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by cymon Mar 28, 2012
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From the rules I can't see any mention of promoting a big piece, does that mean it isn't possible?

So I asked people on BGG what rules they would write for these pieces and one of them was so brilliant, and simple, that I think I'm going to steal it and run with it. Probably going to just throw my rules out and go with these ones.

The basis is that the big pieces can't move unless a small piece is driving them. And rotation can be done during or in place of a move. Thus you can jump to an opponent's piece and drive them. I think I'll still say that friendly fire is off, in other words you can't capture your own big units, even if they're being controlled by a small unit. You have to fight it out on the small scale for control. This prevents a player from throwing away their pawns, big and small, to let their big rooks out early for example. And there will have to be a rule about contested control, where a small piece from both sides have control of a big piece. Basically the rule would be that you can't "undo" a move that your opponent just did with a big piece. But I may have to add a caveat that that rule doesn't apply if it's the only way to get yourself out of mate. I mean how bad would that feel to watch your blocking bishop get slid away, irreparably exposing the piece with your small king to mate? Then again, how awesome would it be to have control of a key piece like that at a key moment and steal the win?

As always, be sure to check it out on YouMagine for the latest versions. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/meta-chess

Good point. That's an oversight on my part, but I assume that it would be possible. Just swap the pawn out and transfer any pieces on it to the same position on the new piece.
The question is can you promote small pawns? Under the right circumstances you could put them on a rook to shuttle them straight to the 9th rank and you could quickly have an army of tiny queens zipping around the small boards.

So we've almost finished our first game and got into a weird situation regarding the Big King.
I got my opponent into a situation where he could not move his small king (and the pawn it was on) out of check AND the big king out of check in one set of moves (small + big piece), the rules don't specify that your BIG piece has to be out of check at the end of a turn, just the small king (and piece the small king is on), but this seems to turn the big king into an invulnerable barrier. Did we interpret the rules correctly or do you need your small king, big king AND big piece holding the small king out of check at the end of your 2 moves.

Holy crap, you're actually playing it. That's awesome. I haven't found anyone else crazy enough to try this with me.
"If the large king is in checkmate the player in checkmate cannot move their large chess pieces until the large checkmate is released by their opponent." In other words you lose your large move. But I should also specify that your large king must be out of check at the end of your move because what happens if your opponent simply captures your large king? You can't do that in chess, so I'm going to have to add that caveat. Thanks.

Another thing that came up in our second game, if MY small king if on my opponents piece, then am I correct in assuming that my pieces threaten, and therefore can put my small king into check.

New version with updated pieces and rules uplaoded on Youmagine: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/meta-chess

Oh, wow. That is a condition I hadn't even considered. Crap. That one's tricky. Technically you shouldn't end a move in check, but whether you capture a piece with your king on it is something you're in control of, so that should be taken into consideration. What happens if your opponent moves their piece with your king on it into a position where you're threatening it 3 ways and there's no way you could take it out of threat in one move?
So here it is. You can not capture any piece your king is on, but threatening that piece does not count as putting yourself in check.
Keep the edge cases coming, I'm going to upload a new version in a week to YouMagine with revised rules.

This is one of those great ideas that's so obvious once you see it, but then you wonder why no one thought of it before :D

I can't wait to play it, but I'm also a bit concerned about just how long such a game might last...

BTW, I found a small mistake in the PDF. It says the small pieces are set up so they are closest to the line between the E and F files, but the drawing shows them closest to the line between D and E (i.e. the center of the board).

Oops, thanks for bringing that up. I'll revise the rules.

It occours to me that I've not printed this yet either. Going to do that now.

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Wow! this is a good news. It is nice to have the source to dowload it. Though I have not entered yet, but have intention to download it.
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Can we get the pieces as individual stls? It would be easier for test purposes :)

Your wish is my command. Uploaded a zip of all the pieces for your testing pleasure.

Chessception!!!!!!!!! Buahahahaha hah!!!!!! Awesome! Change the name!

Wow, looks epic. I will have to print this and play :)

HOLY CRAP man this is awesome! I love it!

Oh wow you beat me to meta chess.. kind of..?

I love meta things. This one is awesome. :)

Go ahead and get it out of your system...

The responce I was expecting was "Yo Dawg...". But no one here did that, which either means thingiverse is mature individuals that don't mindlessly repeat memes or it's full of fuddy duddies who are out of touch with internet culture. Either way, I'm happy.

I would have also accepted "Chessception".

So, logically, you should print at least one more set of the board pieces at 2x size, so you can play meta meta chess. and repeat as larger as machine build envelopes allow, and smaller as print resolution allows. Better figure out what the minimum number of atoms is to represent the pieces are.

Um, that's not the one I was expecting. But yeah, you can zoom that mutha to your hearts delight but personally I'm gonna have a hard enough time keeping track of the nuances of a bi-leveled chess game.

Honestly, I don't even want to contemplate how long a serious game of this could last.