Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fishbone gears for k8200

by Xmosh Dec 11, 2013
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Hello! Great work! Now I printing your design.

Calibration is not needed if old gear is calibrated well. For me easier way i recalculated number of steps for new gear ratio using formula:

new number of steps = old number of steps old gear ratio 1/new gear ratio

Default values for stock K8200 is 600 steps for 1mm and 10/43 ratio, so the calculation is:

Grzegorz "e_gregor"

I tried to mount these yesterday but they do NOT fit! the big gears OD is to small and the stepper can not be pushed close enough for the gears to mesh. :(

I have remade gears from scratch.
Now they should be correct size as i tested them out in sketchup. Could you print them out and test them ? :)
I would much appreciate it as my own printer is in maintenance :/

:S i should check model and fix it then. Too many projects on going at same time :D

Why is this better then the standard (non fishbone) gears?

Finaly this comment section works. I'm not any professional but what i have read about herringbone/fishbone gears. I can say they are example better to handle torque than normal gears etc.

My bolt head is slightly smaller than the head hole in the large gear wheel. Could you please either upload the design file (openscad?) or make new version with the head whole 1,5 mm smaller? Many thanks in advance!

If you havent noticed i have uploaded new model some time ago for you. It should work. Sorry for late reply but this comment section havent work for me for a while.

Very good work - Thank you.
Would it be possible to have a version with does not have the 'K8200' text but rather some more hexagonals?
Also, you could mention the new gear ratio somewhere in the info or the instructions I think.

I have uploaded new version without "k8200" text for you and added gear ratio to thing info

You are awesome! Thank you!

Hello, i printed the last version. Could it be that the teeth of the big gear and the small gear are not the same size? Can you check out this and generate a correct small gear? In every case a very good work. I like the think to change the gear of my K8200 to a Fishbone-Type from you. Thank you!

Thanks for the complement. I have fixed small gear. It's now working fully with large gear.