Cyclone dust separator / vortex filter

by LizzyDesign Jan 5, 2017
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I think I'm not doing something right in Fusion 360... When I went to pull the nozzle to make it 28mm, this happened, and I am not sure how to not make it happen. Can you give me a tip on how to increase the nozzle size?

Works well - Thanks - Printed in 0.2mm Layer PLA - 5 walls 30% Infill - seems very robust. Warning - use a reasonably strong bottom container - cheap plastic airtight cake type boxes may implode if the vacuum nozzle gets blocked.
. Have made some adaptors and a bottom plate & Gasket for this on tinkercad. ( https://www.tinkercad.com/things/01ZLWEUbx7r ). Threads for adaptors are directly copied from the LizzyDesign Cyclone. Hope these are useful.
Both Nozzles fit fine for me - all printed at 100% on a CR10 5S

Also my adapters now on Thingiverse ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3674644 )

Dust Collector Collection v1.0

Printed the cyclone and 2 nozzles but even though the top nozzle fit perfectly, the horizontal one doesn't seem to fit. does it need to be printed at 99% or anything like that to fit?

Maybe your printer doesn't handle bridging so well and distorts the hole? It may help to use support in that area?

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What material are people using? PLA, PETG, ABS? Any feedback on durability?

I used PLA. After a year and a half building work still standing strong.

Yes thanks. Figured and just finished drawing The piece. Thanks for cyclone. Its awesome :)

What thread is in the connectors? What is its name in fusion 360 ?

Sorry, not a standard thread. i just lofted a rectangle over a spiral path.

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Looks very compact and sturdy. I am planning to use it as a air-water-separator for a record washing machine. I am currently having problems with moisture in the airstream damaging the motor of the vacuum. Any chance that your cyclone can 'condense' water in the airstream?

Honestly, no idea. I would have to try that one myself.

Thank you for the reply. I designed something similar to this:
Hope this works.

This thing works great. I made one at 100% scale and it performed flawlessly. Now I'm making one at 155.5% scale. At this size the screw in connectors are perfect for the standard 2.5" inch shopvac hoses. It should also help with suction because of the increased airflow. I vacuumed up a bunch of wood shaving from my planar and nothing ended up in the shop vac. Very impressed. Saved me 50 bucks as well. Thanks again for the great design.

Amazing. I have been using for almost 2 months and there appears to be next to nothing in the filter bag of my shopvac. As long as I just use the shopvac with the cyclone I could see it taking multiple years to ever fill that bag up and thats with daily use. Time will tell but at this point I seriously love it.

How well did the 155.5% work?

My pleasure.
Thx for sharing your thoughts :)

Love it! But way too big for my Makerbot 5th Gen :(

Captain_3d sliced it up into 3 smaller parts. Maybe that works for you? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2104717

Cyclone Dust Seperator

How it works with finely dispersed plaster dust?

I haven't tested it extensively with plaster dust. I only redesigned it recently and haven't gotten around to plaster works yet. With regular dust it seems to be working really well so far. The general performance increased drastically since I designed the ramp inside but I would guess as with most of these vortex filters I have used in the past that some really fine dust is still getting through. It's not enough to collect in the bin of your vacuum cleaner but it's enough to over time clog up the vacuum filter. I am sure that in a couple of months time I will have gotten around plaster works. I'll let you know how it works.

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Hi Renek,
I can now tell you that as expected plaster dust is still partly coming through. It separates most of it but if using a grinder on plaster then after awhile filters need to be cleaned. I hope this helps.

Nice. To big for my i3 printer unfortunately.

I am printing it full size but my print volume will chop off part of the flange that goes into the bucket by 10-15mm. We will see what happens. If I rescale the holes for hoses would be to small.

If it chops it of straight you might be fine. You may end up with an open end since there will be no perimeter on that side. In order to avoid the insert sticking out you could print the inserts at 100% infill and chop 10-15mm of with a hacksaw (or adjust in meshmixer). It should still screw in fine. The other option is to scale the whole thing anyway until it just fits on your plate. Scale the insert with the same amount but save it again to an STL instead of sending it to the printer. Then readjust the part to which your hose connects in Meshmixer or something. I hope this makes any sense.

Posted my print. Do you know of any free programs that can edit your step file? I need a custom size connector for my hose but not familiar with stp files.

I had the same problem. I've posted a tapered connector complete with FreeCAD file if you want to modify it. It's here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2083622

Thanks to LizzyDesign for this :)

Cyclone separator dust tube

Great Idea, I love it! I'll reference it in the summary.

It's the first time I've used any 3D CAD. If anything it's a lesson that if you're not too scared of it, simple parts like the connectors really aren't hard to do :).

Not sure about importing step files, but you sure can import the standard STL files into the free programs around and make the changes you need. Try thinkercad, its a free online program, don't even need to install anything. Meshmaker will do this to.
Have a look at the Makerbot webinar on free 3D programs. It will help you on your way. http://pages.makerbot.com/Free-3D-Design-Program-Webinar-Conversion.html?aliId=59258675
Let me know if it worked.

Sorry it's Meshmixer and not Meshmaker.