Anet A8 Mosfet Holder

by Leo_N Jan 6, 2017
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Fits perfectly !
Thank you very much

You are welcome.

Comments deleted.

Nice and useful add-on, indispensable for ANET A8. Thanks

You are welcome.

Have tried to print the vertikal one on my anet a8 till 70% it Looks good but if he starts with the screepins/holder it mess up - it seems he cant do the Pins they Looks like sh*it just a few farts of pla ... any tipp to print it correct ? my Settings are this with recommended infill of 30%


coasting_enable = True
layer_height = 0.2
material_diameter = 1.75
material_final_print_temperature = 200
material_flow = 100
material_initial_print_temperature = 200
material_print_temperature = 200
retract_at_layer_change = True
retraction_amount = 7.0
retraction_hop_enabled = False
retraction_speed = 30
speed_print = 75
speed_travel = 150
support_type = buildplate
wall_thickness = 0.8
z_seam_type = back

I had the same problem (I'm almost a newbie to ANET A8) and after three unsuccessful attempts I got a good print by

  • increasing PLA temperature (225 for my PLA filament)
  • printing on hot bed glass
  • setting layer height 0.2
  • increasing flow to 130%
  • slowing down print speed to 15
    hope this can help

Perfection ! Printed with PLA at 100% scale, fits perfectly.

Happy days :-)

BTW, JST XH, not HX :)

Changed :-)

what screws can i use?

Possible for someone to edit these for a SIMPZIA MOSFET module? Measurements are 70mm x 45mm for the board, and the mounting holes are 62.8mm x 37.8mm. It's a bit bigger than the mosfet board in the pictures here. Or does this have the right hole spacing? I'd hate to waste plastic printing one out just to measure it.

I made Mosfet_Holder_Small_Horiz.stl and doesn't fit my A6 frame (2017, oval cable cutouts). Everything is way too low and colide both cable ports under motherboard.

Sorry for this. I've changed the description by removing A6.

Hi, I have printed this for Anet A6 and it seems it cant fit properly, if I place it on the top part of the board it bothers the USB/SD conectors and if I place it under the board it touches and covers the bottom cable hole, I can place it on the left side of the board but it comes out the frame then, is there any model with fliped mosfet holder? so the mosfet is on the left side of the print?

Sorry for this. I've changed the description by removing A6.

I would like to know if we need M3 8 mm screws ?

I quote my own Summary: "You will need 4 x M3x8 size screws to mount the mosfet."

EXACTLY what I was looking for (the 2 Mosfet version) :)

Would you be able to create a 2 mosfet version that mounts the mosfets on the side? The holes of the control board are 92mm center to center on the sides.


sorry for the noob question but... how do I install this to my Anet 8
I have the mosfet connected with all the right cables. after I Print this holder how do I fix it to the frame?

Replace the two bottom white stand-offs with the mosfet holder.

Genius design! Love it

If you print this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1803120 too then you will not only be cooling the main board but the mosfet as well.

Anet v1.0 & v1.1 Mainboard Cover with 40/50mm Fan
by Leo_N

could you please make another version where the holder ist on the other side ?
I need a vertical holder above the mainboard but with your verion the Mosfet is excactly there where my SD card and USB is...

Is this what you are looking for?


Anet A6 (and A8) Mosfet Vertical Holder - Left Aligned
by Xerses

Hey thx for the fast reply..
Ok when this is the Vertical Version then i need the Horizotal version...

Why not for a6? Does this mosfet isn't needed with all materials?

tried the PI_Mosfet_Holder_Small_Horiz on my 2004 board.
The frame holes are placed one millimeter too narrow to fit on my acrylic plate.
Perhaps widening these would be good for others,too
Trying to drill them a bit wider...


Can you please send me a picture to removed about the pins please.
Also could you measure the hole distances of the main board.

Edit: Picture received, holders have been updated.

Hi Leo! What mosfet module would you advice?

I'm going to use the one pictured in this Thingi but it really doesn't matter because they all fit the bill.

I've searched on the Aliexpress but I dont sure which I can trust

Get the one pictured. Try to get it from a source that also includes the cable for the white plug. That will save you some hassle. Print the mount as pictured and be happy :-)

That would be one example. I can't read if they include the cable because it's showing up in Russian language.

They don't. Thanks for information!

Just what i needed .

Hi, is it possible to get a "2 verticaly MOSFETs below the mainboard" version? Tried to remix it myself, but sadly realised, that i need more practice to get proper results..

Done and posted in the file section.

Great, thanks a lot will print it asap and upload pictures when my mosfets arrive and are installed..

What is this mosfet for?

It takes the power directly from the power supply and feeds it to the hotbed or hotend, removing the power draw from the motherboard. Cheap printer boards can fry with the amperage load they go through for extended periods of time. MOSFETs are inexpensive and a great way to save yourself some grief. I bought 2, one for the hotbed (already installed) and the second for the hot-end. I just need to print another support to install it.

Your support works really well for the Anet A6 so I added a "Made it" to your listing. You should change the name to include the A6 now. Thank you very much, your design is fantastic.

Great! I changed the title accordingly.

I think you just solved my problem. I ordered 2 MOSFETs, exactly like the one in your picture. The support that I had remixed from another design was not designed for MOSFETs this small. Considering I have zero CAD skills I was basically screwed, but I am fairly sure that the horizontal version will fit on the A6 below the board and I know for a fact that it will fit above it.

I am printing now and will update once I test fit everything.

Thank you!