Mavic Pro Glare Shield

by Motley74, published

Mavic Pro Glare Shield by Motley74 Jan 5, 2017
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This is a shield for the DJI Mavic Pro camera, it is mostly designed for reducing sun glare while taking pictures/video but can also help with wind causing shaking in the gimbal and also can protect the camera/gimbal assembly in a small crash by dampening the hit the camera would normally take.

Unlike other shields I have seen this one will allow the camera to be tilted up at least partially without interfering. This design was heavily inspired by the sun shield by @leenanj (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2004452) but this was designed from scratch using OpenScad and using the original gimbal cover for measurements/design.

UPDATE 1/5/2017 - Added v2 shield! Improved protection by closing bottom of gimbal opening, Improved camera view area to be more centered with camera (mostly for asthetics), other minor adjustments. I have still not been able to fly due to weather but this update fixes some minor issues I noticed in the original, i am leaving v1 for those that prefer it. I have also uploaded the OpenScad code to Github, feel free to fork the repo and submit any improvements you feel may be beneficial... https://github.com/motley74/MavicGlareShield

UPDATE 1/7/2017 - Added v3 shield! Improved the lower connector tab to be more secure. Also, here is a YouTube video showing my Mavic doing some hard turns/stops and pointing the camera up with this installed. https://youtu.be/kddjNvtIN2E

UPDATE 1/12/2017 - Added v4 shield and removed v2 and v3! I have added a v4 shield which has a couple of minor adjustments for fit and should have a slightly thicker dome. I am trying to keep the dome thin for weight as well as I would prefer the dome break in the event of a crash which would hopefully cushion the shock to the gimbal without putting to much pressure on the rest of the aircraft. I think that v4 should be my last update to this thing but please let me know if you find any issues with it.

UPDATE 1/21/2017 - Added v5 shield! I added v5 shield but will leave v1 and v4 since some including myself have had success with them. I recommending using v5 as I feel it has the best fit as well as a better lower connector. Thanks to @jason_lane for his feedback about the lower connector working better once broken in a specific spot, I have implemented that but this means that a small amount of support will be needed in the lower connector area, this still probably uses slightly less plastic than the piece that supported it before while also improving the connector. As usual any feedback is welcome.

UPDATE 3/23/2017 - At the request of a user I have added my first version of a full replacement shield. It is cut off on the bottom to give the part a base to print on and not require any supports but I may experiment with not cutting as much off the bottom as the current version. The file called MavicGimbalShield.stl is the full shield version without camera view cutout.

Print Settings


FlashForge Creator Pro


Doesn't Matter


Doesn't Matter


.18 mm




Supports are required under the lower rear connector tab. Supports under the front of hood may be necessary depending on your printer, didn't need them on mine and it came out fine.

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Just printed the v5 version. Does not fit very well... Seems that there are slight issues with the model compared to the original transparent dome. Check the attached image. That particular corner causes fitting issues...


I hope that he has one used his own designs, and not just modified someone that has done all the hard work. Otherwise he is in breach of copyright unless he has entered into a contract with original designer.

So for his sake I hope they are all his original designs that he is profiting from?

https://www.facebook.com/DronePrints/ this guys selling quite a lot of stuff off here

I printed version 5 and was very excited to try it out. It looked amazing and printed close to perfectly, or so it looked. When I put it on my Mavic I found it to be rather loose and the fit didn't seem quite right. I think I will give one of the other versions a go, and maybe try enlarging a couple of percent as you have suggested previously. Thanks for sharing.

What was this modeled in? Can you share a source file? I've have 2 of my prints break so far and am struggling to edit the mesh from the STL.

It was designed in OpenSCAD, if you look in the description you will find a link to the GitHub site that contains the source files. I need to update the code in GitHub with the v5 updates which I will try to get done in the next day or so.

Been using V5 since I had the mavic, works great, especially as wind protection – high winds can shake the gimbal something rotten – One thing i've noted though is that when the gimbal tilts, you can see the guard – this happens when turning quick or when a high wind hits.

Would it be worth investing in a version that trims back a little more of the front of the guard to prevent this?

I am considering uploading a version that is totally enclosed to be used as a replacement for the original dome so at the same time I can make a version with more of a cutout that the current one. To be honest I doubt that video from a flight that has that much movement or sharp turns will be much good and you could always shoot in 4K and then crop out the edges and output to 1080P which I think a lot of people do for space/bandwidth reasons anyway. Keep an eye out for an update in a few days which may include a version with a wider opening, even if it is just a little bit more.

Hello first of all thank you very much! I just printed one and I think it's a great design that printed very well, though I think the fit is off a little on my Mavic Pro because the larger tab towards the back of the plane isn't catching that well, and there are visible gaps. I will try to print another and see if it's any different.

What kind of filament did you use? I used PLA and it fits fine but some other filaments (especially ABS) may shrink and means you may just need to scale it up to 105% or something to get a good fit.

Do you have any pics to show the gaps? On mine I actually have to press up slightly on the back connector to get it to click on the tab on the Mavic so it should be more of a tight fit than a loose fit. Some of the earlier versions were either too tight, causing the pressure when clicked to pop the cover off easily or with any jolts and some versions the tab was just not lined up quite right. The latest version (file with 5 on the end) is the best fit of all of them IMO.

I use PLA and I don't think it's a scale issue because the width and the front 2 tabs fit perfectly. However, the dome rocks back and forth a little. Here is a quick video I took and it shows the gap and how the rear tab isn't quite locking because it's about 1mm short. I printed two copies and both have the identical behavior.


Interesting, it looks like it fits just a little looser than mine so I wonder if it is just the difference in calibration between our printers. I can see on yours just like mine that the top of the back of the dome touches the Mavic and maybe I could improve that angle more and get a slightly better fit and lessen the gaps along the top. Mine appears to only be slightly tighter fitting than yours and I have never had it fall off during flight although I have only really used it on about 3 flights.

You are right it's no big deal, and it's possible that other printers will print a better fit. I am using Flashforge Dreamer.

Would it be possiblr to make this into a full cover? Lost mine :/

Check out the first version I added without camera cutout, I may adjust so that not so much is cut off on the bottom but we will see if it needs it.

I could modify the design to make one that is fully enclosed but it would not be exactly like the original due to needing a flat spot to start printing on without making it complicated to print, basically the bottom part would be flat instead of round but should still work. If you want me to put that version up let me know but also be aware that you can buy an original one from DJI for $11 and pretty sure they also do free shipping on it, the link to that one is here. http://store.dji.com/product/mavic-gimbal-cover#/?_k=pamv8q

Thanks for the design. Version 5 printed just fine in PLA and ABS

I tried to print the number 5 and number 4, but they are not satisfied. the piece is very unstable. I printed PVC with a CUBE third generation, 200 micron average infill. Finally I printed the number 1 in draft mode and is perfect!

Strange, v1 is thinner than the v4 or v5. I will say that v4 and v5 do require supports on the back tab due to a redesign of that area. Did you have supports setup?

hy motley... yes i used support also for number1.... the 4 and 5 are too slack... i think are the top tabs too long

Ok, you may want to double check the fit. I made those tabs slightly longer as I realized that when they were shorter they actually did not fit up in the grooves which are further up in the holes. You may want to try v5 and put a little more upward pressure to make sure the tabs are in the slots inside the hole, if there is any drooping when printing those tabs it may make them not fit well.

Of course if v1 works for you that is great, all of the versions worked ok for me but some were better than others.

Works perfect, print was nice, even though i feared the thin walls.

I just broke my stock cover. Do you still use yours? Or do you use your Glare Shield for transport as well?

I still use the full cover for transport, you can buy new ones from DJI for $13 I think if you need a new one. I could design another one that doesn't have the camera cutout that you can use to replace the original for full protection when transporting if you would like.

I opened the files and there are three versions. Which one should I take for perfekt results?
Visually they are right behind eachother.

I would recommend the file with the 4 in the name which is version 4 and fits the best in my drone.

Thanks for the heads up but that is not my design, that looks like the design that leenanj created.

I just had a v4 printed by a local printer, and I'm overall quite happy with it. Feels solid enough to offer good protection. I haven't flown with it yet, but I do agree that it doesn't seem to be really secure on the Mavic. It seems to me that the problem is the contact point where the catch mates to the little tab on the Mavic. Looking at the print and the model, the little cutout is rounded, which I think is why it doesn't hold tightly. Is that a limitation of the printing process? (I have no experience with 3d printing)

I plan to try shaving away a little of the cutout to see if I can get it to catch better.

I will try to improve the connector more but I am out of town for a couple of weeks starting this weekend so it will be a bit before I get it done. I will say that I have flown about 2-3 hours with mine and it has not come off yet, it does feel a bit loose when handling it by hand but unless you land hard or crash it doesn't seem to be loose enough to fall off.

For my next version I am considering making the connecter tab a bit wider, probably a little bit wider than the tab on the Mavic so that it can have sides on it to prevent side to side movement. I can also try to make the cutout square but with 3D printing that may require support to hold up the part that would print in thin air with nothing underneath it, the roundness of the current hole allows the printer to print while still mostly on top of the previous layer. Making it square and requiring a small bit of support is not a huge issue but cleaning out the support may leave the inside of the cutout with a rough texture, although that may not be very bad as well. I will experiment some more as soon as I get back and have a little bit of time to work on it.

So, I tried scraping a bit of plastic to make it catch better, but I ended up breaking the tab. The funny thing is, it actually works better now :-) And even though I broke off the "springy" bit that's there to help with removing it from the Mavic, it's still very easy to remove it without this bit.

Here's a pic showing exactly where I broke it: https://goo.gl/photos/g5Yv7jHDXZR5CJmFA

jason_lane, please see the latest version I just uploaded. I made the connector more like what it would be like broken as you stated and just finished printing and it fits perfectly, I also made a couple of other minor adjustments that likely also helped the fit. If you get a chance to print it, please let me know what you think of the new version.

Cool! I'm glad my feedback helped :-) I don't actually own my own printer, so I probably won't do another print unless my current one breaks or falls off, but if I do I'll let you know :-)

Thanks for the feedback, maybe that is the fix for the next version! Part of the reason for the tab you broke off was due to the fact that you cannot print in mid air so that gave it a base for the tab to build on, but also to help with removal. I realize that the dome bends enough that the extra tab for removal is not necessary so maybe I will remove that part and just use supports to print it. I try to design items such that you don't need supports or at least as little as possible.

Thanks for the feedback, maybe that is the fix for the next version! Part of the reason for the tab you broke off was due to the fact that you cannot print in mid air so that gave it a base for the tab to build on, but also to help with removal. I realize that the dome bends enough that the extra tab for removal is not necessary so maybe I will remove that part and just use supports to print it. I try to design items such that you don't need supports or at least as little as possible.

I amm new to 3d printing so i will need to get it printed somewhere.
This design looks great!
What type of plastic do i request for the print?


I would recommend having it printed in either a grey or black PLA or PETG plastic, nylon would be ok as well but that would be white only. You want it to be a darker color to avoid bouncing light around the inside, or paint the inside after you get it with flat black paint.

Hey - great - v4 is plenty thick - I printed with PC-Max - came out perfectly but the aft clip is a bit loose and there is a ~2mm gap along the aft edge...

Hmm, do you have a picture showing what you mean? Maybe it is something I can correct in the next version although mine seems to fit fairly well, at least tight enough that it hasn't come off yet. I printed in PLA so it could be slight differences in the filament used, I know that an ABS filament will shrink a little but I have not tried the PC-Max you mentioned. If you could post a make of it I would like to check it out.

If you are referring to a gap in the back below the clip I think I know what you mean, I actually did that on purpose to allow some airflow from the front to be funneled across the heatsink. I also wanted there to be a way for excess air to exit rather than build up inside the dome and potentially causing gimbal shake. Was it necessary? Maybe not but also don't think it will hurt.

Thank you very much, I'll print one.

Thanks, please post a make to show your results and I hope it turns out well. Be sure to print the v4 file as it is the best fitting of the 2 available.

I printed V3 yesterday. I agree with a previous comment that it would be nice if the dome side were a bit thicker. I made with PLA and had multiple splits with only minor finishing/trimming/sanding. Not a big deal when just looking at it, but once placed on the mavic the tension between the front hooks and back clip caused the splits to spread. Any suggestions or other experience with this problem?

Sorry that you had trouble, not sure what could be the issue as mine did not have that problem. I am wondering if it could be your filament or extrusion settings that are causing thin parts to not print well. I did add a new version this morning that I have been working on, it has a couple of tweaks to how the clip fits and also makes the dome slightly thicker although not much. I am trying to keep weight down and keep the shield such that it is the part that breaks in a crash, that said I know the shield is no good if it is letting light through cracks in the side. Please let me know if you still have issues with v4 and if possible provide some pics showing the cracks and maybe I can help with suggestions or possibly a fix to the shield.

Hello, it seems that I have a small problem with your design, and is that the back is not well hooked, if I touch it a bit, the piece falls, I have printed another design and I do not have that problem, I leave you a couple of Photos.

Your design

Other design.


Yes, as I mentioned in another comment I am not happy with how secure it fits and plan to improve that for version 3, likely after this weekend. Version 1 does fit tighter on my Mavic so you may want to try that one, it just doesn't have as much protection around the bottom of the gimbal but still works. I did a small test flight with version 2 and it did not fall off but I agree it could be more secure. Also, keep in mind that different printers may print differently, you could try scaling it up by a couple of percentage points and see if that helps.

Excellent, Was working on one of these myself. so now i don't have to :). Printing it as a type. Will post how it turns out!

Thanks, I plan to have a version 3 probably after the weekend as I will be able to do more testing then. The main change I am thinking of right now is the back clip to make it a bit more secure.

I printed it, no problems really... would be nice if the dome part was a tiny bit thicker.... maybe .1 or .2mm... and as mentioned in a post above the alignment isn't quite there, but attaches ok the bottom clip needs to be adjusted.. maybe same width as stock dome?. I have tested in doors and don't seem to see the dome in the video at all (even viewing up) so can't wait to test this outside in the sun.... too bad its supposed to be crappy weather for the next week.....

Yep, I already have what I feel is a better design for the bottom clip. I just want to get out and fly this weekend with it and see if there are any other improvements needed before I release a new version. Stay tuned...

Which one is V2? Is it the one shown in the 3D model?

The pictures are of the v1, there are 2 3D models. 1 for v1 and 1 for v2, the v2 one is the 3D model shown in the primary image. In the files you can see the difference as v2 has a "2" at the end of the filename.

Got it ... thanks.