KV Tank Expansion (Redone)

by TigerAce1945 Jan 3, 2017
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Hello there!

I have a question about printing e.g. KV-2. I have really no idea how to print it properly. Should I print hull as You placed in stl file (with supports everywhere 80* angle)? Maybe should I cut and print tracks and hull separetly?

Please guide me :)
I think that would be helpful for all makers.

PS: your creations are so awesome that I don't even know what to say!
PS2: Maybe Object 430?

If your using an fdm printer, I doubt you will be able to print this at 1:100. if you don't mine having a bigger tank i suggest upscaling to 1:56 and printing the hull and turret horizontal ie tracks flat on the bed like the real thing.

How can I scale things down to 1/72 I couldn't figure it out
Btw great model looking forward to see more of your creations

The models are 1-100 so this is 100%. To change the scale of the model to 1-72 change the scale to 128%
Hope that helps.

I cant find the file where you separated the tracks. did you add it or is it just not loading in cura?

Stunning work on the tracks. I was just about to remix some of your designs with updated tracks. Glad i didn't start. I was also going to do a few of your t34s but will hold off as i suspect you will do them. But if not let me know and i will start on them for now.

Im planning to redo everything eventually but its going to take some time. I would like to alternate new pack/retread. If you would like to creat just the track loop i can cut the old tracks out , spruce up the suspenion detail, and drop your new model in

Waiting for Panzer IV Track Re do. :)

you wont have to wait long

Sounds good. I don't mind cutting the old track out. I will start remixing a few and se how it goes. I just didn't want to do it if you were days away from a re-release. It all depends on my time and motivation but i will keep you posted. I use fusion 360 so removing the tracks should be simple.

Any chance of the KV-85?
It is a KV-1 with an IS-1 turret (With some mods)

Trying to print the KV2 and kv1 1941 hull and the air filter areas on teh hull prints empty cavities. When I put it through meshmixer it says there is an issue with those areas. Any ideas?

Su-152 and KV-7??? :)

In the third to last image in the series, what hull was used for the KV2 that has the extra gas canisters a the ammunition rack at the back?

It's the pz754r hull in the pz754r zip file. Its a German field modification of captured kv-2s

Lol, of course NOW Warlord Games releases a new plastic kit for the KV1/2 .... well, too late :)

Thanks Mate! I really appreciate your work and have sent you a well deserved tip. Well, you'd deserve a lot more for this, but that's all I can scratch together :)

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Maybe you could do some Medium and Heavy Artillery for the British and Germans next? :)

Thank you very much for the tip! as for artillery, I'm currently working on British early war tanks when im done with those i wanted to do the early Panzer 4 models once im finally done with both of those i will look into artillery. the problem with artillery is that its hard to find good diagrams and pictures of the levers and elevation gears.

on a side note i made a group so I can post about what im currently working on and ask what tanks and guns people want.

Oh I'm excited for the British Early War tanks! Need some for my Desert Rats!

I've made a few attempts at creating a Nebelwerfer model, but progress is slow.

Excellent work!
Thank you very much!

More KV variants than you shake a PaK at :-) Nice work Tiggie!!

Don't know why all my models now turn out sideways............ it's fine I guess.

yeah, I printed them that way too :) I flipped the face down track and turned the turret so it was basket down and sitting upright. Much happier with the results. thanks for all you have done for the community :)