360 Camera Mount for DJI Phantom 4 & Phantom 4 Pro

by bgill Jan 6, 2017
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That is post Production

Hey Mate!
Great design! just a small question: How do you rotate the picture? Mine is upside down and you can't change the rotation in the app... Is that right you used post-production processes?
Thanks buddy!

I printed this in PLA and that went well, but the Phantom 4 is very unstable with the mount and camera attached. It can hold hover altitude well at all. Anyone else have this issue?

You have o move the beige more to the front that it is no t below the downlooking camera. And you need to use the dumpers otherwise vibrations shake up

What material would you recommend for this? Strong but as light weight as possible, right?

I recommend ABS


very nice design! Can we used it on a phantom 4 pro?

Did you draw the 360 camera mount to use with the gopro adapter? I bought a Gopro Fusion and I would like to fix it directly with its adapter...


Hello ,

Nice camera you bought. Use the Tripod adapter to connect the camera.
The bridge is for the Phantom 4.
If you send me the exact distance between the landing gear inside distance and diameter of the bottom part of the landing gear, then I can adjust the design.
Send it to bernd@gillnetwork.con


The distance between the landing gear inside is 145mm and the diameter of the bottom landing gear is 8mm. Distance outside landing gear is 161mm.

I have not received the camera yet, I should receive it by next week. I do not know if the Tripod adapter comes off. If it does not come off, I'll see if I can not find one that is screwed and that I can print in 3D.

Thank you very much for your great work and I will send you a small tips.


I added the 4 Pro Bridge. Please let me know if it fits.


Hello Bernd,

thanks for your work, however this new version for the P4P becomes harder to print because the center is not the same thickness as the arms. I am new to 3D printers. Do I have to put support to print?


Hi, do you have a solution to fix another camera 360 on the top, to be able to erase the drone?

What are the features of the camera?
How does it get attached to the Mount?


The camera can be any 360 camera. And it is connected via a 1/4" screw

Hi, nice work!!!
I´ll print one to my Phanton 2 ans Gear 360 and will post the resuts..

Just one further question: What sofware do you use to edit the video from 360 camera? I saw that you put a stamp on the top, one lettering...


Take care the Phantom 2 might have a different distance of the landing gear.

I used the first Samsung Gear 360. To Stich you need to work with Autopano. The new Samsung comes with a Software for Stiching. Editing I do with FinalCut. The Logo in the top you can create with one of the many Sites for360 Logos

Hi, will this work on a Phantom 3 Advanced? If not do you have any suggestions?

Hi, with the first version of the design I had the same issue. I changed then 2 things : I added the dampers which do make a huge difference and the length go the camera holder.

If you get with the setup in the area of the natural resonance, then you receive this result. I would start with adding real dampers to it. The ones I use are soft and braking the vibrations of the drone.

Oh thank you for that explanation BGill! I have ordered a set of dampers and that'll be the next step. They're set to arrive sometime next week.

Hi guys! So glad I was able to find this. Thank you for posting the files BGill! We were able to print the parts at a local library, and we got out to test it today, but the vibration was incredibly intense. Here's what it looked like:

A few caveats:
-We didn't have the dampers, so we tried using small rubber washers instead in between the bridge and the camera mount, which very well could be the culprit.
-We were using a Phantom 3 not a 4, but printed and used the Phantom 3 bridge.

Any ideas on what else it could be? Or would the dampers truly have that much of an effect to correct that?

Also, maybe we constructed it wrong? Though I don't think there are too many ways to do that. Here's what it looks like:

Hello all! So I'm new to the 3D printing world (save for one of those little fidget spinner things my cousin printed for me), but I'm looking to print one of these Gear 360 mounts and curious if a printer with a print area of 4.7" x 4.5" will do the trick? Specifically it's the Monoprice Printer (https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21711) Unless I'm not looking in the right place, I don't see the dimensions of the parts anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
A newbie...

Sorry but the print space is too small.
You can also order it printed at Shapeways.

Hey thanks BGill. Is the Phantom 3 bridge available for purchase?
And will a 7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1" print space be sufficient (https://goo.gl/p9tPfA)?
Yes, guilty as charged...I'm looking for an excuse to hit the 'buy' button on a printer...

7.9*7.9 is sufficient

Oh very cool. Thank you so much for your help bgill.

I hate to ask, but can this also be modified for the Phantom 1? Also, after printing some of the components, I'm understanding that you've posted a full toolkit of different components, which is very cool. Am I correct that for using this with a phantom and a Gear 360, one would just need the bridge, the dropped camera mount, the screws and spacers (and some plastic ties and velcro)? Did you use anything in particular to hold the spacers in place between the bridge and the camera mount? Thanks!

Look in the description there are links

Wherr can i get the black spacers?

How do you take off and land with the camera hanging under the drone?

I start it and land it from the hand

Also, You can make a base for taking off and landing with a hole in the center.

Does this setup constantly set off the ground sensing radar?

No because it is in the middle of the aircraft below the Camera.

Is there a very specific way that you attached the setup in the middle of the aircraft? I put mine below the camera and it was very difficult to get it to land or go down because it constantly thought that there was something under it.

Hello Hannah,
It should not be under the front camera not the down looking camera. Then there is no problem. I start the drone out of my hand and catch it in the air for landing

did you know if it fits on PHANTOM 3 PRofessional?

There is a Phantom 3 Professional version of the bridge.
The Phantom 4 bridge does not fit for the Phantom 3

ohhh Thank U I find It I will print it and let U know..

Which one did you ues? The only one I saw doesnt fit the 3 pro?

I use for my Phantom 3 professional the version of the bridge it doesnt FIT perfect but It works properly

There is also a Phantom 3 Version of the bridge

Hey I am new to 3D printing so could somebody tell me the infill they use for this mount please?

I have been told everything from 50% to 20%


I recommend 40%

I would think 20% would be fine for this application especially since weight is an issue with the drones. Its not like it should be taking a ton of abuse. Hope that helps. What printer are you using?

Hi bgill
could you adapt your model acc. my measurements for P4p? They are accurate. Important is, that the mounting part to the landing gear fits thight, so that no movement happens during the flight.
A friend of mine could print the models. Thereafter i could give to everyone a feedback.
That would be great.
Many thanks
kind regards

Yep, definitely doesn't fit the P4 Pro, just made one (see my make: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:296038 ). Looks like the P4 skids are wider than the P4P.

The P4Pro skids are 153.5mm center line of left skid to center line of right skid where as the P4 is 161mm ? (eyeballing based on your design). Diameter of each skid is still the same (9mm).

If you could bring the left and right arms inward by 3.5mm (each) I think we'll be OK. Let me know if you want any other measurement, B737s figures are ok (give or take a mm).

360 Camera Mount for DJI Phantom 4 & Phantom 4 Pro

Just modified Bernd's bridge to fit my P4P skids (shortened the struts) - still pending test print. Here's the file if you're interested.


P4P Payload Bridge

can you adapt your gimbal to Phantom 4 pro( it is wider)? that would be great.
What should be the distance from the VR 360 to the Phantom, so that i can cut out in post-production the part of the phantom?
Many thanks

Hi I can but I would need measures.
The Camera mount is at about the optimum between max distance from the drone and acceptable flying behaviour - at least for me.

I just did measurements of the landing gear for Phantom 4 pro.

outdistance of landing gear 161.8mm
diameter is 9.0 mm

therefore a distance of 152.8 mm between both landing gears would be perfect!
Hole of the clamping area should be, i guess 8.5mm or according your experience with your present gimbal

Cool you add a hole of 6.5 mm in the center part of this landing gear part, in the middle of the 4 wholes for the 4 dampers?

I intend to fix another CFK-gimbal with 4 dampers with a M6-screw and a 600mm CFK-Tube, where i fix my VR 360° cam for test purposes?

How fast holds the gimbal on the landing gear? no movements during flight?

Thanks for your help and response.

kind regards