusa MK2 PLA @ .15mm

I'm planning on doing a nesting doll type of situation but I guess it will take me a lot longer to try to get the presents into the boxes than it would take my niece and nephews to solve them. I hate to be a wuss but is there a trick to solve the boxes? I've got 8 boxes to print and solve between now and Christmas. And it will take me, I'm guessing, all that time just to solve 1

Don't worry! One you get the hang of it, it only takes about 15 seconds to solve!

Imagine putting a ring and a proposal message in this and nonchalantly have your girl solve it.

excellent puzzle. thanks bro.

Just browsing new items on another site that publishes STL-files and such and came across something that looked famiiar :D


Unless Sneakypoo is now Gnarly Customs, then Gnarly might need to credit someone..
PS: made 2 of these tubes. Even when looking at the labyrinth on the computer as I try to solve it, it's really hard .. Great work :)

Thanks for the heads up. What a dick, he didn't even add anything (well, except his own logo that is).

Np.. The design has been removed now, but it still lingers in other places under his name.. so sad. https://pinshape.com/users/170994-gnarly-3d-kustoms#designs-tab-open

reported him for stealing this design. Hopefully many more of us can do the same.

Absolutely awesome. I would love to know how this was designed. My kids love it. Printed first try on a Tevo Black Widow with PLA at 210/80 with cooling fan.

Well I have unsuccessfully attempted to make this piece 7 times now. Each time the pieces peal apart. I have increased the temp, still same issue. at one point in the middle of the lid printing, it slid off to the side. To begin with when I tried to slice it with repeter it gave me an error about being out of the print area. then in meshmixer, it says there is a gap in the image? Any ideas. I am using the Monopiece printer with 1.75mm PLA.

I'm using the mono price as Well and have had no issues. First time was golden. Layer height .2, bed temp 50, hot end temp 210, nozzle tip stock .4mm, no support, brim, and I left the speeds stock. Use cura to slice it. I went to the older versions of it and found the one inlcuded on the sd, added the new machine and plugged in the numbers from the manual into the corresponding options and everything has pribted perfectly since day 1. (Also put a little white stick glue on the stock bed for really strong holds. Use an exacto on Its side to scrape off without damaging the surface)

Could you send some picture so I can better understand the problem?

how do I add a image here, I do not see an option to do that?

My friends love this thing and all people who I showed this too.

I want to ask, is it possible that you design a new one? Perhaps a little bit more difficult?

is the tolerence tight or loose?

do i need to scale any of those for easier fitting?

Here's a tip: print the outside with a clear filament so opening (and closing) it isn't complete guesswork. Still a bit of a challenge but not nearly as infuriating.

Works great with PLA, but with PETG the nub strips immediately. Any advice?

This thing is terrific. Just the right level of difficulty and printed perfectly on my Monoprice Mini V2 in white PLA

Can you help? I have unsuccessfully attempted to make this piece 7 times now. Each time the pieces peel apart. I have increased the temp, still same issue. at one point in the middle of the lid printing, it slid off to the side. To begin with when I tried to slice it with repeter it gave me an error about being out of the print area. then in meshmixer, it says there is a gap in the image? Any ideas. I am using the Monopiece printer with 1.75mm PLA

you can try cura. I've printed this with PLA on the monoprice select V2. Using default PLA settings from CURA should work.
I attempted to print with ABS and had similar issues to what you describe. increased temp did help but I haven't gotten it to work yet with ABS (might need an enclosure).

Will this print well if I need it to be considerable wider but no taller than it is?

any ideas to make the nobble on the outer shell stronger? when i push it few times, it is away

yeah pla will work - although by now you've probably figured it out

What material are you printing?

Thank you for this tricky Box! I printed it on a Renkforce RF100 with PLA! Works great!

Great design and works even under water. Check my video starting at 2:47 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSA2OpxckHg

Super Training :D

Printed wonderfully on a Prusa i3 MK2. Prusa PLA, .15 res, 20% infill, default Slic3r speeds (could have gone faster). No raft or brim. 10 hour print time. Thinking about resizing a little so that a roll of US dollar coins will fit inside. Would make a "great go the arcade" gift.

Great job sneakypoo, your thing is still being used more than three years after you posted!

I printed the outside cover at a slightly smaller size because I felt that there was too much room for moving through the maze and in some cases if the person just pulled hard enough it would just slide right over the grooves. I tried 2% smaller and that was too tight of a fit, I was not able to remove to lid once I got it to the bottom of the maze. I then went with 1% smaller and it works in my opinion very well, it is now much harder to just slide the lid over the grooves and off the capsule.

Great design and thank you

great print and loads of fun.
Ive read through comments here and Ill ad my 2 cents lol
it doesn't need sanding or scaling lol, print it as is and it works flawlessly.(if it doesn't then its your printer lol)
.1 res
20% infill
speed 50
prusa i3

Printed with Hatchbox white PLZ at 210/60, Black PLA at 220/60, both with .2mm res, .3 base layer, 20% infix and 100% scale. They came out great. The fit was perfect and the tolerances were tight enough where the minor rubbing gave it a nice zipper feel when moving it up and down. Thanks

Nice idea dude, great work!

Printed very clean with no infill. Love the smoothness of the design. Great feel in the hand Nice Job!

I printed the outside part at 101% and it moves very nicely.

Turned out great with colour changing PLA to make it even more interactive!

Had a small problem post print. The cap is a tad too small to easily slide over the body. I imagine a bit of sanding will fix it right up.

Spammer alert!!!

(Realy cool print)

Thank you! This is awesome! I made one for a Harry Potter fan, calling it the "Chamber of Secrets". Super fun!

Thank you! This is awesome! I made one for a Harry Potter fan, calling it the "Chamber of Secrets". Super fun!

Thank you! This is awesome! I made one for a Harry Potter fan, calling it the "Chamber of Secrets". Super fun!

I would love to put the initials of the person I'm giving it to in the part so it does it on the 3d printer and inventor doesn't like the .stl, would you please post the .step?

to put initials on my prints I use tinker cad

I would love to put the initials of the person I'm giving it to in the part so it does it on the 3d printer and inventor doesn't like the .stl, would you please post the .step?

I would love to put the initials of the person I'm giving it to in the part so it does it on the 3d printer and inventor doesn't like the .stl, would you please post the .step?

Printed a couple of these in .2mm layer height. Perfect fit! Great design! So much time wasted by people in the office today!

I've made sooooo many of these!!! Like 20+! My favorite design EVER.

Beautifully designed! Printed well without supports (props for the chamfered maze walls that make that possible). Scaled it up by 20% before I even had a clue what to put in it. Turns out that makes the inside just about perfect to hold a stack of quarters! It gives the thing some heft and some jingle that makes you just want to crack it open. Kudos on a great thing!

Great idea, I checked in Sketchup to see what the min and max would work best for US money. US Dollar bills will fit at 85%, US Quarters need 115% for a good minimum diameter clearance. Would be fun to print it at 115% and fill it with quarters as a gift for kids, you could fit about 51 quarters inside, totaling $12.75 plus 57g of filament which would be around $1.20 in cost.

Very Nice.
Good design, lots of fun

Sweet! My cousins will definitely hate me this Christmas.

Comments deleted.

Sweet and super easy to print. How it was designed? Flat and then wrapped? Which software?

I printed this on a da Vinci Jr 1.0 using all the default settings and it came out quite nicely. Originally, it was a bit tight in some places and took some force to turn corners in the maze. After opening and closing it a few times it is moving more smoothly now.

Scaled it up a bit (to 130%) and it came out quite nice, but it's a really, really tight fit.
Spend some time sanding the inside of the sleeve, and the surface of the maze, and now it works very well.

I'm giving this one to my brother... I'll report the time he'll take to unlock his present :-)

I'll try and scale the inner and outer parts 1% off next time though, to save me from sanding.

you could just lower your extrusion factor a hair as well.

Comments deleted.

amazing product and it works soo well, 100% recommend this

Printed perfectly on my Cube 3 (best $100 I ever spent).
Pieces went together with no problem and will make a great Christmas gift (with money inside).
Great work!

I absolutely love this idea sadly it did not work well for me. I printed on the M3D which I know is an entry level micro 3D printer but I printed it at full size.
The over all print looked amazing for both top and bottom (printed them separately) but once I put them together it was very tight sliding it on and it would not turn.

I did set my print settings at nearly full quality so I will try again at the most extreme quality and hope for the best :)
If that doesn't work then for me deeper groves and a bump that protrudes more would probably have worked.

Great design though love it I would love to see more of these ideas :)

Same problem here - the parts came out great, but the fit is so tight that I can only just put them together for a couple of millimeters, and they make a 'pop' sound when I pull them apart.
Would it be possible to make a modified top/bottom for those of us that have 'tight fit'-problems? If I simply scale one the outter sizes will not fit, so that would be undesirrable.

I made one, but I gave it to my folks before taking any pictures. My mom thinks I'm evil, and dad has spent a lot of time playing with it. Thanks for sharing this!

I love this item, I always have one on-hand as an easy impromptu gift. Great design!

Hi. I'm having a strange issue with this item. Inside the lid, my printer creates these strange hexagonal walls inside the tube. I sliced it with Slic3r and the preview doesn't show this anomaly.

It's not stringing - the printer actually stops at every 2mm or so and lays a small amount of plastic that builds a very thin "wall". I can't figure out why it's laying PLA down where it's not supposed to!

I'm pretty sure what you're describing is the infill. Infill is meant to support the interior of 3D objects. Make sure to change the infill settings in your program (I'm sure there's a good YouTube video out there to help you with a specific program/printer). Good luck!

It's not infill. The "wall" that results is way too thin to be infill and can be broken away easily and leaves a "line" down the shaft. It doesn't even show up in Silc3r's Preview. Scaling helps a tiny bit but it's just a mystery.

Sounds like you have supports on...turn supports off

Well then I'm not sure :/ Any similar issues with other prints? I'll print this one out soon to test whether it's the design or something else. I'll let you know!

It happens on both the lid and base but I don't think there's anything "wrong" with the model. After printing the first lid, I noticed that it was too tight so I designed my own and it exhibited the same behavior. I will print it again (cause I love this thing) and show you what I'm talking about.

I'm getting the same issue. Strange.

Will there be any version with the maze on the inside of the lid? :)

It's nothing I have planned to do at least. Maybe if I get bored some day :)

Sounds good :) Would be brilliant and MUCH more hard to solve :)
Suggest also to put the "peg" further in.. maby 5-10mm to avoid revealing it when looking for it :)
Hope You´ll get bored really soon ;-)

Very cool design! I had to mark my first one just so I could close it and open it easily. Printing a smaller one for my grandson now and will probably use some more filament printing others as gifts. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Deceptively tricky! Put $5 in one and gave it to my cousin for his birthday, he was stumped for a good half hour!

Comments deleted.

I just printed 2 in PLA with neon green for the bottom and black for the cover. It turned out great. Going to give to my cousins. hopefully they are smart enough to do this in about half an hour.

Comments deleted.

whats a good infill for this?

i printer this on my XYZ davinci 1.0 printer in ABS, it didn't turn out to well had to sand loads off, but then printed it on my ultimaker 2+ in PLA and it came out perfect, here is a pic http://puu.sh/peI19/1f094a3a5c.jpg

I would also suggest, like m3henry says, to extend the cavity into the hex area of the bottom part. This would provide almost 15% more volume.

The entire hex area being solid inside is kind of a waste.

It works extremely well and looks great without the slightest rework by hand after printing.
i print both with 100%
Filament: 1.75mm PLA
Printer: Vertex K8400 Kit from Vellemann
I send some photos under *I made one"

btw this item is being sold on ebay

what's you point

Some asshat was stealing a bunch of designs from people on thingiverse and then selling them on Ebay. He was shut down a couple of months back.

No someone else is selling it

Bottom piece printed great so far at 100% scale, gonna see if the lid at 100% works as well or if I have to bump up to 101%

Tolerances too tight. Plus too small. Up the base x and y to 200%, then up the lid to 201% and it's perfect.

Great idea
good size, perfect tolerances, made on ultimaker 2,
2 pieces printed at once

thanks for sharing

Awesome, thanks for sharing it.
Can you suggest an easiest method to add more nubs to the lid?


Wow! This is brilliant! Christmas eve and now I'm printing these non stop to give out as extra gifts!

(Do you have an 'impossible' version for my niece & nephews? I want to tell them there's money in it, but I'm pretty skint this year!)

Since the two pieces need to be printed separately you can't really make one that is impossible. But if it makes you feel any better I just got home from this years Christmas dinner and my nephew said he gave up on his, found it three months later and gave it another go then :)

I was thinking of perhaps the start of it has a notch like the end, which makes it feel like it's the wrong path. That would be cruel though!

Printing this at 0.3mm slices, with 30% fill at 100% scale on a Wanhao Duplicator 4, taken roughly 3 hours to print (the core), but looking much better than the others people have printed! Found out how to make multiples at a time on ReplicatorG, so this is going to be running all night!

This is pretty decent, have been thinking you could get this mass produced and sold as a gag gift (buyer puts money or vouchers in it and gives it to the recipient). Would keep anyone amused for hours.

Just finished in wood filled PLA, .25 layer, 1mm shell/top/bottom 50% infill. Too tight to turn without major force, sheared off the pin on first attempt to seat all the way even after sanding the base and reaming out the cap slightly. Going to print new cap at 101% and that should fix it. Going to try and stain the wood PLA for an old artifact kind of effect. I'll post pics when I get it done and working good with all the details.

I agree, the lid is just "..." that much too tight. But it's easy to fix at a .01% change in x/y size.

This is brilliant. Thank you. Just finished printing one up and it fits perfectly. Now to get the lid off so I can put something in it for my puzzle loving daughter (in testing it out, I managed to get the lid half on before I lost my place lol)

This thing is awesome! Thanks a lot. I've made a couple and am putting my nephews Christmas present in them (money).

I printed it on the new MOD-t in PLA. 0.2 layer, 0.8 shell, 0.8 top/bottom, 10% infill. I had to scale the bottom part in order for them to fit together. I scaled 98% and they slide together wonderfully! Thanks again!

Amazing work :)

This is fun to give to people :)

You should make a new version where the track is on the inside, being able to see the track helps a lot :)

Thank you so much for this design ! Printed it in 0.25 mm layers height, 0.8 scale and it works perfectly !

Awesome! Your model has been featured as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Two thumbs up

Coolest thing I've ever printed. Nice job!

Very cool device. Printed it in ABS and it works but it is pretty tight. Extremely difficult to solve, congratulations on making it complex enoough. This will drive the boys nuts but I have to loosen the tracks just a bit. Maybe will try the dremel on it. Great design thanks.

A great design!

However I would suggest the internal cavity was made slightly deeper so that it extends into the hex area. there's no need to make that area solid.

It printed very nicely! Thanks.

Thank you for sharing this. I printed one (The first of many I am sure) and I love it. Great work, thanks again

This is toy from hell :D i don't know how open it :D

I had to run the files through the MS Model repair, but after that it printed perfectly.

Spent 5:35 hours printing and now cant solve it.

Great desighn quality. Everything prints and works perfect! Printed 0,2mm layer, 10% infill.

Printed this out, laid it out as a geocache. After 4 visits it started to be "easy" to cheat. The pin is chipped away so it can just be dragged out. Gonna insert a metal pin with some glue and a dremel to make it more durable.

Award for ingenuity!

Printing now, looking forward to the challenge and frustration of friends to try, thank you CJR uk.

Has anyone customized one of these with a loop on the end? I want to be able to carry it around on my backpack.

If you still need it here you go. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:951338

Labyrinth Gift Box from sneakypoo

Printed the "Labyrinth" at 0.1mm layer height 40mm/s speed and 20% infill, black pla 220c 50 on hotbed. Printed prefect. Now the "lid". This is a awesome small fun gadget! And i know the perfect place for it ;)

printing this right now...... UP Plus 2 ABS.....
1.25 hrs for the base.

Comments deleted.

Sneakypoo, do you have Paypal? I want to buy you a beer as I printed your design often.
Please mail me: funbart at gmail

Awesome!!!!!! This printed perfectly on my Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual using MakerBot Desktop's PLA STANDARD Resolution settings.

I like how, even though I printed it for someone else, assembling it was a puzzle in itself! The size of this thing is too perfect.

I think this is the most exciting design I've seen on Thingiverse, and has the most reusability! I will be printing this for all my friends...

I am using a Replicator 5th generation and when I try to print both parts it starts to get stuck to the extruder and it unravels I tried diffrent tactics and it will not work. Can anyone help?

Sell your 5th generation ?

yeah right! like that's going to happen.

Yeah, do it. There's much better printers on the market today.....

Attempted to print. Got the maze part done (bottom). It worked great. Nice print, first time. However, I'm having trouble printing the lid part. I've tried three times and each time it starts to do the "unraveling" spider web thing about a third of the way through the job. I have not been able to get a successful print yet of the lid. I'm using a MakerBot Replicator 2 that's about a year old and standard PLA. Is anyone lese having this issue? Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to way in, I don't have a MakerBot, but a printrbot. I haven't had any issues of it doing that. Have you tried using different PLA plastic (new spool)?

Ugh, I'm having the same exact issue, same printer and everything. Printer suddenly decided it will spider web/unravel instead of print about 30% up. Let me know if you figure out how to fix it.
Replicator 2 1yr old, purple standard PLA
failed to print Lid at Low resolution, .3mm layers, supports

Bad printer. Time to get a new better one....

i am printing right now, had some errors with it not being manifold, but i fixed it and i will try to post the fixed model

This thing is so awsome!! It works perfectly!!!

I think I'll make one.

This is an awesome box! I have printed it once and it's subject to a new competition in our family: How fast to assemble and disassemble it.

My daughter has a record of 15 seconds! Beat that losers!

Check the video out!

Now printing 6 boxes at once. I will upload the pics for "I made one" when it's ready.

we are not losers funbart.

We all are until we beat that 11 seconds, coxkids4 ;-)

a video or it didn't happen ;-)

its called faith cant you believe me? I am sorry but I cant ma... wait my 3ds can take videos and it has a SD card.
I get it made as soon as possible.

If you say you did it, I believe you! Congratulations! You are the winner. we are losers!!!

no such thing a losers. :)

we are founus.

Well, I could... but I have a policy of not beating little girls :D

Do I hear chicken sounds coming from Sweden?
Buk, buk, buk, buuuuuk, buk buk...... ;-)

Oooh, it's like that huh? Well then, take this! Opened AND closed in 15 seconds. Your turn funbart's daughter! ;)

Sneakypoo, do you have Paypal? I want to buy you a beer as I printed your design often.
Please mail me: funbart at gmail

She said: "old people are soooo much slower than young people, so please don't cry, you can't help it".

Give it up sneakypoo. You can't beat that 11 seconds record. You are still a great designer though ;-)


C'mon, I'm not THAT old. Wait... I hear old people should get respect from young people so yeah, I'm old! ;)

I'll have to practice a bit and try again ;)

Hey sneakypoo, is this copyrighted? I would like to use and distribute it.

Copyright information is on the right hand side for every design on Thingiverse. If you want to work out some sort of deal, contact me privately.

Having the labyrinth engraved inside the lid and the pin on the other part would be the ultimate evil. :D

I printed this at 0.4mm resolution on a Printrbot. It needed a little sanding post-print but it works well. If you print the inner piece as is and the outer piece at 102% you shouldn't need any sanding. Also, it gets a little tipsy once the height exceeds 2" so I had to employ a 10mm brim and extra tape to keep it steady.

Printed in PLA on a Makerbot Rep2. Took about 2hr for each part, printing at 40mm/s.
Came out perfect at 0.2mm layer heights, 0.3mm layer height would cause it to be too tight.
The maze path is really well done, I can tell a lot of thought went in to designing it. If your just jiggling it around with no thought it is easy to miss a turn and get lost in a dead end. The long straight at the start is nice for the people that pick it up for the first time to see kinda how it works.

This is a great design! I print them at 86% for the lid, and 85% for the base, and they are just big enough to hold US currency. I have created a customizable version of the lid - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:605933

Customizable Labyrinth Gift Box Lid with Text

Thanks man, I was trying to get it done in FreeCAD but my fu isn't strong enough.

Hi this thing is fabulous, it was a great gift!

It would be awesome if I could add the name of the recipient on the lid, however. Can you post a modifiable file of the lid?

I made two with my Printrbot Simple Metal. The lid is a little tight, but usable without scaling.

I get a manifold error when I slice the files with slic3r. Does anyone else have this problem? Did you repair it or just print as is?

Lid was a bit to small on my Prusa I3, but I scaled it to 102% And it worked like a charm!

I printed this at 100% scale in my AIO Robotics ZEUS and it come out perfectly! We have an office holiday gift exchange party and I'm going to use this to house my gift (actually a reference to it). Should be great fun! Thanks to the OP for sharing this with us!

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

What units is this measured in?mm, inches, cm, etc?

Lots of talk about printing out cheat-sheets for varying purposes, has anybody actually created one? I have what I think is a pretty neat idea for a gift exchange, but it relies on having a key.

A bit about my idea: It involves putting the solution on a homemade scratch-off ticket, with a penalty/tradeoff for anyone who chooses to scratch off the solution rather than solve it on their own.

I had some last year, but given the spirit of this thing didn't publish them. There's several methods for making a "cheat sheat" posted in this page if you really want to, not too difficult.

Printrbot Simple (2014 DIY edition) here. At first scaled both pieces to 90% to fit in printable area, but they were up too tight and wouldn't work. Ended up with 90% for inner piece and 92% for lid and they fit perfectly.

Love this thingy, thank you!

Evil little box, I gotta build a bunch of these for Xmas in different color combinations!

Took 16.5 hours on a Solidoodle SD4 to print both pieces simultaineously, used about 44 gm of material, so $2-3

I want to use these for $USD so I could print at 87%, but I'm not sure how much I'd save (other than a couple of hours per set)

Many Thanks for making this available!

Printed this earlier, worked amazing, bravo!

Printed the inner piece 102% scaled. A bit loose. I guess my bot is well calibrated. Nice make indeed. Cheers for the designer!

if you print in default settings it will be very tight so use these settings
infill 10%
inside piece 100% size
outer piece 102% size

That depends on your printer. I've been meaning to add a tighter version because if you print this on a well calibrated machine the fit will actually be a bit too loose.

+1 on this, at 100% it works like a charm and there is still enough play, so it could be even tighter.

Just improve your 3d-printing skills :-p (or get a better printer, like say, an ultimaker-like)

great thing! Had anyone else the problem that the honeycomb of the inner part wasnt printed correctly? I printed it on my K8200 with ABS and the honeycomb looked like some layer were not completly printed.

Making one on my Simple. Was nervous about fitting vertically, so scaled inside 75% and outside 77% (based on some comments below). Works well - if a bit sloppy. Printing new lid at 75%.

10% infill, 3 layers/loops, .29mm layer height.
A little over an hour per piece to print (free KISSlicer doesn't allow multiple models to be sliced together).

Made with a CubePro, scaling the life to 101%. Perfect fit. Took about 5 hours at 200microns. Great little thing!

Initially it was too tight, printed with a Davinci 2.0 duo, but changing the lid to 102% scale and the base to a 100% scale, and it works flawlessly, albeit not quite the same thickness when closed. Well within the tolerances I had for it. ^^

.2 or .3 layer thickness
30% Infill
Standard Speed
2 - 4 hour build time.

Comments deleted.

Just do a little sand will help, I printed with my 1.0 without change scale, and fits pretty well

Comments deleted.

Printed both sides today, but they were extremely tight. I tried sanding slightly and playing with it to loosen it up, but broke the maze notch on the case. Its almost the right size now, but I think i'll replace the guide with a small screw and see how that goes.

This was one of my first prints though, so don't take that as a complaint.

printed this on low res works great using the replicator 2

this thing is awesome great job

Hey could you email me steps. Cetephris@gmail.com

Awesome! I printed it with normal Makerbot 2(5th Generation) settings(no raft) with an airhole on the top for air pressure and it turned out great! It was really easy though. I beat it in 15 seconds.

Second time though? It took me 10 seconds.(I timed myself.)

Im going to increase the scale of this, and use it for geocaching :D

Need to size it for putting a 25ml bottle of sloe gin in.
If I get the calculations right it'll end up a lot wider but not much longer. And should still work.
I'll post it, if I can get it right.

But briliant design - it's definitely going to feature prominantly in my christmas gifts this year :-)

Made both pieces out of PLA; after a half hour of my kids playing with it they rubbed down the nub on the lid to be flat. Love the idea; will retry with an ABS lid.

Comments deleted.

I used cura to print this and it worked fine. First you should disable support, this thing was designed to not need any. Maybe the file got corrupted when you downloaded it? I just tried downloading the file and slicing it in cura and in the layer view it looks like it will print just fine.

i re-downloaded & disabled support - same error. I loaded the gcode in gcode.ws and see the error there too - right at layer 844 @ 15.21mm Z - it just starts printing inside the hexagon with nothing underneath it (not at all blaming this STL - its gotta be something i'm doing wrong or some evil setting i have). In Cura layer view, I can see how the hexagon base is separated from the inside cylinder -- http://i.imgur.com/NLEXrlG.png

It was an evil setting In cura. I reset the profile to default and keyed in the appropriate values for my bot. now it looks like it'll print fine - sorry for the noise!

thanks and sorry for posting so much, but how long did it take you to make yours and what were the specifications of yours. I'm new to this so please be nice to the NooB.

It takes me about 10 hours to print both pieces. 20% infill and 0.1 mm layer thickness. I forget my print speed. You can use 0.2 mm layer thickness to just about cut the print time in half and have very little degradation in quality.

Depending on printer speed and settings anywhere from 2.5 hrs to 10 hrs.
2.5 hrs is on our Replicator 2 - 10% infill, 2 shells, .3mm layers.

About how long will it take to make one of these things anyway? because the college i go to we have to earn time to use the 3d printer and i have a good bit and i want to make this.

No need to post multiple times. The reason you didn't get any replies is probably because there is no single answer (and it's only been a couple of hours). It depends on your printer, what speed you print at, layer height, infill and so on. Sit down with the software and try slicing it to see how long it will take under your conditions.

Congratulations on getting featured! I've made so many of these.

Thanks :) And happy to hear you're enjoying it.

how long does this take to make you think?

Printed one last night, .4 nozzle, .2 layer height on printrbot simple metal. with superb results. it looks and works amazing. I remembered how much i hated these puzzles, I suck at them! ha

I've made a few of these now, with varying results. The ones that work are very fun.

I want to print the inner part in 2 colors, so that the track is a bit more stand-out obvious. But importing the STL into FreeCAD leaves me unable to boolean out a cylinder from the middle.

Have any other file formats around still?

When you import an STL file in FreeCAD you have to create a mesh from the STL object and then make it a solid.
Only then can you perform boolean operations with the object,

Printed on Rostock Delta at 0.3 mm nozzle and 0.2 layer height.
Perfect fit at 100% size.
Very fun idea, thanks a lot!

Just made on last night. Layer thickness 0.2. With my lousy printer, the parts ended up too tight.
After sanding both parts quite a bit, it worked out awesome!
Planning to make a few more!

may i ask what "lousy" printer you are using?

I printed six of these last night and they're great. May I suggest putting a small hole in the cap to let air out, though? It gets hard to move around when it's closed due to air pressure.

This is a fantastic idea. I have some ideas that I would like to explore in taking this to the next level. Can you share what technique you used to carve out the 'lines' on the bottom box? Thanks.

Robert you are an evil man. Very very evil. This gift box is way to hard for kids. I had to hack it and hold bright light source beneath the box so I can see the labyrinth :)

Really? It was easy for me.

So yea, I guess your suppose to print the top bigger? HA, It took a hammer to get it sealed. Getting it open will take a torch since it doesnt twist at all!!! So looks like that $100 bill aint going nowwhere. Which brings up an idea. Why not put a slit on top so you can put cash inside for the impossible ones to open?

Not sure what made you think using a hammer was a good idea... actually I'm not sure how that helped at all since the last step to close it is to twist, not push. And no, the top isn't made to be printed bigger, there's plenty of clearance if your printer is tuned properly (mine actually rattles when closed). But yeah, you can print the top bigger to compensate.

Printed the maze scaled to 50%, and the lid at 51%. Turned out great, but it's not hard to force the lid off, skipping over the maze. That might not be an issue when printed full size. I plan to try a modified version, still at half scale, but with slightly thicker walls on the lid, in hopes of making it a little bit stronger.

I printed this at 1:1 scale in PLA on a Printrbot LC v2...worked perfectly. Sliced with Kisslicer Pro at 0.25mm/layer and 20% infill. Currently printing a second one in a different colour and will use for gifts for my nephews.

Any chance you could post a mirrored inner piece?

This printed PERFECTLY on my UP! Mini... 1:1 scale. Jeez is this puzzle a bitch, it took me 20 minutes before I came back here to check where I was in the puzzle... Deffinitely going to get a few of these away as gifts

Printed with my new Kossel Clear last night. Used Repetier Host with slic3r and it was perfect. I'll have to post a picture at some point but wow, really nice print and since I infilled at 60% really strong too.

I'm getting slic3r errors like overlapping / self-intersecting facets - the slice looks good but has anyone else received errors and it printed fine?

Works great. Prints fine without any type of support at 100%. Good job!

I made the mistake of locking it partially (to see how it worked) before putting an item inside. Now I'm stuck. :P

These caused high frustration on opening day. Only one recipient managed to open theirs unassisted, so far as I know.


I swear I'm not a bad man but hearing that pleases me greatly :D Tell them "merry" christmas from me ;)

As for my recipients, one kid got it open eventually but it took a good long while. This was the first gift they got and they started opening it while getting the rest. They eventually gave up, opened the other gifts and then got back on this one. The other kid gave up for the night, it was still closed when I left hehe.

I would like to see the maze on the inside of the lid with the nipple on the outside of the base. How evil am I?

I printed one at 65% size (unfortunately as a last minute christmas gift), but it is so tight that i couldn't close it.
I tried to sand it a little bit, but now it's half way closed and bonded together. You can't move it anymore :(

My plan now is to scale each part slightly differently, I will scale the lid slightly smaller than the base. This will require a bit of experimentation though to get the proper difference in scales. In your case, the lid has to be slightly larger, but again, a bit of experimentation required. :)

I think the complete opposite thing happened to me. In my case, I scaled it up to 125% and now the lid is too loose. My scaling up means the gap between the base and lid also increase proportionately, and in your case, scaling down means your gap has also decreased proportionately. I guess the lesson here is don't mess around with a good design, he he he. That is, unless you know what your doing, which I obviously didn't. :P

Scaling parts that have to fit together with a specific clearance like this is tricky. If you scale it up by 150%, it also scales the gap between the two parts up by 150%, so it's too lose. And in the other direction, if you scale down by 50%, the gap is 50% as side, and it might be too tight. You'd have to do some math to work out exact percentages, but I'd suggest scaling the outer part slightly less than the inner part so that the clearance between the two is constant.

Or you could use one of the parametric designs for this that have been here on Thingiverse, like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6004/ from 2011, and use it to generate exactly the size that you want.

A-Mazing Box Detour

Sorry, but like I said in an earlier comment it's hard to please everyone. But considering this has been downloaded by a few hundred people and only a couple of people have reported issues I think it's safe to say it works for the vast majority.

At 65% size you still have just shy of 0.2mm of clearance between the parts which by my standards is perfectly fine. What you could do is print the lid ever so slightly larger to give yourself more space.

Great job with this puzzle box! Printed one scaled up to 125% (still wasn't big enough for what I wanted to put in it as a gift!), PLA, 100 microns, 15% infill. The problem I have is that when I put the lid on, it actually is too loose, it wiggles and rattles quite significantly. I'm thinking of scaling down the lid ever so slightly to make it fit better, I'm just worried that the outer cosmetic shell of the two parts might not line up perfectly, might be able to notice a slight step. I'll try it out anyways. Great job! Has anyone tried to make it just wider (scaling it in X and Y, not in Z)?

Thanks. Yes there is a bit of wiggle room when it's closed. I decided to make the tolerances quite forgiving when I uploaded it. And even with that there was one guy that had issues with it. It's hard to please everyone :) And since you scaled it the tolerances will of course be even greater.

If you just scale it in X-Y I imagine the overhangs will become hard to manage... :)

I made a bunch of these as "gifts" for people I chose to torment. It's important to give a key as well - i print a 50% size version with the correct track in pen as a kindness. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a44slcl9elrklyh/Photo%20Dec%2022%2C%204%2003%2050%20PM.jpghttps://www.dropbox.com/s/a44s...

Hi could you share that picture with me. It doesnt seem to work now. Thanks!

Looks really nice. For those who want to make their own maze, there is a project called 'Mazebox' here on thingiverse, where you add your own puzzle to an scad-file.. kinda tricky to make it work, but it exists..

How did you make this? is there a SCAD?

I think it'd be neat to make this parametric. You could make alternate mazes.

It was done in SolidWorks, no easy way to make it parametric I'm afraid.

Could you post the SolidWorks files so I could make modifications?

Managed to hack up a blank one in blender, working on the generator!

My question is how hard is it to hide something in it? ..printed properly of coarse?.........

Well, it's easier to close than it is to open -- once it's closed you can't even see most of the maze. In closing, you can at least plan ahead.

So... I was just thinking that someone could make a cheat sheet for it really easily by wrapping a sheet of printer paper around it and doing the old crayon-rubbing method. Hope this helps :-)

Ha, I would have to be able to open it again first ;-)

You can also just open it in your favorite 3d modeling program, do a side orthogonal view, and take snapshots every 30 degrees, crop to a narrow section, and assemble in a panorama. Lazy man's virtual 3d scanner.

What makes this maze REALLY evil is that you can't even see the dot once it's started.

This Box is great! Any chance to get an unwrapped image of the maze as a cheat-sheet?

Where's the fun in that? ;) I might add one later but for now I'm enjoying hearing people are having trouble with it, that was the goal.

Hehe, you are absolutely right :-) I think about a cheatsheet not for opening, just for making it easier for the people to close it and letting their friends solve the labyrinth

I printed it and I'm having trouble putting it together. Theyre such a tight fit its impossible to put together. Your printer must be better than mine or something. I printed in PLA.

I am going to bet you used Slic3r? It always makes holes too small.

There's 0.3mm of clearance between the parts, that's a combined 0.6 of wiggle room. By comparison a common nozzle size is 0.4mm. I think you need to tune up your printer if it can't keep up with that amount of clearance. I actually increased the clearance for this one, I often use 0.2mm.

This is a devious puzzle. I have the other one as well and it's easy but I had to cheat to open this one by looking at the 3D model to see where to go.

I am now printing on at 60% size, will post photos when done.

Your frustration sustains me :D

pretty good pattern did you print one out you need one let me know thy have the other one like this one but just a nut maze and a pattern on a bolt i was about to etrude the bolt to make it bigger longer but you save me time nice

Not quite following your post... Did I print one? Well, obviously, there's two of them right there in the picture.