Google Home Assistant Base

by Matthewflinchbaugh Jan 5, 2017
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How hard would it be to add the ethernet port cutout to the print? Wife doesn't like wifi... trying to "sell" her having a G Home... :-) I know for a fact that the GH has an ethernet port and that it works... it's just hidden away under the bottom cover...

If you can provide some photos of the home with the ethernet jack exposed i could easily modify the base to include the cut out. I dont have any intention of taking mine apart though :-)

Will this do? (I currently don't own a Home... will do in a few weeks time when I fly to London, since I live in Spain)


Oh! i was thinking there was a full ethernet port inside some where! yes i can include a model that has this access port, I will work on it this week when i get a chance.

Thanks for the design. Now I can print a new colour every week.

Can you upload a step file of this? I'd like to make a remix of it

Printer one and it's a beautiful print but it seems that the print is about 1mm too big. Audio sounds great coming out of it.

it could be shaved down just a hair, did everything line up properly other wise for you?
I know when i printed it on my one printer that is not dimensional accurate it was way to big, but other wise it fit my google home just fine when printed on my calibrated machines.

Does the audio when playing music from this sound tinny?

Not at all. Sounds identical, keep I mind this is more or less exactly the same as what Google has for their covers. I will do a video on the sound between one with and one without the 3d printed version.