OpenForge Pirate Ship

by devonjones Jan 5, 2017
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What do you use to join the parts together?

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Anyone has this on STL format ? Im strugling trying to get those scad files to open in a way that are usable to me.

There are too many stl files and it would be too confusing for me to put them all in one thing. Look in the description under "Floors and other parts" and you will see links to each of the decks. Those contain the stl files.

Dude! Its the MF Wormwood off of pathfinders skulls and shackles! Its even modular just like i wanted! Im ao glad ive only done the floors so far this is perfect! You rock Dudermonte

Glad you like :-)

I hope to make the man's promise some day too

Yeah i was thinking if i made this id have to make another one/two just for ship to ship. Looks like i got a job ahead of me XD thanks again!

i really like this ship and bought filament to print it, but i cant get the files to open or work together.
I try to open them in OpenCAD but all that comes up for most files is a door or nothing. Is the a deck by deck printable version in .stl?

The files are in separate things by deck. Look in the description, and you will see links to each deck.

Currently working on building this at its "as is" size.

How well would this turn out if I wanted to up the scale by say 50%?

It would probably be fine, but many of the pieces would be too large for most printers, so you might need to slice them up.

My printer is too small to print this thing. Id love to buy a printed one however. Any suggestions?

How big is your build plate? I want to try and make sure my designs can be printed on most machines. If there are single parts that are too big, let me know which ones, and I can split those up.

120 cubed max. I usually keep it around 115 cubed.

Do you have an estimate of how many kg of filament was used?

Sorry, missed this comment. I don't, I had a number of failed prints while I was building it as I tweaked the design, so no real clue.

I've used about 75% of a full 1kg roll, without the frames. But I too have had a few failed prints. I think it's going to take more than a kilo of filament when all is said and done. P.S. Devon, she's beautiful!

It's a challenge to print for sure. Can't wait to see photos when you are done!

I have been following your work for a while now. I really love it. Going to print is once my new printer enclosure arrives. Is this the end or are you going to do masts/crows-nests/etc?

Masts my intention is for that to be done with dowels, but I do plan on making a sheath to hold those on. The plastic is just too fragile for something that long. Crow's nest was a miss, so I'll look into that here soon.

Argh! she's a beauty.
Although it might need a few cannons!

You have made a masterpiece Devon.

I'm strongly considering releasing versions of all the floors with the walls removed so that people can easily make different ship layouts. Doing that, it would be pretty easy to add holes for canons in the upper hold frame.

wow it would be awesome to make different layout, any News on that?
you might also consider making the floors and the stairs on a different scale so one could print it at x1,5 and have the floors with the right number of tiles, it would be fantastic :D

it is a masterpiece no doubt, i really tove it :D

Spectacular! Printing one of these may have to be my 2017 resolution!

Thank you :-)

As good as it looks, I recommend against wood filament, at least wood filament held together with resin, it was an effing nightmare to print.

Really awesome work Devon! It looks like it's really made of wood! It's a beast.. would love to print that out.. how fun! :)

Thank you :-) I actually used wood pulp filament for much of it, and stain, so in a way, it is wood.