Iris Diaphragm for Steampunk Goggles

by IrisCalculator Jan 6, 2017
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How do I assemble? Completely clueless.

  1. Insert the blades into the actuator ring, in an overlapping fashion.
  2. Place the housing upside-down, on top, and align the handle / slot.
  3. Turn it over, and jiggle the handle slightly, to encourage the blade's pins to drop down into the slots.
  4. Insert the retaining clip, to hold it all in place.

the blades are not in the downloads ??

The file "Blade_Ver01.STL" is the blade.

Thanks i missed it lol i think my both iris where closed

Anyone ease having blades popping out of the guides and/or actuator. Would decreasing the depth of the housing help?

Yes I had that problem when I printed with Formlabs Tough resin v4, and believe that would help, along with IrisCalculator's suggestion to lengthen the pins.

There might be an opportunity to thicken the blades a bit, too. (I think they're possibly supposed to act a bit like leaf springs to maintain separation between the housing and the "handle ring" component?)

That may help. Or you could try lengthening the pins slightly.

Any tips for printing the blades? I haven't had luck so far

Try using 0.1 mm layer height, and grid support with a density around 10%.

That is awesome!

If you move one of the two pins per blade to the actuator and just have a hole in the blade, it would be much easier to print. :)

Are you source models available? Editing stl files is a pain. :)

I remixed this project and published editable Solidworks files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2607315

Iris Diaphragm for Steampunk Goggles Redux

That's brilliant!

I'm not clear why IrisCalculator says the pins would snag. I realize the pins in the housing need to slide so can't be moved, but the ones in the actuator ring are anchored and I think swapping the pins/holes there ought to work.

EDIT: After some further inspection I understand what he meant. Pins extending from the actuator ring would need to protrude toward the inner surface of the housing. As the actuator rotates they would catch against the edges of the other blades and prevent them from moving.
Even if that wasn't a problem, the bottom face of the pins might also catch against the slots as they brush past them.

More exotic design changes would be required to achieve blades that can be printed without supports.

Thanks! I think you'd find the pins would snag if they were moved.

They look likr the thaumcraft mod logo. Its very good job.

do you know if you can print some goggles to fit?

I don't know of any specific ones, but there are various goggles here on thingiverse. I'm sure one could be modified to fit the iris (or vice versa).