Triangular Balsa Cutter

by workshopbob Jan 5, 2017
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I have made 1 of these and am prinitng a 2nd. As described, the nut size is for a 4mm metric bolt and nut. I used a 6-32 bolt and the nut is way oversize for the recess hole. Metric nut form has much smaller major diameter versus SAE or inch standard nuts. It worked anyway.

The blade I have found, in Canada, has a different angle on the end and is wider in distance between the cutting edge and the notched back. I just ground the width down a bit and snugged up the screws.

I used ABS at 20% infill, 3 top and 3 bottom layers, and 2 perimeters (shells)

Printer is a Makerbot 2x. Slicer is Simplify3D. I used black so it doesn't look as spiffy as the one in the pictures, but nice none the less.

In use, the large original opening works much better than the 1/4" insert. There is no support for the 1/4" square after the blade, like there is without the insert using large square stock. The accuracy of the 1/4" triangular stock that results, is poor. Also the thick blade that works for large stock is very hard to use with 1/4" stock. Ideally for 1/4" square stock, a reduced size design that would hold a scalpel blade, and that would support the 1/4" square stock after the blade, would work easier and give more accurate finished tri-stock.

Alas, my CAD skills are non-existent. I do my designs with round carbon held in a holder and pressed wood fibre as the workspace. (pencil and paper) The output although accurate does not import into my slicer.

In the meantime, for short pieces up to about 6" I can make do. I will try to mount a scalpel blade and see if the results improve.

I also had to shim the outside of the inserts with masking tape as they were a bit loose. Now they jam in and are easier to work with.

Printing one for my uncle. I think 30% infill should be fine. Thanks for sharing the tool!

Bravo, most useful... You can never have enough RC builder gadgets!

Very Nice!!! Good job on the design.

15/1/17 The first time I get to use it when building a model and it needs 3/8" triangular balsa!!!!! So, added a 3/8" insert