Happy Unicorn Bank

by AbuzzDesigns Jan 5, 2017
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sliced with S3D
3 Perim. - 5 Perim - 7 Perim. - 9 Perim (4 tries)
5 top/bottom
0.20 Layer
0.4 nozzle
35mm/s (my pla work up to 400mm/s)

The biggest problem is about the top, if you check the toolhead path you can see the tool head print on nothing when the model strat closing on the top (15-20 layers before the end). the overhang is about 82° so too much (for my printer of course, maybe yours is better)

I see what happened, thanks for your help on this. I've moved the coin slot so that this doesn't happen. There is still the large overhang on the bottom, but my printer was able to print that with no problem. Might need a tiny amount of support in that corner (I was having a hard time adjusting it, couldn't get it to look the way I wanted)

5 tries 5 fails

in the bottom the left side have >80° overhang, the top also is too flat....

and the bottom is split in 2 parts in the begin

i'll print it tonigth, i'll let you know about the result

Sweet! I hope it turns out good! let me know if I need to make any adjustments. I think I will change the stopper part of it so that you can insert a stopper and still have it sit flush.

i'll print it tonigth, i'll let you know about the result

Can I ask what settings you used? I have the print going now after I did a test print of the top which printed fine (you can look at my instagram @AbuzzDesigns to see the pics of the trials)

I see the bottom part, I was looking at the other side (I guess the left side depends on perspective) I'll raise the bottom a bit so that it doesn't have that problem anymore. Going to let my print continue because it only has 1 random string hanging off it...