Tronxy x3 bed stabilizer

by Reeydz Jan 3, 2017
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Thank you for turning a frustrating experience into a happy one. The first non-calibration thing I printed and it made a world of difference on my X3A! Thank you! Tip sent!

I hope this works.. I just got my X3 and it is so loose.. very disappointed.

works great, now board is solid like a rock

this parts can be used with the stock screws that came with the printer?

could you design one with the holes large enough to fit an eccentric spacer on one side.

I figured if we cant put the eccentric spacers in the bed, then maybe, put em in the supports.

I don't know if I'm using this wrong or not. I still get quite a bit of wobble from side to side (right. left) maybe 1/2cm either way, doesn't seem like the rollers are centering the bed. I installed this and it does the same movement. According to the picture I have installed it correctly but there is still quite a bit of play. I thought about maybe shortening the gap between the bracket and the alum rail maybe only leave 1mm of clearance instead of the 8-9 that is there now. Any suggestions? If I did that would I need to add a lubricant to the rail so the part didn't rub?

it sounds like your printer is out of calibration. you may have your steps per mm set to high. check that and reprint.

This was during the initial build. Nothing to go wrong with the steps.... yet, lol. I found the solution by removing the carriage from the frame and loosening all the bolts. Then I pushed them as far in as I could and clamped in in a soft vise, tightened the bolts and it's rock solid on the frame now. Thanks for your suggestion though, if it has any problems once I power it up at least I'll be able to have something to add to the trouble shooting!

Works like a charm:) improves bed stability. A must for that printer.

Cool, I am really glad it works for you. :)

Having problems with my bed, It's so wobbly that I can't print these reliably.

The ones I did print work great if I install them by themselves. But once I put the bed on it flexes the stabilizer slightly causing yet a different type of wobble.

Gonna have to see if I can make it out of ABS.


I printed them from Innofil PLA, but I have also second printer, so it was easier for me. Maybe try to scale it a littlebit for the holes on stabilizer would be aligned exactly to the holes on the bed, to get rid of the flex. As jminer85 mentioned, that he needed to scale it up 1% - 2%, to get a perfect fit. And also I recommend to use 5mm lock nuts, if you dont already.

They made my bed a little too tight. I was getting pretty bad Y axis shift during my 1st print. I think it is working itself loose though.

I probably got your comment wrong. I thought you meant They in china made your bed a little too tight, not these parts. And I thought you meant that it works better for you when the bed is loose. So I started to defend myself, why I added this part here. Now I get it like after installing these, it was too tight, but it is working itself loose, so its getting better. Sorry if it was my misunderstanding. If you want I can change the distance between holes a little bit and add it here, or you can try to scale it up a little as jminer85 suggested. Its hard to set the tolerances to fit everyone :/ My printer doesn't print perfect, so I usually use 0.3mm tolerances on each gap side (e.g. 5.6mm hole for 5M screw to fit easily), that usually works for me.

I had to remove them because of the shifting during print. I will try scaling them up a bit next time.

Hi, good for you if it works for you as it came. :) For me it didn't, I tightened the screws as much as it was possible and the bed was still easily moving in corners for about 1cm up and down in Z. That was not good. I mean I didn't try to print, it would probably work somehow without it, if I would be able to level the bed. But I didn't like it and just designed this, because it felt like its missing there. It took me few minutes of designing, 1 hour of print and now the bed moves exactly as I want.

scale it up by 1 or 2 % that is what I did to get a perfect fit.

very nice job this works great for the bed there is no more wobble. thanks do you by chance have the y motor mount?

Hello, thank you :) I also used M5 lock nuts, instead of ordinary ones whose came with the kit. I didn't design anything else for tronxy yet, but I will try to add more, because there are more things to improve. Now I have to figure out z axis wobble. ad y motor mount: I am using the acrylic one which came with the kit and it kinda works fine, what is wrong with yours?

lol my kids bumped it when I was building it and broke it. its not so much an improvement but I need a replacement. I have it glued right now but how knows how long that will last. also you need to add a way for tips too.

I made one for you :) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2036879 I hope it will work well. I didnt think that someone would tip me :) I connected my account with paypal, so in case you really want to, it should be possible now.

Tronxy X3 spare Y Motor mount
by Reeydz

thank you and tip sent.

No problem and thank you, it is very kind of you.

any thoughts on making a back piece for the x axis the hot end carriage.

There it works quiet well for me and I don't have a wobble there. I am not sure if its possible to do it the same way there, without making the printing area smaller in x axis. Because of z mounts of x axis. I will try to figure something out, when at home. :) Do you use lock nuts to hold the wheels? That was only part in my kit which came with lock nuts and it fits to the 2020 profile very well :)