by arturslab Jan 5, 2017
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Is there any way to adapt this so that instead of a hobbed bolt a combination of a 5 mm axle or screw and an MK7 filament pushing gear, but also to have the higher torque ?
I have a very high backpressure hotend, my direct drive extruder is skipping so I am thinking of a way to get more torque on the filament .
I already have a GT2 circular belt .

What did you use to edit this Belted Extruder? I have a 200mm belt and i need to stretch it out a bit. Im using Fusion 360 and it's having a hard time due to too many triangles.

I printed the file and it works just great with Cura 2.5. Please let me know how I can send it to you. I don't want any credit or recognition. Just would be great for the people that would like to make your extruder.

I think it would be better if it would just replace the bed file in your listing.
I will print it tomorrow to make sure.

I think I fixed this file. Now it has no errors. I got the original body file from your link and extended it by 15mm in Meshmixer.
If you would like this file let me know how I can get it to you.
Thanks for aall your help here and in the forum.

How about posting it here on thingiverse?

Hi Arthur!
I was trying to print the body of the extruder and most of the holes were filled. I am using Cura and the stl file shows up with a lot of red (I think it means it has difficulties. Is there any way you could repost the stl file?
Sorry to bug you. I guess that's the price you pay for coming up with good designs - everybody wants them!
Thanks anyways.

Extruder body is an ugly hack I had to make to extend the length of it. I can't really do anything about it. Prints fine from my Repetier. Maybe install Repetier and try? Or print the original body. Link in description. Only difference really is that you'll have to use shorter belt than what i use on mine.

Hi Artur,

I'm trying to print out all the parts, slicing them with Simplify3D and Repetier Host. Both fail understanding the stl. In the stl available the brim, and supports are already included and maybe this can create some confusion.
Even more the Simplify3D claim fo non manifold faces. Do you happen to have a simple and basic stl on which I can try to slice with one of the software. I'm using both with a MAC.
Which slicer are you using?
Thanks in advance for your kind answer and my compliment for your wonderful job and videos.

Thanks for your comment.
I use Slic3r on Windows. Has no problem slicing this model. It was however a pain to create it with the tools available to me and perhaps the outcome is not the best quality. Are supports enabled in your slicer? Try disabling them.
You might want to try the original body. Main difference is that it requires shorter belt but otherwise is essentially the same.
Or try using Windows. I know, eeeew! But sometimes you have to.

Thanks for great mods.
There are a lot of different bolts available: chinese for around $2 and US for about $8. Which one do you use and from where (link would be great).
Thanks a lot for your reply.

I go to hardware store, buy a bolt that is the right length and I hob it myself using modified hobbling jig found here on thingiverse.