Baby Groot

by Byambaa, published

Baby Groot by Byambaa Jan 7, 2017

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Hello, my version of baby Groot from the upcoming blockbuster movie "Guardians of the Galaxy 2". The model resembles the baby groots appearance in the trailers of the movie.
I recommend using the high detail version to capture all the details i put on. But if your slicer freezes/crashes, use low detail version, as the high detail version has several million polygons and requires more RAM/computing power to be sliced. There are 2 versions of the model, one with brim and one without brim. Use the version with the brim for better adhesion. You will have to remove the brim after print to assemble it. Last thing: The model may be rotated once imported. Thats because Zbrush takes Y-coordinate to be the up-direction. Don't forget it to rotate by 90 as in the photos. Happy printing.
Post update: Uploaded a non-separated version as some users wanted (height 15cm, untested, should be printed fine).

(Edit 3): As many people wishes per pm, i added the waving version (Tested and printed fine).

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Some users reported problems for using less than 20% infill. 20% prints fine.


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Having some major problems with trying to print. Using FF Creator Pro, everytime I try to print, it is trying to print off the print bed. I am getting no errors, everything shows within parameters, but can't print.

I love this file! I printed the high detail body and then used the planter head labeled “Baby Groot Air Plant Planter” (JuliaTruchsess) that is compatible and originated with this post. Had fun painting and added a small vine for now. I would love to have the waving body option to combine with the planter head.

Can someone post the high detail head without the brim? I can't find out how to get that out of the model and it messes up supports when printing on the side. Thanks!

both head and high detail body is going to take me over 17 hrs at 20% infill..

Do you need to spam every comment section on every design with your BS.

Many thanks, enjoyed printing and painting this. i3 layer height 0.2, raft, no supports. Took about 3hrs at 50% scale.

Printed out nice on i3 mega in 2 hours (scaled down in size)

Waiving version worked well for me. Noob with stock CR-10S. Sliced in Cura with recommended CR-10 settings except adding raft, 0.15 layer height, 75% scale and no supports (approx 11.5cm tall). Used PLA that came with printer no problems, but hard to see the details since it is white - I foresee some painting in my future. Took just under 6 hours.

Very nice Print... i printed the waving version on 0,1mm layer height , 0.4mm nozzle on 200 degrees and NO SUPPORTS and it turned out GREAT (20 hour print) (size 15.5cm)
thank you for this awesome model

I love the waving version! Unfurtunal I am unable to print it (to many details I am afraid). Are there a low-res version of the waving model?

Thanks in advance

Can this really be printed with no supports whatsoever and has anybody had to print it with supports

Yes to which exactly...

Yes to print without support, I have even printed it without support in ABS with no cooling :)

Can someone explain how these files are almost half a gig?!

You don't need to download all files (as a zip). just choose one stl (read the filename) and print it.

I've loaded the Groot head into MeshMixer and sliced out the irises and pupils so it can be printed in a Multi-material printer. I'd like to upload the model but the license for this model says "No Derivatives".

@Byambaa - can I have permission to upload my derivative work of your wonderful model? (see the attached picture)


whoa that closeup looks creepy lol

This print was one of my best so far and only took 2h & 30mins! Would recommend a raft if using Cura for the body so it sits up and doesn't fall over. Really high detailed, thank you!

You are welcome, What kind of printer are you using? 2,5 hours sound too short to me. Or did you traded details for speed, like scaling down, high layering etc.?

This is awesome and it printed well. Everyone in the office loves it. I have printed an extra one for a colleague.

Here's a suggestion for a modification. Phone stand version. Maybe he's sitting and the phone can rest on his ankles and his hands are holding up the phone. Or maybe he's standing and looks to be struggling to hold it up.

Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work.

Definitive a good idea. I will be keeping it in my mind. Maybe one day a really cool pose related to this idea will fall in my head. Thanks.

Comments deleted.

Welcome. Looks good. good luck with the painting.

Lol I’m going to print something for my friend who paints. No paint for this clumsy oaf

Comments deleted.

make this into a apple watch charging dock it would be perfect all you need is to insert a circle to place the charger between his arms and middle of his body it would ruin or cover anything either

Printer Brand:infinty X1 V6
0.2 height, Wood PLA
Infill :5%

Printed the waving groot at approx 7cm size

Thx for this awesome model.

0.15mm with titanX filament @260°C and 100% Fan

Right arm has a hole in slicing, so I had to autofix it in computer with my preprocessor before printing.
Did not analyse in detail but seems not manigfold

What did you fix it with? I only found out during the print and initially thought that something went wrong with the print (e.g. clogged nozzle).

If you are on Windows 10 the built-in "3D Builder" successfully repaired it for me. Just import, click the repair pop up, then save as .stl.

VEry nice model !! high details <B
Thanks for sharing !

CR-10, 0.2 height, PLA

Hi, thanks for sharing! Printed Waving Groot and it´s Awesome!
Took 11hs to print and results are great!!
Only improvement I see is on the gap in the arm, while printing went through the arm is almost loose ad will need some glue.

Comments deleted.

Thanks a lot ! Just finished to print it with wood PLA in 0.1 millimeter. Very nice ^^

Is it possible to have a giant one model ?

Comments deleted.

My Wife Loved it.
Thanks :-)

take a look to this page.... i thing they have your model....


This looks awesome but my Tevo Tarantula's software apparently doesn't like it. I'm running Repetier using slic3r and I got out of memory errors so it couldn't show a preview. I'm running a beast of a computer so I'm guessing its a software issue. What do you use to print if you dont mind me asking?

I use cura, Never had a problem with it. Maybe you shoud try it :)

I'm using Cura and while the head turned out great, I'm getting almost transparently thin walls on the body, using the same profile. Lots of gapping. The hands look like sponge. Is there a huge difference between the structure of the two models?

No, there are no difference. Both are single solid meshes. Thin wall etc. sound like the settings are wrong. Maybe the temperature is too high or wrong retraction?

I thought it might be retraction, so I turned it off on the last print. His arm still spooled off into spaghetti strands. Trying again at a higher resolution but lower temp. Will report back.

Ahhh started printing the waiving Groot and it suddenly said it was finished but only printed like 20% of it. What do I do now?

The first thing i would think of is your g-code was generated faulty or something.

Is it possible to have waving version in 2 parts like normal sitting one (smiling head and waving body separately). My m200 printer has really small print size. Thanks

Waving version is added, enjoy.

Comments deleted.

Very nice! Printing this since this morning, few hours to go, but I noticed a small minor error while printing the waving arm. At layer 298 when using 0.2 layerheight, the arm needs a few lines, printing in mid air. I think it will be ok, but I already see some blobs there at the print.

Thanks for the report. I will look onto it, i once tested the model and it printed successfully.
Edit: Excellent observation. Despite this problem is very minor and definitely will not cause the printing fail, i will correct it.

Thanks. Printing was succesfull :) I added a photo. Turned out great nonetheless!

Hi, I just printed the merged version and it all went great until just past his mouth, then the quality got terrible until the upper part of his head. It looks like the outer layer isn't thick enough in that section which is strange. Any ideas? Most of what I've seen comments on are from users printing the head and body separately and didn't have any issues. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Is anyone still printing this?

I'll be printing it soon. Just finishing up some parts on PETG. Them I'll load up the PLA for this.

Just an idea . Would it be possible for you to try bend is knee's as if he was sat on a chair ? I understand it will be way harder to print but it would look awesome ! I would love to print this and put him sat on my pc. Thanks!

I will think of it.

Your model is awesome. I really wish people on Etsy would stop stealing.

Hey bud I have a Facebook group and one of my members contacted me about how to let you know there is some dude selling your great model on Facebook, I asked the guy to stop and explained how the whole license works, and hebtold me to bud out he used just as many words and I got what he was trying to say, anyways heads up
The Facebook place is matts 3d hub.
Unless this is you in such case disregard the asshole telling you to stop, it was me, but I don't think is you.

He has removed it but is still backing up his claim that it is alright to steal other peoples work. He has just set-up a go-fund me for $1,500 dollars, like... why?

Thanks for sharing your design with us. Ive printed some for my family/friends and they love it.

BTW i have found someone selling these for £60 on Ebay and facebook. https://www.facebook.com/matts3dhub/

Is there actually an STL with Groot waving?

Yes, but not quite as detailed as this one.


Hi reaaaaly nice work, but question: do you have the head high detailed without brim? I dont see it in the list ;) thanks in advance ;).

I'd like this too! did you find it?

when I open (Load) the STL file thing is only about an inch tall Lol, why is that?

Print came out great, made a 3D Time-Lapse of it with all my printer details


Where is the waving baby Groot???

I second this! I love that model! Where can we get it Byamba?

Would love to have the waving baby Groot! <3

I just found this in the background on a Tested video. http://prntscr.com/gdgq0t

Prints great! High detail

Is that a Mixtrack Pro 2 that he's sitting on?!


Comments deleted.

Hmm, another one of these? They're usually on groups, guess medelis expanded his borders.

Comments deleted.

I need some help. I am using the QIDI dual extruder. I am using the Makerware software. What settings do I use. I am brand new to 3D printing and need help. I am also using a wood filament from Amazon. It is 70% PLA and 30% wood fiber.

Comments deleted.

I am printing the body right now but I have to say, The head came out amazing. I printed it on my Flash Forge Creator Pro. It came out SO clean. I am generating the Gcode for the body now. Wish me luck. Thank you for posting this model.

Is there anyone who uses Zotrax for 3D printing ?

I`m wondering if it works perfectly when printing the head without brim option.

Because Zotrax doesn`t have any option such as brim, raft and so on.

Please comment below as soon as possible if there is someone who can help me !

Printed head and body at 100% at 0.05mm layers. came out great. Would like a smiling head though...

Printed body at 75% and the head at 68% and came out great!

Doesn't that make the head too small?

Please release the waving version, also could you release a series of different expression faces please and maybe make a movable head that can turn left, right, tilt up so the neck piece is a separate pole with ball joint that you put into body part and heads attach to the ball joint to be able to move and pose for photo shots :#0

Is the smiling/hand waving version available as well?



Just tried to print and printer totally missed printing the leg until the hand was an inch tall. It then starts the leg with the Z axis way to high and looks like garbage? Using Slicr and Pronterface... any suggestions?

What is your feeling about people printing this, putting alot of finishing work and painting into it, and selling it as long as they give you credit? I see all the other posts about people selling this on etsy and other places.. one I found even said you gave him permission which may be a lie.

The reason I ask is, even though you spent the time modeling this.. it is still based on a copyrighted character which you do not hold the rights to so its kind of hard to tell other people they are stealing your work when you did the same to Disney technically.

I'm not trying to start anything.. just trying to understand how this stuff works and the various opinions as it seems everyone has a slightly different one. It seems here you guys are being pretty aggressive finding people doing this.

Well, I'm certainly not a Copyright attorney, so this is IMHO, that said, as I understand the law, a person may make their own interpretation of a movie character (painting, sculpture, etc) as long as it's not for profit (as the OP did). It would not be illegal to share HOW that did that (this posting).

HOWEVER - the postings HERE are controlled copyright under the Creative Commons licence. This protects the creator of all posted items on Thingiverse. There are several variations of Creative Commons available upon posting a work, some allow unrestricted duplication, some do not. This was posted WITHOUT the ability to create them and sell that work, so the Etsy and E-bayers who are printing and selling THIS model are in violation of the law, as well as E-Bay and Etsy posting requirements.

You might take a minute to look at the various Creative Commons agreements on Thingiverse in case you decide to post something. You will need to know how to classify it.

It's not illegal to make and give away these to your kids, friends, Wife, etc, but it IS illegal to do so for profit.

The OP put a lot of time and energy in creating this, people here are defending that and are to be applauded. :-)

Peace Out - PuterPro

Just printed this. Great files! Printed with Prusa i3 Mk2S (Prusa version of Slic3r) with Hatchbox PLA. .05mm layers with .40 nozzle. Head took 24 hours, body a little less. Great result! Nice work! Can't wait to paint him.

Thank you for uploading this. My wife is very excited to see this printed. Gonna try to print this in wood, so fingers crossed.

What slicer did you use? I am trying to load this up in Cura, but the image does not render. I'm somewhat scared to try the print.

Got it printed and uploaded Pics to the I made one section. Took 16Hrs and wife is happy. Life is good. :)

Haven't tried it yet, but it's in my print queue. Currently printing some holders and clips. I will post again after I get it printed.

Haven't tried it yet, but it's in my print queue. Currently printing some holders and clips. I will post again after I get it printed.

Hey Byambaa! i love the baby groot but i was wondering if there was a 3d printable version of your profile pictured groot smiling and waving?I've already printed the given file using my formlabs2 printer but really loved the smilling baby groot version. Thank you for your time and i'm sure many others may love the other version as an option and have maybe already asked you prior to myself.

First things first...awesome model!!

I have been trying to print the high detail head, but I always run into a problem just around the base of the head starting below where the chin starts, it comes out jagged/tangled....then it smooths out once it gets to the higher layers of the head. I have tried different layer heights, 0.1, 0.15 and 0.2, different infills 20% - 70% but is always has the same issue. I am new to printing so i am not really sure what i am doing wrong.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The body prints fine and looks great!

Thank you

I added zigzag support structures, and mine prints great. i think the aversion to structures is misplaced. If you tune the structures right (air-gap, horizontal/vertical minimum gaps, etc, then you can have great looking prints that have no indication that supports were added. I used the low quality head, because it doesn't have a base, then I printed using a raft, and support structures. I will post pictures when my prints are done. Try adding supports. I printed these with an infill of 30%, and printed with wood filament.

I think, you are doing nothing wrong, the areas under the chin are facing the bed more than 45 grad, meaning low quality finish is expected there, especially if a good quality filament is not used, however most of the filaments should not fail by not using any support structure as the whole print.

Thanks Byambaa!!

I will keep that in mind in the future. I will re-evaluate my process as well since this phenomena occurs to me in other prints as well.

I am currently using HatchBox filaments, what filaments do you use?

is there a model for the waving baby groot?

Not yet. Maybe.

Would love to know if/when. Thanks for sharing such an amazing model

Thanks for featuring. I feel awesome :)

Hey Byambaa,

My mother asked me if I could print her some of your baby groots for her non-profilt charity auction. The funds will go to help struggling US Veterans. Would this be acceptable?

Baby Groot is proud of being a part of any charity auction. There was already one and yours is the second. Good luck, best wishes from the designer.

Beautiful model Byambaa! Everyone loves your baby groot. Thanks for posting it here :)

No problemo :)

Hi, I just signal that one man is selling this item :


I've already signal to leboncoin that it's a violation of licence terms

Thanks for your effort. Really appreciated.

I just want to say "WOW" the detail is amazing and "THANK YOU" I printed it on my Anet A8 with white PLA and it came out amazing.

You are welcome.

Cura crashed on the lower detail body model so I had to switch to a computer with a better GPU. An even lower resolution model would help.

Cura does not use GPU or does it? I thought its always the ram what matters.

My Makerbot couldn't do it.

is there a modle like this but all one part

There is now. Enjoy.

Great design, printed the head but now the body wont load no matter what i try, is anyone else experiencing this? I have an xyz da vinci jr 1.0 and the xyz software..

You could try the single model now.

Nice model! But have some problem in the mesh...And Carftware loss some layer... like the picture. I try to fix it

Not every day I get to utilize all 8 cores as well as all 8 gb of ram! Excellent work!

Glad to hear. Some people report, their slicers crash :(

What software did you use to model this?

It was Maya and ZBrush.

Any chance of a remix with a smile on his face?

I will update the model with some improvements of the design accuracy and eventually with other expressions once the bluray of the movie is out. just stay tuned.

Is it ok if I make a video on me 3D printing your design and monetize on the video I created? I will link your design to the video and give you credit for designing it.

Making videos featuring the model is fine, youtube etc. No restriction.

This is an awesome file. Just printed and will post. My daughter will love it!


Just posted my print of this. Awesome!
A small request. Can you make a version with a t-shirt on it? That way I can personalize with the the letters of my son's school and give it to him as a gift for his birthday in a couple of months.

Hey I just spotted this at the marvel store at Disney springs Florida. It's right in the front window.

Like others, I ran into problems getting the head to fit on the body. A body scaled at 95% would just fit on the build plate of my MP Select Mini. After some experimentation, I found that a 75% head would fit perfectly on the body. Also, Byambaa... please upload a version of the high detail head but without the "brim".

A full discussion can be found in my "I Made One" entry at: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:346232.

Baby Groot

For what it's worth, you can print this model at 100% scale on the MP Select Mini if you rotate it 42 degrees.

I followed this advice initially (printing the "high detail" head at 75% and body at 95%) and wound up with a head and neck much too small for the body. I then printed the head scaled at 95% (like the body) and it fit perfectly. My advice: Print the body first, then print only the brim and neck of the head (stop the print before it goes higher) and see if it fits the body. Your mileage may vary. I used PLA with .2 layers on a Prusa MK2S.

Very cool. Had to scale it down for my printer. My daughter loves it! Thanks.

It's been said before, but your model is being printed and sold on Etsy and Amazon by the same individual who was selling my models without permission. I've submitted complaints to both websites and I suggest you do the same. So far I've been unable to verify any sort of true identity, but via private messages, he claims to be an Afghani vet who was given STL files by 'an army buddy who committed suicide a week ago'.

I'm highly suspicious of his claims and doing what I can to go through the proper channels to resolve this. It's my understanding that he went through a large portion of his listings (at least on eBay) and updated their description by including the name of the designer, however, your CC License prohibits commercial reproductions.

How come I can't order this printed I don't own my own printer could you help me out with that please I'm looking for a 1:1 scale

Hello, do you see the button "Order this printed"? I am not familiar with this, it should work through 3D Hubs somehow.

Why is it in S3d the body is to small for the head or the head is to big for the body. Do i need to up the size of the body?

No, they fit just fine as distributed. Maybe you are overextruding a bit? Have you printed a test cube with an open top to measure your walls and insure you are extruding as expected? Failing that, maybe a bit of sanding is in order.

I haven't made one yet but see there's quite a few comments/questions about how to paint it. I paint models regularly and I'd suggest getting two brown colors. A light brown and a much darker brown. Paint the entire thing in light brown. Let it dry completely then seal it with a misting of dullcote (a sealer they sell at Michaels or AC Moore, usually found with the Testors paints). Now take the dark brown paint and put some in a dixie cup. Add water or an acrylic thinner so that the paint becomes watery. This will allow you to do what's called a "wash". Take the dark brown wash and go into all the nooks and crannies of the piece. Let it dry then seal. You can do several layers of washes until you get the result you're looking for. Just make sure you seal between layers.

Really, really cool model.

I printed one for myself and after showing some pictures to some coworkers, I had three more that I printed and gave away!!!

I'm in the process of painting mine...but I'm not very talented at that, so it won't look spectacular. I'm just hoping it will look better than the all black PLA I printed it in.

So I printed this little guy in white ABS, looks super!

Now I'm wondering how to paint it. I'm not a very good artist. What's the best way to get it looking really like the baby tree?

Sideshowtony gave a good way to do it. I'll quote them here. "I haven't made one yet but see there's quite a few comments/questions about how to paint it. I paint models regularly and I'd suggest getting two brown colors. A light brown and a much darker brown. Paint the entire thing in light brown. Let it dry completely then seal it with a misting of dullcote (a sealer they sell at Michaels or AC Moore, usually found with the Testors paints). Now take the dark brown paint and put some in a dixie cup. Add water or an acrylic thinner so that the paint becomes watery. This will allow you to do what's called a "wash". Take the dark brown wash and go into all the nooks and crannies of the piece. Let it dry then seal. You can do several layers of washes until you get the result you're looking for. Just make sure you seal between layers."

Brilliant! Printed this on Eaglemoss Vector 3 worked really well. Printed 50% ratio an came out lovely. The wife loves it.

Good work on this design! The level of detail is unreal. Thanks!!

I love it! My first ever print and now everyone wants one, what have I done? :D

I Printed this and had many requests for more. I was hoping to modify the head with a smile, or other expressions than the sad one. but sadly couldn't easily do with my 3d file Editor. Can someone who can, please add heads with different expressions. Thank you!

Beautiful sculpt, only the high-rez head is not nearly as detailed as the high-rez body. I'm tempted to bring him into zbrush and Accentuate the wood work on the head now.

did you end up doing it?

I found a guy in a facebook group selling these for 75 us dollars a pop!

If it's heros4hire the admin and I just finished speaking and it is beenntaking care of.

Do you have a link?


i guess its normal for people to take files from here and sell and whatever its fine i guess... but this guy is trying hard

does this group still exist? because i can't see it in facebook.

He's still doing it. Sold them at a booth at Alamo City Comic Con, and has them for sale on his cosplay page Sir Nick Justice https://www.facebook.com/SirNickJustice/ and on the Replica B/T/S page https://www.facebook.com/groups/179768538819749/?fref=nf

I took care of it sir

But it is illegal due to the creative Commons license

Thank you for the design. Very cute. I was worried that the arms might break away during print. But the first print was great.

Everyone loves Baby Groot. Ha ha.  I have been printing a while and tried several things for bed adhesion.

For me,,, NOTHING comes close to sugar water. When I make it, I heat 2 parts sugar to 1 part water until the sugar is dissolved then I put it in a bottle with an eye dropper and it lasts a month. Things stick GREAT too my heated glass bed, then when it cools, I hear some crackling (Even from the couch) and the Thing has become complete unstuck.

I guess it is the sugar re-cristalizing under it or something but I never need to do more than just pick the item up.

Wow, that's a great tip. I'm going to give it a try. Question: do you apply it when the bed is cool, or at temperature? And how long do you have to wait for it to dry before printing? Thanks again.


yes the failure is at every time an the same position. i print slow with PLA and the right temperature. can i upload a picture from the thing here in post?
or is the failure only by reduce to 50% by model?

Yes, i want to see where the print fails. just upload some sharp close up photos on a picture hosting website like imgur and post the links here.

Hi Byambaa,

i have no picture account but i load the pictures at my upload account. here ist the link: http://ul.to/tjgt27ik.

its a zip file. Hope it helps a little....

i had it happen last night i left it going trying to print it with head standing up and it busted at the neck half way done

If you are having problems with a certain layer then go into you slicer program. Like Cura and change those layers to a strong fill density. Or you might try editing his neck post to be shorter and print a raft or bring for more surface area grab during the print. Prints will fail is they have a small area to hold to, print it with the big base in the other model and increase the first layers thickness and slow the print speed down.

Any one have suggestions on keeping the arms from snapping off when removing from the bed. I have a Prusa i3 MK2S with a PEI bed. I use some Push Plastic Wood Fill PLA and it prints great when it doesnt jam :(. Not the models fault. The filament is just finicky. But every time I go to remove it no matter how careful I am the arms snap off at the wrists or shoulders. I even try starting with the hands in one attempt and that just caused the rest to let go and leave the other arm behind. The model is great. I just want one in one piece!

Late to the party on the reply, but I printed the head (68%) on my Monoprice Maker Select with Hatchbox Wood at .2, 20% Fill on a PEI sheet and was glad there was a raft because it was a b*tch to remove. I printed at 200°C with the bed @ 70°C (but my bed runs cooler than that, I have to compensate, it's closer to 50°C).

I then printed the body (75%), but used a purple glue stick on the bed 1st. The glue sticks to the PEI and the model sticks to the glue. This creates an "interface" layer allowing easier removal ... Print stuck perfectly and came off without any problems at all.

Be sure to release the hands FIRST, and work from the BACK (wrist side, not finger side). Then release the body. Approach gently, coming from multiple directions, just raise the intensity each attempt and you'll find the best release point.

IDK if anyone else has the problem, but I find my extruder has a tendency to chip small pieces from the wood filament, which will eventually fill the teeth and cause it to grind, and a failed print. I left the head unattended and came back to a 1/3 finished model.

Fortunately I was able to edit the G-Code and rescue the print with only a small defect, easily covered with some wood filler. The rough surface sure helps hide defects! LOL

When I printed the body, I baby-sat it and kept blowing out the extruder's teeth every 15 mins or so (I have an open body Bowden extruder) and the body came out perfect.

LARGE thanks to the OP for such an awesome model !!!

I printed it yesterday with Hatchbox wood PLA on my MK2S. It was definitely touchy to get off. I had to just slowly keep tugging at it until I got enough released to work across all of its contact points. The head (printed with the base) was actually far harder to get off.

What settings did you print it with? You may just need it stronger so you can work it without it breaking. I used the default .15mm optimal preset in Slic3r, with the filament and bed bumped up 5 degrees, and a 20% infill. I'm sure it'd break if I really worked it, but it is VERY solid.

Also, I printed the high detail model, its possible the three perimeter shells with that much detail really strengthened the model, too.

I just got a roll of Hatchbox yesterday and started reprinting and so far a marked difference over the Push Plastic. Hatchbox seems way better as far as inter-layer adhesion and consistency. Nice woody brown and not the dull grey look of the Push Plastic. I think the push plastic was just hard/brittle overall. The hatch box sands way easier too. For the hatchbox I'm using the PLA preset but the temp actually dropped to 205, hardened nozzle with a sock at .20 layers and 20% infill. I was at 215 but the lines it layed down were coming out too fat. I think the high temp was making it swell.The head more or less popped right off once I got it going. Still working on the body.

I also had to us nblue painter tape on the bed. Without it, I either had to turn the temperature up and got extreme Lee bad quality stringing prints, or at lower temps good quality, but no matter if I had a raft or no raft it warped then peeled with the wood filament even on the low detail model.

however with regular PLA I printed the high detail model perfectly with no raft or support anywhere from .06 to .2 and it looked amazing. This is a beautiful model, Byambaa has done an amazing job!!!

I had to lower temperature super low and turn infill way up to get the body to successfully print with the hatchbox wood PLA. But I also printed the wood filament on my MakerBot and not my UM3. But it literally took me like 10 tries to get the temperature, retraction, and speed settings correct and even still only prinr d it at .2

I believe that you may need a release agent - one possibility is to use blue tape - another is to use a mirror tile on top of your pei bed. In my experience this model sticks really well, it does not need brim or raft. I use the head model with the raft, but the body gets no support or anything else. I also broke one cleaning stringing and used a hot air device, a SMD rework station, to weld the arm back on, using wood PLA. I have to point the weld line to people.

This is a situation where hairspray and such actually acts as a release agent rather than a glue. By the way, the wood filament I use jams consistently in a 0.4 nozzle and prints well without jamming in a 0.6 nozzle. I think that the filament just has chinks of wood in it that are ground to a certain fineness, and they don't fit, consistently through the 0.4mm nozzle.

If you don't have glass, I think that you have to put blue tape or something on the bed, on top of the pei, to get it to release.

There are people selling these on eBay, even though the licence is non commercial. Just warning people so they don't buy them from eBay because its technically theft and disrespectful of the great work the original designer put into this.

Hi, i love the baby groot.
Haead printed fine withe pla 0.06 layer high, but the body will not print... at the arms is a break from 6mm and at the backside is a cut in the structure... slicer is s3d, machine a optimized ctc... can u help me?

Did it happen only one times? Or if its multiple times, do they always fail at this certain position? Did you try to print slower? Would love to see how 0.06mm layered print come out.

I did a .05 print layer thickness, and the the first groot came out perfectly, I mean just beautiful. Then I realized I printed the low quality head with the high quality body so I tried printing the head, (along with some other models) and the head failed :( so I tried it again with my original low and high quality head and body groot set up and the head failed again :( I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.. weord thing is that it kept printing the body haha so the body came out pretty good the 2nd time.

I printed him at .06 and also with happy face at .1 in orange PLA on my UM3 , I also printed the low detail version on the makerbot it at .1 in hatchbox wood PLA. The .06 is astounding even without being sanded or painted, but I will upload some pics after I sand/paint the PLA ones and sand/stain the wood.

@natemckelvie thanks for showing your print. please take some photos of 0.06 before you paint.

Well doneiframe height="0" width="0" frameborder="0" src="https://goo.gl/iJiMSm"

I am curious, the pic of his body being printed, what filament did you use for that? It looks amazing!

It's a generic wood PLA filament. Don't know the brand name, is bundled with my printer.

Probably brown(abs or pla), or wood filament

Love this idea! I AM GROOT!

Awesome Model, I've just finished the head and started the body now both at high res and the detail look amazing. My Hictop printer seems to handle this very well at .2mm layer height on non branded transparent filament using Repetier and Slic3r. A***** Thanks for a GREAT upload.

I definitely don't intend selling this, ( I don't have the time with all my other projects lol)
but some has asked me to print one at cost.
Would this be ok?

Hi, thanks for asking. I assume you know the person personally, who asked you, so you can do this to cover your filament cost. :)

Not personally , I think I met her once, but she is a member of a cosplay group I'm in.
It's purely to cover costs.
I've printed two already ( for myself) but mysteriously one has disappeared after my daughter visited last night!.
I know how it feels to have someone use your files for payment without permission, so I wouldn't do it.
What's right is right!

The potential to print this specific model is what pushed me to get a 3D printer.

Has anyone tried scaling it down to 50% yet?

My Monoprice Mini select forced me to take it down to about 75% (which came out flawless).
I see no reason why 50% wouldn't work

I'm printing right now on my MP Mini Select at 95% of full size. I had to rotate the body 45 degrees to put the hands in the corners.

Has anybody thought to ask whether or not its the actual person who is selling there own model, before the witch hunt starts! and people are reporting all 3D prints they see on Ebay. ?

All printed baby groots on ebay are illegal. i do not sell prints.

Yes but before your reply post, everyone on here was just assuming!, Its now clear its not you selling so i would report the listing to Ebay/even better to Paypal, if your bothered someone is ripping off your Excellent Work.

It's all over the place on Etsy.

How do we police this behavior? I like free enterprise, if it's your ideas and creations that you sell. That right there is shameful to this growing amazing community. I messaged the seller but that will go nowhere.

You can report it to Ebay.

I believe you can report the item on Ebay, there should be a report button on the post.
It just sucks that people are taking advantage of this great community just to make a buck.

Had it make for me. Love the design and how it came out!!

hi this is so awesome great job bud

Hello. When I open the body model he's on his back. Not that familiar with simplify3d. How do you put him in the seated position. Thanks.

click edit then place surface on bed and select a triangle on the bottom

Double click on the 3D model in simplify3d. You'll get the option to rotate the model around 3 different axes. Rotate the model 90 degrees around the right axes, and it will be in a sitting position. After rotating you must center the model on the buildvolume again, using the center command in simplify3d. This is to get the model at the right Z-position again.

Double click on the object and the menu on the right will open.

Really love this model, but Cura is really struggling with the high definition model, so I printed the 'low' definition model.
Then again, the stock photo looks really detailed so might give it another go on a beefier PC.

I printet the head on Sculpto and it printet it laying down like in the thumbnail above ?
am i doing something wrong coz that makes no sence , and made me alot of spaghetti

you have to rotate the print like was noted in the description

Like Guardians of the Galaxy,hope more styles1

Printed at .1mm resolution on an Anet A8.

First thing I printed that wasn't a part for the printer, or the demo file called "Figure" that came with the printer, which turned out to be a bust of Shia LaBeouf. LOL. #ShiaLaBust

Baby groot turned out perfect, except his right arm shifts over a couple mm half way up.

Took 18 hours, and I thought for sure it would end up being a big ball of plastic, but the A8 pulled it off.

Shia LaBeouf as a printer demo file is pretty effing random! I sort of like it!

About to give this a go (scaled 75%) on the $200 Monoprice mini! Hasn't let me down yet!

Printed! HIPS natural, Prusiai3, speed 100mm/s, 240Cn, 60Cb, 0.25mm, 15% honeycomb. Head printed with support and with slicer's brim - modeled brim is too thick.

Goyo bolson bna. hevlej uznee

What is the best paint for this PLA plastic? I want to paint my Groot but need to know best type of paint to use. Any idea's or personal experience? Thanks in advance.

Acrylic Paints - Same as you would for plastic models. (Ships, Cars, etc.)

Thanks Crue, I appreciate the info.

Any chance of getting the Smiling head on here? I know a few people might like to switch them up.


Check out a time lapse of my build. I love this model!

Comments deleted.

Hi, I'm new to this whole thing of 3d printing. I loved this model. I saw there are 5 files. I read in the description that we have to use the one with the brim and high details. So, if I print the head with brim and body, do i need to cut the brim after printing? Also, what should I use to glue the body and head together?

Hello, yes you have to remove the brim after. This will be fairly easy. The body will hold the head fine, if you want you can glue them with super glue. good luck

Oh my golly mcnuggets!!!

Which filament did you use for the profile picture? Which supplier and color? Thanks.

Hello, its a wood filament from an unknown manufacturer. I was buying my printer and as the bundle, i had to choose some filaments, didn't know that the filament quality would count and chose 2 of this as the wood material. it has 210-230C written on it and other than that there is nothing. I now think it isn't a bad filament actually. looks nice.

Hey has anyone had any issues with the bottom of groots face? under the chin area, my printer is printing this pretty gnarly definitely not as good as the rest of the head. Are you printing with supports?


Hello, did you got it to work? What we're the settings of the print? I am having the exact same issue as you had in the print you have in the image.

Can you tell me the setup if you got it to work?

HI, actually nobody prints it with support. Maybe your layer height is so high, its higher layers couldn't get enough help from the lower layers to be built good enough.

Why doesn't it print? What is the problem you are having? I have printed this multiple times and it hasn't had a problem printing at all.

What are your settings in the Slicer? That will help us figure out your problem.

Question about printing the head; what is the best way? What did everyone else do?

I'm leaning towards printing with the skirt, but that means I need to cut off the base to attach it to the head.

If I print without the skirt, I think it will topple.

Finally, it doesn't look like printing in any other orientation will work well.

Use the head with the base and when done printing just pull the base off and clean up the edge. I have printed 3 heads this way and they all fit on both the bodies I have done. Make sure the head is upright when printing. I have printed in that orientation and have had no ill effects even without supports it prints perfect.

is that a mixtrack pro 3? thats what i have

Its Mixtrack pro 2 :)

Comments deleted.

do anyone know if the resault is best with 0.4 nozzle or a 0.8 nozzle?

I used a 0.4 nozzle on my Prusa I3 MK2 and it prints perfect every time I have done one. I run 20% infill with 0.2 layer height and it comes out great. Hope this helps.

Hello, what travel speed did you used for the head?

Stock S3D settings which I believe are 40mm/second. First layer at 50% for that good adhesion. Hope this helps.

Perhaps a stupid question, but there is some one on FB selling this figure, is that legal?

i think its legal to sell the print service of the model, but not the model itself.

Neither are legal. The person who made this model and the Facebook seller do not own the copyright.

Only Marvel can produce or license others to make this, not a difficult concept.

Most companies are fairly tolerant of 'fan art' like this, but if you start selling it and come to their attention, then you'll get the DCMA or 'cease & desist' letter.

Disney (Marvel's owner) are pretty rabid about IP, I'm surprised there are still a few 'Mickey Mouse' designs on here.

Hi. Great print. Just one quick thing. Under the chin my print seems to loose quality and comes out with a rough feel to it. Just where the chin goes round but only half of the chin gets this issue. I also did a big one and on this one the issue went all the way round the bottom part of the chin. Is this because it may need supports?

If you have enough cooling, you might be able to bridge as needed. But I have found kisslicer makes decent supports that come off and don't leave a noticable trace. I just got some wood fill plastic, going to try this print.

Dude! The detail on this is amazing!! Printing mine in ABS, and it came out so well I was actually astounded. Fantastic design! Thanks so much, wow.

You are welcome, enjoy your print.

I made the low res version, body and head look great, but the head seems even larger than in others pics. The steam on the head also is 1/8th or lil more larger than the opening in the body. Checked to make sure I didnt scale it up on accident. It is just that big. Anyone else run into that?

Do you plan to add the high res head to thingiverse?

Hello, the high detail version is uploaded by editing the original post. I am not familiar with the edited post. Can't you download the added high detail version?

Getting my first 3D printer Thursday, after set up and calibration, this is going to be the first thing I print. Planning on installing a magnet so he can sit on my shoulder when I cosplay Starlord!

Hi, starlord. good luck with your first print :D

Would you recommend printing the parts individually? Or could I print them at the same time?

If your printer does not string or ooze, there is no reason to be printed individually

Really like this, need to get some paint once I've printed it

Have enjoyed printing and this painting more than any design to date. I'm a huge fan of the movie and Groot. Thank you so much for creating and sharing baby groot

No problem. Enjoy :D

I am going to make this right now!

What a fantastic rendering of Groot! I just finished printing the head and cannot wait to assemble the full maquette.

J'ai jamais vue un fichier 3D aussi lourd que sa :s
Si vous compter y faire des modification oublié trop trop lourd.

Hi, Thanks for sharing this model its really cool. I've printed the head but when I try the body it keeps failing. I've printed it several times on different qualities , at different temperatures and different layer heights on two different 5th gen Makerbot Replicators but it keeps failing. Any ideas? I really want to print this awesome model.

Hello, strange, people never reported the body failed to print. Maybe its your slicer, which does somehow bad job?

Great model, thanks for making and sharing!

Should the head be printed on its side like that? It looks like the model should be rotated.

Print it useing the brim

It must be rotated to be printed without support

Would be nice to download the high resolution version, but Inov3d's system doesn't seem to want to register new accounts.

Send me a pvt msg and I'm sure I can help you

I was stuck too on the last registration page, then I noticed they require a profile picture on this page. There was no error message but when adding a picture I could register successfully and download baby groot.

The reson we like profile picture is because without it the website would look blank website under constuction

No problem requiring one, but it should at least give an error message instead of the loading indicator being stuck on the last step.

we will have a look into this website under major constuction

I will add the high res version soon.