Wanhao D6 / Monoprice ultimate improved fan duct

by costonb Jan 4, 2017
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My original looked a little melty and after several prints this appears to be fine.

I've been looking for a simple fan duct improvement for my Monoprice Ultimate. This design seems like it should get air more directly to the right part of the print. I printed this nozzle twice: Once in PETG with all the best printer adjustments using the old stock nozzle. Then, I printed exactly the same GCODE file, also with the same spool of PETG but with the new duct installed. See the photo for results. (the duct on the left is printed with the stock duct.... the duct on the right is printed with the new duct design.) I'm really not seeing any difference in the prints. Maybe this new design provides print improvements on other types of filament?

The maker ultimate prints really well already. I added this to my setup and the prints are so much better. Thanks so much for this addon!!!!

Thanks for checking it out.

I have printed and used this duct with excellent results. I've even used it while printing ABS while being enclosed with no issues.

thanks for sharing this!

Awesome, thanks for using it!

I have a maker ultimate on the way and this looks like a must do ASAP print. From your description regarding minimal change, I assume this does not reduce the build volume at all? I saw some other fan shrouds do and I don’t want to do that.

Yep, no reduction in build volume. It's pretty similar to the original fan, just open on the edge that faces the nozzle.

Thank you! I've noticed some improvements in my print quality. Also, I printed it out with PETG which is holding up nicely while printing at 247 Celsius.

Yep, no problem, glad it's working for you.

I had to buy M3-.5 x 35mm socket cap screw to bolt down the blower side up and I tighten it till it recessed into the plastic.

huh, that's odd. I was able to just use the screws that my original fan came with. Which printer are you using? I wonder if they changed something with the parts or if there's a difference or something.

Even though there are more advanced fan shrouds for the Duplicator 6, for dual fans, this one worked amazingly well!

I was actually able to print this bridging test (with ABS) and it managed to print all bridges almost perfectly!


Bridging Test (Customizable)
by walter

what were your print settings? nozzle temp and bed temp? how was layer adhesion?

When you did the bridging test, which size did you print? Just curious how much of an improvement we're talking about with this duct.


I just ordered a Duplicator 6, later and noticed in some of the pictures that the fan doesn't blow directly down over where the filament comes out of the nozzle.

This looks like a perfect fit for that problem and makes it more like the M200. This'll definitely be my first print! :)

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The Wanhao D6 is pretty much a physical clone of the Zortrax M200 so you can also adapt parts from Zortrax parts. Source:I have a M200, friend has a D6

Cool, thanks for the info. I knew it was very similar, but hadn't looked into what differences they have yet.